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Friday, October 30, 2009

My Makeup Story

Writing a post now since im sure i wont be able to update this until I announce my giveaways winner! hehe

How did you guys start out with your fascination or obession with makeup? LOL I think there is always a turning point where you realize that Makeup = Love. haha

I wasnt so much of a Makeup freak then. Id have a few things and thats mostly because my mom would send me stuff. As long as I had the right shade foundation, concealer, eyeliner and mascara im practically good to go. Ofcourse going to the US, you cant help but go gaga over the things you dont see back home. I remember during Highschool my mom bought me this really pretty set/kit that had eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks. I think I was about 2nd year at that time. My love for makeup shortly ended, and I moved on to the next obsession. It would come back every now and then but it didnt get as crazy as it is now. I have always put on makeup on myself whenever I get bored though ( and I usually have the time, cause im an insomniac 0.0 )

Fast forward to College. Simple routine with makeup, only owned the necessary stuff. I had to join this school pageant. And was mortified at how they did my makeup. I either looked like a cadaver or a lion hahaha. I kept thinking maybe that mua was a fluke, the next one would be better. But nooo, now I have a fear of having my makeup done lol

Early Halloween Special, Click on the images to view n full size - if you dare! LOL

Dont mind the picture layout haha a friend did that.
*CRINGES* I dont even own a copy of this picture. It really scares me lol.
The bad thing was, since I won, I think they used this for the banner for the next years pageant.

So during Christmas Break in the US, I went to a MAC counter and asked the SA to do a pagent-y look haha. And ended up getting my very first M.A.C. eyeshadows (Haux, Embark, Gold Mine, Vanilla, and Charcoal Brown) And there I was fully armed and ready for the Pageant. But, again, I thought hmm maybe this MUA would do a good job. I ended up looking like a sad, dead doll. Good thing another MUA was able to fix it, but damage was done, there wasnt enough time to redo the whole thing and I was scared to fix it haha.

So after that whole ordeal, I realized I needed to learn how to confidently do my own makeup. Didnt really progress much. Just did the same neutral look over and over again. I bought a few stuff here and there but a lot of those dissapointed me so I just proceeded to the next obsession. But spending Christmas Holidays in the US really contributed much to this haha and watching Youtube Videos (Pursebuzz was the first one I found :D )

Fst Fast Forward to this year. I stayed in the US for a bit. Wanted to expand my e/s cause i was getting bored with the neutrals. Doesnt help that I got a part time job, so all my salary went into Makeup LOL it was cuhraaaazzyyy. I would try putting on makeup on everyone in the house and even got paid to do makeup on 2 people thats when I started thinking, this is a very lucrative job! hahaha kidding

What got me really into the whole "I want to do this" thing was when I had to do makeup for a shoot. My friend is a photographer and he was building his portfolio. he asked if I could be the subject lol (yeah I dont want to use the word model cause I am horrible at it! haha) So I had all the makeup, I watch tons of Youtube videos but I felt it wasnt enough. I researched on what makeup looks best on photographs, techniques and all that stuff. I spent so much time researching but didnt mind at all. I realized this is what its supposed to be. I know they always say that if you like what youre doing then its almost like youre not working at all. That was it for me!

Ive been wanting to post this picture because its my favorite. The lighting was awesome and my skin looks so nice ( thank you RCMA! lol ) It my best work yet! as a MUA that is haha took one whoole day to get this shot, seriously, posing and smiling is not my thing hahah
I was waiting for the watermark though and if it was going to be edited. But my friend/ Photog (Boiboi Alavaren --yoohoo?!!) said go ahead post it so here it is!

After the shoot, I began searching for schools. But the ones that I found were a bit too pricey. At that time too I was thinking of going to Med school too. But I didnt want to be a burden by going back to school. So I squashed the Make up school dream and the Med School dream.

A few months after starting this blog, I got into beauty blogging and also got my friend Caby into it. It's completely different to have all of you to gush over makeup and a friend I always see who has gotten as insane as I am haha. She eventually found LCI and to make the story short we enrolled yesterday and are about to begin our Makeup School Adventure. hahaha.

I know this is a super long post. Kudos to you if you read this from start to end! Give yourself a pat on the back hahaha. So that is it! Very excited to share with you guys our experience at LCI! :D Have a safe and fun weekend everyone. Im excited to see Halloween pictures!

