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Monday, February 22, 2010

Live Aids: Circusmaryosep

Hey everyone! Busy busy week, so I havent been able to update this. Went on a couple of shoots and barely got sleep, it was crazy! To top it off, we were sent to UP Diliman to do the makeup for Live Aids 2010: Circusmaryosep. I was there for the first show until the very last one. Such an honor to have been given a chance to be part of it! One of the best 3 days of my life LOL

I didnt get to take a lot of pictures cause it was a little crazy, didnt have much time cause as soon as I started cleaning my area, another performer would come and ask if I can help with his/her makeup. But it was very rewarding to see them all up on stage when I finally got to watch. Im definately going back for Live Aids 2011!

Only for Live Aids have I ever knelt on concrete floors while doing makeup! haha My back felt like giving out and I felt like I was coming down with a flu, but I forced myself to be there and it was all so worth it! I was there doing makeup for Fridays 3pm and 7pm, Saturdays 3pm and 7pm and Sundays 3pm and 7pm shows! No regret, I already miss it!

I'll be posting about the other shoots some other time, since I cant post them at the moment hehe. But here are a few pictures from Live Aids: Circusmaryosep and the Perfomers I did makeup on.

Right Click on images to view in full size :D

Friday 3pm and 7pm Group

Saturday 3pm Group

Sunday 3pm and 7pm group with RB
(minus Van who was here for the 3pm and
Claudene who was there for the 3 and 7pm show )

The girls, minus Monique. (I kinda look sick here-I was! haha)

My first time to do Stage Makeup, very different since it
calls for heavier foundation and a little exaggeration

Jess and her many characters =)


with Deo as Abnoynoy

with Jess as Mommy D
(laughing at herself, she wanted really white foundation
and super exaggerated wrinkles

Jess and I after the show

"Krispa Ranillo" during the show

Things I learned:
- Stage Makeup is very different from the usual makeup
- Time is Gold! haha youre lucky if you have 30 minutes to do a performers makeup. You need to be fast and efficient
- It pays to be nice, you gain new friends! =)
- You need to be able to work in any condition (bawal ang choosy haha)
- Make the most out of the experience and HAVE FUN!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who joined my Perricone MD High Potency Anime Complex Face Lift Giveaway!

And the lucky winner is....





I will be contacting you through email to get your shipping adress =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines FOTD

This is how I spent Valentines day....

HOW TO: Hide a swollen face (LOL)

As I've mentioned my left face is swollen because of my tooth. I wouldve hidden under a rock the whole weekend but my friend had a pre valentines gig and she and her boyfriend and a friend were going to be singing at an event for the first time. So I went there for support and to help her with her makeup =)

How fast can you do makeup? Im still having trouble with time haha. I think I need a good 30 minutes to an hour to do a decent job. Im obsessed with blending. I was given 15 minutes to do my friends makeup. I only got to do the foundation, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. Nowhere near done :/

Pretty Iyz =)

Oh well, I still need a lot of practice. Iyz! I shall practice on you again soon haha thanks for trusting me doing your makeup that night haha. Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday Everyone

Sunday, February 14, 2010

LCI Artistic Makeup 1 - OJT

Forgot to include this in my previous post. LCI's Artistic Makeup Course's curriculum includes a certain number of hours alloted for apprenticeships and OJT's. Which is great, because you get to apply all the things you learn from class and get to experience what it's like to be a working Makeup Artist.

Ive been on 2 apprenticeships the past few weeks. But last week, it was my first time to go to an OJT. I volunteered to go to the shoot, thinking it was an apprenticeship only to find out later that we were going to have to do the Makeup! It was for a Billboard ad? I think? Im not very sure.

Here I am with the model I was asked to put makeup on. No I wasn't sitting on the
couch while doing her makeup, I was just pretending for this picture haha

Prime Look

My work (the girl on the left) and my classmates work. =)

Me with my classmates. Me looking very stressed haha but it was fun!

