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Monday, August 30, 2010

Kryolan Loot (Pic Heavy!)

Finally got to post this! One of the many awesome gifts I got from my lovely mother for my birthday! :) This was the last one I saw from the gift bag, and I tell you my eyes welled up when I opened this one! haha =) Thanks Momma!

Look at how cute and handy the case is. It has the compartments (which are detachable) on the side. The are a few slots for your brushes and a handy (also detachable) mirror.


Kryolan Dermacolor Palette, Concealer and
Lip Palette and Eyeshadow Palette

Aquacleanse (makeup remover), Brush Cleaner, Cake Mascara,
Individual Lashes, Translucent Powder and Hand Sanitizer

Brown/Black eyeliner, Lip pencils, spatula, two brushes

There are so many things in the kit, I actually haven't tried everything. But there are a few favorites already, here are the top 3!

Kryolan's Concealer and Lipstick Palette

Concealer Colors: D61, D5, D375
Lip Gloss Colors : LP641
Lip Colors: Natl' 4, 080

The first 3 from the swatch are the concealers, next is the lip gloss and the last 2 are the lip colors. I use all of it as lip color. I find the consistency of the concealer a bit too thick and a bit dry for my liking. What I love about this palette though is that it allows me to mix colors! I sometimes just bring this and leave the other lipsticks at home and just mix the color I need

Mixed the colors together on my palette.
And here they are quickly swatched:

Kryolan's Transculent Powder
Art. 5703
20g/ .7 oz

A good alternative to RCMA's invisible powder, i've been using this a lot lately. Similar to the RCMA powder, this doesnt not change your foundations color and does not leave a white cast. This costs more than RCMA but I believe this is locally available through the distributor here in the Philippines. It is finely milled and dissapears as soon as it touches your skin.

Kryolan Professional Makeup Brush
Art. 4308

I find this brush very handy. Its a square tipped synthetic brush. And I use it for concealing, applying concealer, cleaning and defining edges.

That's it for now! Will post the rest when I've had
the chance to use and play with them hehehe =)

Maui Manalo

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Golden Dusk

Someone obviously has free time to blog =) Trying to make up for the lack of posts. Seeing that i've only blogged 3 times this month irks me haha. With still a few days left before september, I am bent on getting that number up to at least 5 haha.

Anyway, just posting a look i did the other day. Should have taken a picture of it earlier though, after a long of day of going here and there, the colors have faded a bit and the eyeliner not as dark as it was earlier. Here it is anyway..

The eyelining on the inner corner starting to fade haha.
Ewwie lashes maybe I should wear falsies everyday, yes? haha

A weird angle but I love how the color
gradient looks
. But my lashes are looking rather sparse, boo!

*What I used for the eyes:
-M.A.C Woodwinked (lid)
-M.A.C. Free to be, Hot hot hot, Expensive Pink and Coppering (crease up to brow bone)
-M.A.C. Nocturnelle and Shadowy Lady (Outer Crease)
-M.A.C. Carbon (outer v)

* I know I tend to go nuts with all the eyeshadows I use. But you basically just need a few key things to do this look: Woodwinked, Hot hot hot or free to be (for the crease) Nocturnelle and Carbon =)

Havent had much time to make an effort with my makeup lately. So with a new month coming up, I promise to myself that I will wake up earlier to do my makeup haha and then hopefully i'd get some free time to post and share them with all of you :)

Maui Manalo


A few weeks ago, me and a couple of friends got to do makeup for a shoot featuring the UAAP girls. Some of the UAAP players' girlfriends that is =)

2bU: Philippine Daily Inquirer
(August 21 Issue)

It's always so lovely to see your work published. I get giddy with excitement haha and so I immediately went to a store nearby and grabbed all available inquirer papers (there were only 2 left though haha), gave one to my friend Nikka and kept the other one for myself. Here are some BTS shots.

I did makeup for Rikki who also happens to be a courtside reporter from the University of the Philippines. Isn't she adorable? I super love her hair! She made me want to cut my hair shorter again haha

Photographer: BJ Pascual
Styled by: Kat Cruz
Makeup Artist: Maui Manalo (for Rikki)
Hairstylist: Muriel Vega Perez

I looove love the outfit she had on! I had to ask where the corset was from, but Rikki was one step ahead of me haha she had already asked. She told me it was from the Ramp. I am quite sure its the exact same one thats part of the outfit being given away by Little Miss Dress Up =)

Have a fun long weekend everyone! =)

Maui Manalo

Dress me up!!

Its your last chance to join Little Miss Dress Up's month long birthday giveaway! And up for grabs are two amazing outfits and a chance to win a beautiful satchel from Aranaz!

To join, head on over to Little Miss Dress Up. All you have to do is answer this question, "Who is/are your style icon/s?"

1. "Like" the giveaway
2. Leave a comment with your name and email address.
3. Follow us on twitter.com/lmdublog, facebook or on blogger.
4. Winners will be chosen via Random.org

Goodluck! =)

Maui Manalo

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brow Stylist

Aside from august being my birth month, ive been blessed with wonderful work opportunities as a makeup artist so I havent had time to update my blog as much as I would like to. And so, after a long hiatus from blogging, im back with a product review =)

I've been in constant search for a good eyebrow pencil. Ive finally found one that i've lked about a year ago, M.A.C. Lingering! Found it to be the perfect shade I wanted, the right consistency? (I dont like overly waxy ones) and it doesnt make your eyebrows look like they were fom the 1920's - nobody likes obviously drawn in eyebrows. The thing about the MAC lingering pencil though is, it only lasts me about a month (or less) and thats for persoal use only. It also is quite expensive if I keep on buying 1-2 every month. So I was bent on looking for a cheaper alternative. I've heard of L'oreal's Brow Stylist a few motnhs back, but unfortunately when I had gone to check it they didnt have any stock. But a few days ago Caby and I were going around Landmark, and I decided to go look at the L'oreal Counter and surprise, surprise..

L'oreal Brow Stylist in 501 light brown
(both ends hads caps btw, I just uhm misplaced the other cap haha)

The brow Stylist has 2 shades, the lighter one is taupe and the other one is a medium brown. I swatched both, and out of impulse bought the lighter taupe brow pencil. I woulsnt exactly say its inexpensive, but its a lot more affordable than the M.A.C Lingering pencil. It costs Php 695 ( I think, a few pesos short of 700)

What I like about te brow stylist was #1 it wasnt overly waxy, meaning it doesnt overpower my naturally thin eyebrow hair. #2 the shade looked natural, thoug you wouldnt think it would based on the actual color of the pencil. #3 It being an actual pencil, rather than the mechanical? type of pencil, it would last longer and #4 it allows you to build the color. Unlike the other pencils, it doesn' t shade like a Sharpie! haha

I've been using it on myself a lot lately, especially hen im in a hurry. I do like using brow powders, but it takes me quite a while to even out my nasty baldspots. With the brow stylist, i simply fill in the spots and it just looks like I naturally have nice even brows hehe.

Here is the swatch!

Top: swatched heavier ; Bottom: swatched lighter
As you can see, the light brown has a hint of gray which is perect for eyebrows

I'll post a mughsot of myself using it on my next post =)

Maui Manalo


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