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

No posts lately, been a little busy. Heres what i've been doing :)


Wee! Thats our School Receipt! Me and Caby went to LCI today and got ourselves enrolled! Starting makeup school next Saturday. Im so excited and cant wait to start. We aslo went around today to look for last minute Halloween stuff and help finish off Caby's Halloween Costume. Fangs are out of stock! Crazy! Everyone wants to be a vampire this year! haha I still cant decide what to go as, I might just go as myself lol.

Still excited about Halloween though, Im going to do makeup on 4 or 5 people? And they're all somewhat ambitious attempts haha. Ive tried some but I wont post the pictures yet. They dont look as nice as Id want them to yet. So wait for the Halloween pictures! :)

Yesterday, went to this go see where the agents and the clients were 2 hours late!! We went in early so we could go home before the rush hour traffic. And to our surprise, the place was empty except for the staff who were cleaning the place haha. So I thought okay theyre a bit late, they'd get here soon. But man, I didnt think it was going to take them 2 hours to start the thing. I just dont get it, they gave the time frame shoudnt they be able to follow it? But thats nothing new anyway

At a bar at 1pm! geez hahaha

Anyway, my giveaway is ending soon! Join if you still havent. You have until midnight of october 31st (Philippines time). I'll announce the inner on November 1 as soon as I wake up.......hahaha

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Nyx Lippies

A post delayed by 3 weeks. haha. Have been busy so didnt get the chance to write the post. Finally had the chance to try out some NYX Round Lipstick for myself. Ive no idea why I didnt try any of their products while I was in the US. I think I was too crazed over too many products at the same time LOL.

Got NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose, Indian Pink and Orange Soda from Digital Traincase. I was happy with my purchase! Except for orange Soda (does not suit my coloring) thinking of keeping it in my kit or including it in my blog sale hmmm.

Anyway here they are:

Multiply Seller is also a Beauty Blogger. Here is her BLOG :D

L-R: Tea Rose, Indian Pink and Orange Soda

L-R: Indian Pink, Tea Rose and Orange Soda
( Off topic - Im starting to look a little anemic haha)

Why you should buy it:
-Very Creany, Glides on very smoothly
-Feels like a Lustre lipstick but looks like Satin
-Pretty colors and wide range of shades

What you should Consider:
-Some of the shades dont look pretty on me (hahaha)

Overall, I really do love them. I just wish I could swatch them first before buying. Will post btter swatches next time or use them on a FOTD. Ooh and i got a Jumbo Pencil in Milk too, which I am love-love-lovinggg! :D I need more! hehe

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Sunday, October 25, 2009


First NOTD post ever! and I didnt even do it myself hahaha. I tend to spoil my self a little sometimes, and so I got my nails done after offering to just accompany Caby for a mani and Pedi. We went to Get Polished, and the place was so cute and relaxing I couldnt say no. Its the best way to spend your weekend after a busy work week or school week (not that I go to work or school but we all need it once in a while :P ) Plus I had a month old polish on my nails hahaha they were practically gone.

Girly, relaxing and homey feel to the place

Cute Chandelier

I usually get my nails done at cheaper places because well, I figured theyd be the same anywhere else. But it wasnt. First off the lady didnt massacre my toes and fingers! I hardly felt anything I kinda passed out for a bit haha. They always ask you before doing anything unlike in some places where they just assume you want the old lady toe nail cut or they clip the cuticles before you can protest. The spa Mani and Pedi also includes a luxurious Soak, an aromatic Salt Scrub and a Massage (sounds lovely eh? ) They also have a good selection of polishes from OPI, China Glaze and Essie.

Caby showing off her nails

It took a while for me to finally decide on one color. I was going between a light blue and a dark purple hehe. I got the light blue. I know its a popular color but I cant remember what it called! Please help? hehe I know Elianto has a dupe of it.

We also decided to try the Konad stamping kit. They had so many designs it was so hard to choose. I ended up with the leopard? print. Nothing new I know haha Have been doing this since Highschool. But it looked super cute! They didnt have the Black Konad Special Polish so I got the dark blue. No chipping so far! :D

Im sold! I want the base color from China Glaze!