With the fabulous Hair and Makeup Artist Thirdie Octiavio

RB Chanco working on the makeup and Thirdie Octavio on the hair

It was kind of nerve wrecking to be asked to do the makeup for a shoot. We were first asked to just do the base. And then our instructor RB, asked us to do the whole Prime look. I was very nervous about the eyebrows but im glad it turned out well and my makeup didn't need any correction! wee! It was so much fun! I cant wait to go to another OJT. There was one yesterday but I didnt go cause my face is swollen! haha and I had to go to my friends gig for support and because I did her makeup too, but more on that later. Happy Valentines! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Artistic Makeup 3rd Class: Prime/No Makeup Look

Hey everyone! Valentines is just around the corner! I see everyone doing valentines looks and I unfortunately cant do one, because my face is freaking swelled up like a chipmunk! How very timely eh? hahaha Went to the dentist a few days ago and he told me I needed a root canal (yeek!) I didnt want my face to swell so I had it done and surprise surprise I look like Manny Pacquiao LOL ugh I hate it.

Im posting about last weeks class since classes this week are cancelled AGAIN. We were supposed to have 3 classes this week to make way for our OJT for U.P's Live Aids 2010: CIRCUSMARYOSEP! on the 19th, 20th and the 21st. But LCI cancelled our classes every night for each of the day (I wish they just cancelled the whole week's scheduled classes and told us about it earlier) because of some aircon maintenance issue. blahh.

But anyway, last week we had a class and our very first evaluation! We needed to do the prepping, the base and the eyebrows. We had 2 weeks to practice since the week before our class, LCI cancelled the scheduled class. I said I would, but I procrastinated and then forgot haha. I wanted a challenge, so I brought in my friend Betty La Fea to model....

Kidding! haha This is my friend Michie, she dressed up as Betty La Fea for Halloween. She doesnt have crazy bushy eyebrows, the opposite actually. She has fine eyebrow hair and it isnt groomed. So I thought it would be nice to practice on someone who didnt have nice eyebrows. And boy was I right, it was a challenge! haha

Forgot to take a before picture so I stole a picture of her on her facebook profile LOL with very little makeup on. Michie is naturally pretty and wears very little makeup so I thought it would be fun to put makeup on her and fix her brows. Our topic for the day (Prime/No Makeup Look) was perfect for her too since I cant imagine her going through all the trouble of having any more than 2 colors of eyeshadows to blend herself haha.

With foundation and concealer on

After grooming her eyebrows and tweaking it for a couple of times I finally got
it to look more even and to frame her face better =)
Dont mind the white spots
on her cheeks I was concealing some blemishes and was too
excited to take a picture haha

In class we are taught step by step. Here she is with just half of the face done.
We were given 15 minutes to do the other side of the face and then we
were evaluated again (yes, 2 evaluations in one meeting!)

All done! I love how the prime look turned out on her, very simple, pretty and polished.

After evaluation we were asked to choose accessories from the Fashion Accessory making
class to have our models wear. They were going to be photographed
by students from the Photography class.

Posing. Yee! Model! haha =)

The Final look! =)
Seriously happy with how it turned out. She looks so fresh and pretty
I had to crop myself out of this picture because I wasnt LOL

What I used on Michie:
- Mix of RCMA Shinto III and VOV #3 for foundation
- M.A.C Charcoal Brown for her eyebrows
- Cinema Secrets kit #2 concealer
- RCMA Invisible Setting Powder
- Fanny Serrano Powder in Chino
- Coastal Scents Blush Palette (Middle pure pink color)
- Stila Kajal eyeliner in onyx for the upper lashline (not a good idea to use on someone with small eyes - kept smudging on the lower waterline and undereye area)
- M.A.C. Fibrerich Mascara
- M.A.C. Femme Fi (Lid), M.A.C. Cork (Crease), M.A.C. Vanilla (Highlight)
- Fanny Serrano Lipstick in Coco Copper

