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Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to: Eyebrows

In my opinion, the hardest part in doing makeup is the eyebrows. Ive encountered different kinds of eyebrows: over plucked, shaved in half, bushy, brows with patchy no hair areas (my very own hah), etc. We read it all the time, that when we do our brows, we should follow the natural shape. That works sometimes when your own brows has a nice shape. But you sometimes have to go in and change the shape of the brows either by plucking/shaving or filling them in.

The main points of the eyebrows are: the starting point, the arch and the end point. This one you see in all those magazine and books where you measure by aligning a straight object (eg. a brush) along the side of your nose to the corners of your eye (end point), side of your nose along your eye (arch), side of the bridge of your nose towards your forehead (Starting point). Im sure its quite hard to imagine so here's an image from my portfolio of pretty Miel. You can use these lines as guideline when shaping your brows or when your drawing them on.

1: Starting point, 2: Arch and 3: End Point

As for filling in your brows, there are a lot of products in the market now. There are brow powders, pencils and even creams. Ive tried pencils and powders and I currently use a powder. I like that it gives you more control and isn't too overpowering unlike some of the pencils ive tried. The only decent brow pencil ive liked so far is M.A.C's brow pencil in lingering because you can slowly build the color and it doesnt look too fake.

I like to start filling in my brows in the middle and work my way to the end point where it should be the darkest. My own brows dont have an arch from the several times ive had people shave my eyebrows when they do my makeup (ugh. never ever again). I make sure that the arch on both sides are the same before I move on to the starting point. The starting point should be squar-ish in shape and a tad bit lighter then the middle part and end part of the eyebrow. I sometimes struggle with this because my eyebrows really need to be drawn on. So what I do is I draw the entire eyebrow shape and go back to the starting point and lighten it a bit with a qtip. Another good way to lighten it is by using M.A.C's brow set.

M.A.C. Browset in Girlboy, Beguile and Mink

Swatches (Girl boy, Beguile and Mink) w/ flash

Swatches (Girl boy, Beguile and Mink) w/o flash

My eyebrows: quickly filled it in with an eyebrow powder

Left: Beguile; Right: Girl Boy
I dont normally apply it over my entire eyebrow but I
did in the picture
to give you a better idea of what it would look like

My favorite is Girl boy which looks orange brown on the swatch but when applied looks like light brown. Beguile looks more like Golden brown but darker. I first purchased Mink because it was dark and thought I needed to swipe it all over my brows haha.

I really love the browsets from M.A.C. As nicely shaped eyebrows help frame the face, sometimes lighter eyebrows helps to make the face looks softer. And the browsets do that. If youre afriad of bleaching your eyebrows or want to see what you look like with lighter eyebrows, trying the browset is a good start!

A few more tips ive picked up that might be useful:
- An angular face (eg. square shaped) should have more of a rounded shaped eyebrows, while a person with a round face should make her eyebrows a bit more angular or a bit more arched.
- If youre a brunette your eyebrow color should be at lease 1-2 shades lighter. If you have
red or blonde hair, your eyebrows should be at least 1-2 shades darker

Hope this helps!The best way to get it right is to practice, practice, practice. I am no expert at this, its still a hit and miss for me sometimes and I even still struggle with my own, given that my eyebrow hair are so scarce hahaha.

Would love to hear from anyone who does her brows differently! hehe Ive yet to
try the cream one from MUFE as it is out of stock at the moment but ill let you guys know as soon as I get my hands on it. Oh and btw, if youre in the Philippines the Girl boy browset has been out of stock since March, hopefully they'll have it by next month. =)


Sherry said...

I like this post hehe.. I know my eyebrow like jungle. :D

Anastacia said...

your eyebrows looks so great naturally! Very good shape!

Maui (Suushh) said...

Thanks Sherry, glad you liked it! :)

Anastacia, thank you! Wish it had more hair though haha. I look so different without my browns "on" haha :)

Caby said...

Nice post, nice pic! :) see you tomorrow please? Heyo? Ate maui? hahaha

Unknown said...

Great post & your brows are on-point. My fave browset is Show Off - very bronzy


Maui (Suushh) said...

JEJEMON! haha i kid uh er hahaha yeah well see, hope so!! Thanks Cabs :)

Maui (Suushh) said...

Kim: thank you. I dont think ive seen that here, will look at the website haha =)

+ S T A R + said...

nice tutorial mau =)

can i use brown shades for my brows although i have black hair?

Maui (Suushh) said...

Thank you Jing. Yeah you can perhaps a darker shade of brown =)

Camille Santos said...

i just bought the girl boy brow set cause i have super weird brows i need to hide the bald patches hehe

Maui (Suushh) said...

Same here Shobe! hehe I try to hide the bald areas by filling in with the brow powder and then I apply the browset. Isnt girl boy so nice? :)

Me said...

THANK YOU for doing this! I've been dying to know how the heck I should be doing my brows. This entry definitely helped :)

Bernadette Villanueva said...

Thanks for this, Maui. You know, I'm OC with my brows because they are naturally malnourished LOL. I can go out without anything but my brows SHOULD always be lined & filled. =) Thanks for the tips on the face shapes! Muah!

Hope we can chat more next time! =)

Hi-gee-yuh said...

MauI! i love reading your blog! haha, and i uber love this posT! ive been OC bout my brows the past few months, i currently Use Mac's Browshader and fACEShops Brow liner, i was thinking of getting the browset but hesitated since i din't know how to really use it. lol.. so im gonna head to the mac store later to check out the girlboy shade:D oh, and i also just purchased a new brow product, its a called a brow tint, and im having a hard time using it haha.. hope you can help me with that. LOL more power to this blog! I LOVE IT!


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