The Konad stamping seemed pretty simple but Im not quite sure I can
replicate the exact same results on myself. LOL

Get Polished has 3 Branches. You may check them out at, or call in for an appointment (we were lucky we didnt have to wait):

195 Aguirre Ave.,
Bf Homes
Paranaque City

Mezzanine, AC Bldg
38 Scout Ybardolaza
Sacred Heart,
Kamuning QC

Unit 104 Loyola Heights Condo,
Abada cor Dela Rosa
Katipunan QC

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Friday, October 23, 2009

♥ Giveaway Update ♥

A few days late, I had the busiest week ever in 4 months lol. Updated picture of whats up for grabs for my giveaway. Please join if you still havent. Here is the link to my Giveaway:

"Maui's Thank you Giveaway "

-MAC clutch from the Heirloom Collection?
-MAC Individual Lashes
-Urban Decay Sparkler Pen in Dynamite
-Rimmel Quad in Colour Rush Quad in Smokey Noi (swatched)
-Half full MAC pigment sample in Reflects Blue
-BB Cream Caviar: Premium Gold
-Super BB Cream Sample
-Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous Shadow in After Midnight
-Charcoal Mask
-Kirland Mineral Shimmer Powder
-ELF Professional Smudge Eye Sponge
-ELF Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo
-Sample of Smooth Away (pads and 2 refills each)
- Jar sample of my HG Product: RCMA Invisible Setting Powder

Please follow the link if you want to join! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Fun day!

Was with friends yesterday to reshoot scenes from last sunday and for a new shoot for another video. I cant tell you how excited I am, both the videos are going to turn up awesome! Ill post the links to them as soon as theyre up, and help my friend win the contest and vote! hehe anyway im getting a little ahead of myself.

Here are a few pictures from the shoot yesterday. Caby was there too and she did the makeup for the lead actor and actress this time. And it was amazing to see everything come together. Especially the gown that was made of haha curtains and tablecloths. With everyones effort we all manged to make her look like a bride. i felt like I was actually going to be a at a wedding yesterday haha. More pictures to follow, here are some from my phone

Blushing Bride? hehe

Put pearls to cover the dozens of hair pins we used to attach the "veil" haha

Making the Wedding Gown


Haha watching the videos from Sunday :D

Quiet on the set! Rolling..Action! lol

..anddd SQUID! haha Thanks Direk! hahaha

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Skeletor + Giveaway

Decided to do a Halloween face again since I havent in quite some time. Only, I get a little impatient in the middle of it. I made a couple of errors when I started doing it, but was determined to finish it. Well it turned out okay, just okay. Im not going to redo this for Halloween anyway so thats fine.

And speaking of Halloween,

Started out wrong. Placed the lines on the wrong places hehe

The coastal Scents green e/s kept on falling out. So i just stopped placing green. And I think it has too much teeth haha. This skeleton didnt have good Dental Care, she shouldve gone to the Toothfairy LOL


Shocked LOL

This is a look for I heart cosmetics Halloween Competition. You can also enter by leaving a comment. You can view the detailed rules to her giveaway by following this LINK.

Shes giving away: Halloween choclates from Hotel Chocolat x 2 (1 tombstone 1 skull lolly), Cupcake Peanut Butter Lipbalm x 1 from ASOS, Revlon Fantasy Lash False Lashes x 2 pairs of lashes, Urban Decay Hall of Fame box set x 1 box set, can be seen on Boots.com, Benefit Coralista x x 1 can be seen on Boots.com

Competition ends on October 24 at midnight!

What I used:
Elmers Glue (to cover the eyebrows)
Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation kit #3
Cinema Secrets Concealer palette kit #2
Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Beige
RCMA Invisible Setting powder
MAC E/S In vanilla, Carbon, Gold mine
Coastal Scents Matte Palette (Green E/s)
Wet n Wild kajal eyelines (sucks!!!)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

So a week and a few days left until Halloween. I told you I usually get excited really early but panic at the very last few days. Le sigh. I still dont know what to go as. Any ideas? Please? haha

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Shoot and Dinner

The weekend was crazy with all the sale and bazaars that was happening everywhere. I was glad I kept clear from malls or else my poor poor wallet will be poorer haha. I had a great weekend though, headed to Tagaytay with friends on Saturday to have dinner and coffee. It was nice and cold!! I ended up playing with my friends kid the whole night. It was fun! We should do this again soon :)

Sunday, I had a chance to help out a friend with his Video. Its a video that he's entering a contest. I put on makeup on the lead actress and the male actor. I had so much fun! The shoot was light and super non stressful! They wanted an eccentric nerdy pretty girl and I think we got what he wanted. The styling (which was done by a friend) was awesome, and as for the makeup they just wanted clear looking skin, natural makeup no shine. I honestly am not a big fan of very minimal makeup. So I did the eyes as well haha. I just used the e.lf. smokey browns quad and it turned out really pretty.

