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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pretty Little Things

There's nothing like new makeup to make any girl grin from ear to ear. My recent acquisitions are some cute makeup items from Paul and Joe's 2010. These items are part of their 2010 Autumn line, Clair de Lune.

My favorite is the line of lipstick they came out with. I have the shade "over the moon" which is a sheer lipsitck with a hint of orange. Though sheer, it contains a variety of champagne gold frost which gives off a translucent sparkle.

Isnt it so cute? I super love the cat print that I use this with a lip brush and get some product off the back of the tube haha. I like my lipstick with more color and rarely use sheer ones, I sometimes apply a thin layer of concealer on my lips before applying this lipstick to make the shade pop more.

Other available shades (cant wait to get my hands on these too!)

"Moon Shadow"

Exotic red with a hint of pearl

"Clair de Lune"

Soft Pink

Another new item in my kit is Paul and Joe's Face Color. Its a highlighter in pressed powder form which has 2 shades which can be mixed and worn together. Its high shine shimmer powder is perfect to highlight your cheekbones! Whats unique about it is its formula. It's formulated to absorb excess sebum and to adhere to the skin - because you dont need to be oily and luminous at the same time haha.

Here is the one I have =)


Other available shades:

"Harvest Moon" and "Pagan"
(I have my eyes on Pagan, looks so pretty! )

Dont forget to drop by Paul and Joe this weekend, and finish off that christmas list! 25% off on all items =)

Maui Manalo

Primed and Poreless

About a month ago mi hermano flew to San Francisco for a quick vacation, since I couldnt tag along you bet I made a list of things I neeed him to buy me haha. After much consideration, I narrowed it down to just the essentials which was pretty tough. But when he arrived, a whole bag of goodies including the ones I asked him to buy and so much more greeted me haha. Thanks to my mom who is ever supportive of my makeup adiction.

One of the things she got me that was not in my list was Too Faced Primed and Poreless. I didnt think much of it since I also asked them to get me Benefit's The Porefessional. I also dont really use any other loose powder aside from my trusty ol RCMA or Kryolan loose powder.

However, switching to a bigger case has proved to be more difficult in terms of keeping track of what I have and what I dont. And during one stressful week I forgot to replace the Kryolan loose powder inside and had no other choice but to use the Too Faced Primed and Poreless.

Photo borrowed from: Sephora

Too Faced - Primed and Poreless Powder - $28 (o.16 oz)

What it says:

A silky, translucent finishing veil that adjusts to any skintone while minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Primed and Poreless Powder contains a high-resolution, reflective powder technology that transforms skin by visually minimizing pores, fine lines, and imperfections for an airbrushed-looking finish. Our weightless powder can be worn alone, or under and over foundation to prep skin, lockdown makeup, and control shine for a complexion-smoothing, flawless finish.

Why you should buy it:

- This powder has a velvety feel to it. Much like the regular primers were used to.
- Instant mattifier and helps control oil.
- Great for quick touch ups and retouches through out the day.
- Will not make your makeup look cakey after several applications (i've used this on a wedding gig and the bride remained flawless from start to finish! )
- Does give the illusion of slightly smoother skin and pores look a little less more noticeable
- Blends with your complexion. Initially leaves a sligh cast, the powder is sort of very light yellow. But within minutes of application, it blends with your skin tone or foundation.
- The packaging is just too darn cute, much like any ther products from Too Faced.

What you should consider:

- $28 dollars is a bit steep for a 0.16 oz loose powder, imho
- I wouldnt use this as base for makeup unless I was just going to put powder foundation. For regular liquid/cream i'd stick with smashbox, benefit, etc.
- Needs constant re application. While it does not make your makeup look cakey, it doesnt give you that flawless finish all day unless you re apply every now and then.
- I love love it but I wouldnt say that its comparable to RCMA and the kryolan loose powders.
- I hate loose powder containers just because it always makes a mess.

Would I repurchase?

Probably not anytime soon. I can get the same effect with my trusted loose powders without costing me $28. Put that money into good use and just get a regular primer. Its a nice product to have but not necessarily something you need.

Maui Manalo

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Chic Christmas!

Head on over to Paul and Joe to get a fill of all the makeup goodies you need to be chic this Holiday Season! Get 25% off on all items and get a chance to meet Makeup Artists Paolo Maranan and Isabelle Arches!!

Fine tune your fabulous look with perfect base makeup to carry your color all through the holidays. You’ll be attracting a lot of whistles with sexy lip colors, pick the one that gets you in a party mood. Make all your holiday parties that little bit more colorful and unpredictable with stunning facecolor that suits every occasion. Harmonize your eyes this holidays season and lead admirers on a merry dance. Come on, show them your moves. Get skin that’s smooth and lustrous and super healthy, treat your skin well all year round and you will glow with beauty. Be perfect right down to your fingertips with the perfect nail colors. Creating your makeup masterpiece needs the right tools, these deliciously soft brushes are ideal for any and every occasion. Complete your Paul & Joe look with the cute range of pouches and makeup accessories, beautifully designed and oh-so convenient

See you there!


Paul & Joe

Maui Manalo

Kryolan Blush Palette

I recently got the Kryolan blush palette after looking around for a replacement for the blush palette I was using. I decided to get this because the shades were all matte and it had a good range of colors. All the shades are very pigmented.After using it for about a month here is a short review. =)

What I like about it:
- Shades are vibrant, good color payoff, not chalky
- The color range in the palette is good. You have a soft pink, darker pinks a red-ish shade and a peach shade
- Palettes are handy to have instead of bringing a lot of singles.

What you should consider:

- It has a tendency to streak when not applied carefully. I now use a fan brush to apply it to avoid uneven streaks. Even with a very light hand, it has a tendency to deposit unevenly on the cheeks.
- I also found that its not very long wearing, much to my surprise! You might need to re apply after a while, also has a tendecny to fade unevenly which I find weird.

Here is photo of the Blush palette (Photo from Cabyness' blog haha )

Maui Manalo

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SALE Alert: Urban Decay

After the Primer potion and the Naked Palette im totally sold on Urban Decay. If you haven't tried any of their products, nows the best time!

Maui Manalo


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