Happy Valentines Everyone!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

US & Canadian Readers Giveaway! - "High Potency Anime Complex Face Lift Complex" from Perricone MD

Part of my New years Resolution List is to take better care of my skin. And i'm so happy that I've been given the opportunity to share a wonderful skin care product to one of my US or Canadian readers. This is a timely giveaway since my blog has hit 300 followers just recently! Thank you to every single one of you! More giveaways/contests coming up for my non US & Canadian readers, I promise! :)

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A skin care product that delivers a lifted, tightened, defined, contoured and radiant appearance! It is ideal for people who are experiencing dry skin, devitalized skin tone, deeper line and wrinkles and loss of firmness. And while im a few years away from worrying about wrinkles, I believe that prevention is better than cure! haha. I think that taking the measures to ensure that our skin is at its best condition is a good investment for the future. And who doesn't want vibrant and glowing skin?

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to: Winged Eyeliner

Hello! A quick post on how I wing my eyeliner =) I sometimes get complimented on how I do my eyeliner. I like winging it whether I have eyeshadow or not. Ive been playing around with makeup and practicing on myself for about 8 years now, but I didn't trust myself to do my own makeup til just a few years ago. One thing i've learned from all those years though, is putting on eyeliner.

I started with pencil, moved on to liquid and tried gel liner. I prefer Liquid eyeliner because its the quickest and I'm usually pressed for time. But liquid eyeliner can be messy if you're not used to it or have shaky hands hehe. I'd like to share how I do it. For this demo, I used a gel liner and a flat thin liner brush.

1. I start off by lining the lashline starting from the inner part to the end of the lid.
2. Follow the natural shape of the eye and take a cue of where to wing from your eye shape.
3. Draw a winged line following the curve of your bottom lashline.

4. From the line you just drew. Connect the it to the lid by drawing a line from the tip of the winged line to the line you drew on the lashline.

5. Go back and fill in the space and make sure that the line is "smoothly" connected to the line you drew on the lashline.

6. You can then adjust the winged part if you feel that its a little to thin. If you went a little overboard, clean off the edges with a q-tip. And youre done! :)

What I used:

-UDPP ( I find this lessens the tendency of NYX Jumbo pencil to crease)
- NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
- M.A.C. Gesso (Lid) and Knight Divine (Crease). Blended Gesso on the crease and brow bone area to get rid of the harsh line. Femme-Fi for highlight
- L'Oreal HiP Gel Liner. I used Stila Kajal eyeliner on a flat eyeliner brush to adjust the winged part and for waterline
- The Faceshop XO lashes

Hope this helps! :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Looking for inspiration

Ive read or heard from someone that Makeup Artistry goes beyond what is typical. The same goes when looking for inspiration. It shouldn't be limited to just beauty magazines, find inspiration in everything that you see. I am not quite there yet, where the way the sun hits the pavement inspires you to create a look haha so im sticking with mostly looking at other peoples work. Which I have been doing for the last 2 days. I blame it on not having makeup class last saturday. I need my makeup fill for the week! Darn it! haha Plus im really starting to get bored with typical makeup or perhaps getting bored with putting makeup on myself .

Random blah, I know. Just posting another EOTD :)

Used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to make the colors pop more on my skin tone.
Black e/s on the crease looking a little crude (forgot to put primer on entire lid which
makes it harder to blend, but I will try...lol)

Blended the black a little bit more with random
orange shadow and expensive pink

Black eyeshadow a little more diffused hehe

What I Used:

-NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
- MAC Chrome Yellow
- Orange, Red and Green E/S Coastal Scents
- MAC Carbon for Crease
- MAC Femme Fi Brow highlight
-Loreal Bare Naturale Olive Eyeliener
-Benefit Bad Gal Mascara (Meh, I dont like it) haha

Im curious, where do you get your inspiration? =)


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