It was so hot yesterday and the lead actress had to run across over and over again. So I had to repowder over and over to make sure her makeup wasnt slipping and to keep shine at bay. I was using my RCMA invisible setting powder and it is a life saver! No clumping at all! I probably applied it more than 10 times, I applied it a lot! The makeup was kept seamless, kept the makeup from slipping, kept the face free from shine. I love it! Well I always have, this just gives me another reason to love it more.

My baby traveling hehe

Cant wait to see how it comes out! Will post the link to the video once its up and more pictures to follow as well :) This was so much fun! Hope all of you had a great weekend too!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Charcoal Mask

Ive been seeing a lot of raves about the Charcoal Mask. I heard it sells like pancakes, so when I decided to drop by Saizen this afternoon I was expecting I wouldnt find any. I went straight to the beauty section and saw a couple who were holding a some tubes. They all look the same btw (the cream cleanser and the others), and my heart sank when I saw that they were holding the cream cleanser. I decided to get the Charcoal soap instead, and saw 3 tubes of Charcoal mask! I grabbed all 3 and the couple looked at me, as I was walking away the girl said "hun, that was what I was looking for" hahaha oh well. Sorry :D haha meanie. You never know when it will be in stock again. I know someone just had 24 tubes from the latest shipment reserved, so it must be good!

I got a Charcoal Soap from Saizen too (heard its good, will post a review after ive tried it) and two oil blotter films from beauty bar (it was on sale for P15 each!) and my 3 lovely babies :D

Im not japanese, so I dont know what the tube says. I can only read "Natural Pack" and "Masque". Here are some other reviews on it, if youre interested click HERE and HERE.

SCARY!!! haha

So I tried it as soon as I got home *excited little me*. It would've been nice to have English instructions but I just followed the instructions from the review
"About the application – don’t stinge. A thin layer won’t work, especially if it’s been diluted with water. Wash your face first, pat it almost free of water, but make sure it isn’t totally dry or dripping wet. For even better results, steam your pores open (stand over a basin of boiling water and steam). Squirt a generous amount of the liquid mask on any blackhead-infested area, smudge it evenly, and make it quick as it dries quite quickly. And then you wait. I’ve tried sitting in front of a fan, which helps speed up the drying process. Do not smile, talk, frown, or twitch a muscle on your face, or you’ll break the mask. The “cracks” aren’t visible, but it means areas like the side of your nostrils aren’t in contact with the mask any more. Make sure the mask is totally dry (your face feels like it’s been cast in cement), then peel it off. I don’t have any specific rule on which direction to peel, as long as it’s off your face. You can wash off any residue with water, or you’ll be walking around with an outline of the mask. Enjoy feeling fascinated by the amount of muck stuck to the peeled mask."

Here's what I think: I love it! You have to wait until its completely dry. If you peel it when its still moist it wont work. It dries up and has this rough texture. It took close to 40 minutes to dry up! but I applied it very thickly. If only my camera could pick up the nasty little dirt it was able to take off i'd show you haha. Its a bit of a pain to remove but I absolutely love it. Be careful not to get this on your eyebrows, cause it can grab on to the little hairs on your face and pull it off. I got some on my eyebrows, I just made sure not to pull it. I just washed it away after Ive peeled everything off. Also make sure you apply a thick layer otherwise, it will be difficult to remove. I actually like the peeling off part (it might be painful to some) so test it before applying on your entire face. But my face feels so smooth and feels like my pores are tighter.

Why you should buy it:

-It removed blackheads and all the dirt that accumulated -Does not sting when ou apply it
-Mild scent and nothing annoying -It works better than anything ive tried.

What you should consider:
-Uhm youre face will be black for a few minutes? haha I really have no complains about it

You can get this at Daiso (those Japanese stores) in the Philippines you can only get this at Saizen in Robinson's Galleria. It sells for 85 but its always, always, always out of stock. Resellers sell this baby for atleast 100 to as much as 350!! I will definitely repurchase! I only hope I get my hands on some again next time hehe.

Since I got 3, Im throwing in one for my giveaway, so join if you still haven't! :D

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