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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sephora's crazy sale!

I was surfing and looking at the stuff thats on sale at Sephora and found out that they're clearing out Kevyn Aucoin items. Ive been wanting to try the Liquid Airbrush foundation, but at $45 I thought it was too expensive. And now its on sale for $11.30!! Seriously someone lend me your credit card, im buying in bulk! Gah!

Ive also been wanting to try the Skin
enhancer which originally sells for $45 now on sale for $11.30

A lot of Cargo items for sale too! Blu-ray pressed powder
original price $30 on sale for $7.50 (only one shade available though, Dark - deep tan beige)

Some Laura Geller stuff I havent
tried these but they look nice plus its only $5.80

Seriously, the sale is nuts! So many great items for less than half the original price. Anyone ordering, can you please order for me too! hahah to check the items on sale follow this LINK

He wants YOU!

To follow him on twitter! hehehe

Follow upcoming actor and super hot Brazilian/Japanese Model on twitter: Fabio_Ide
Was with him on a shoot the other day and he just got the 411 on twitter from Caby and our makeup guru RB Chanco haha

A photo with Fabio and
RB c/o Caby from our shoot the other day =)

Some photos from our shoot from februaury:

Did makeup for Daniella
(the one next to Daniel Matsunaga) hehe

Daniella and Fabio

Daniella and Daniel Matsunaga


Gabriella and Daniella

Some behind the scene pictures ofcourse (gotta love those, esp. these hahaha)

Wee! the wolf pack boys! haha

with Daniel Matsunaga, I know I
look ewwie here but what the hey LOL

working =)

Have a great weekend everyone! And dont forget to join my MAKEOVER GIVEAWAY =)

Click on the image to join!

Makeup Storage: Lipsticks

My traincase has been getting a little too cramped lately. And its a hassle to bring more bags with me whenever I do makeup, so I decided to depot my lipsticks. Inspired by a friends lipstick palette, I headed to National Bookstore to look for the "paint palettes". Little did I know that the container had actual watercolors in them!

See! It even comes with those scratchy brushes haha

Decided to get them since the watercolors
are non toxic. Costs P41.75 each at National Bookstore

How to get rid of the watercolors:
- If you dont like wasting stuff, have a kid play with it first haha
- You can put water and scrub it out with the brush BUT that will leave stains on the container (thats what I did and im so regretting it)
- The BEST way is to put water and let it soak, leave for about 6-8 hours or longer if you have the patience (haha) the watercolor will come out of the wells more easily.

Chop up your lipstick with a spatula and put them in the container. You can even melt the lipstick before putting them into the wells if youre OC like that haha. Here are my lipstick palettes after the whole process:

- Saves space
- No need to worry if you are missing a lipstick while packing up (esp. if you have tons)
- You can easily see the shades and which one you want to use

- Make sure you use a clean lip brush everytime you dip into the wells, you dont want it to be a well of bacteria! lol
- Not for those who dont have the heart to chop their lipsticks (it was very sad for me haha)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Makeover Giveaway! =)

Hello everyone! Tired of having the same look all the time? Looking for tips and tricks on how to do your makeup? Then this giveaway is for you!

Im giving away a Free Makeover Voucher from Paul and Joe to one of my Philippine Readers! The Makeover Voucher is worth P1,950!

If you'd like a chance to win this here are the rules:

1. Post about this giveaway on your blog
2. Leave a comment on this entry (please include your name and Email address) and tell me which of the eyeshadows from the Wild Spring Flower Collection eyeshadow you like the best (follow this link to view my previous post about the collection HERE or the eyeshadows HERE)
3. Open to my followers from the Philippines
4. Winner will be chosen via Random.org
5. Giveaway ends on May 5, 2010

Good luck Girls! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Paul and Joe Birthday Bash

About a week ago I was luckily invited to attend Paul and Joe's Media Launch. It was for their 3rd birthday bash and the launch of their 2010 Wild Flower Spring Collection. Beauty Queen Nina Ricci Alagao was there as a Guest Makeup Artist. We were treated to an afternoon of beautyand skin care tips from Miss Nina and Dra. Villanueva of Belo Medical group.

Dra. Villanueva telling us about how to prevent skin
damage and how to take care of our skin especially during summer

Nina Ricci Alagao in action =)

Radiant looking ladies c/o Paul and Joe =)

Fun and games!

The cake was so cute!

Candle Blowing

The 2010 Spring Collection!

The eyeshadows. Please right
click to view shades in full size :D

Swatches of some of the eyshadows
Top L-R: Daisy, Pistachio, Waterlilies
Bottom L-R: Paper Lantern, Pussycat, Starry Night

Product Review: Human Heart Nature Makeup Remover

Human Heart Nature Cleanser & Makeup Remover

I have 2 friends namely Caby and Fetz who swear by products from Human Nature. So I finally gave in and decided to try something from their line. I really needed a makeup remover since I just ran out so I grabbed Human Heart natures Honey and Cocoa Butter Cleanser and Makeup Remover.

What I really love about their products is that there are no harmful chemicals used, its also earth friendly and the company supports local
farmers in the Philippines.

here it is:

Here's what it says if you like reading whats written on the back of the product, like i do!

What it says: Beautiful Skin starts with a BEE! Honey is an all in one skin saver-an excellent moisturizer rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. This
cream serves a double purpose: a moisturizer and gentle makeup remover to keep your skin soft and gentle without irritation. 100% No Harmful
Chemicals: No parabens phthalates, SLS/SLES, formaldehyde an other toxic substances.

How to use: Massage a button sized amount all over the face and eye area and gentyl wipe of with tissue or rinse with water.

Ingredients: Purified water, coca butter, beeswax, ceto-stearyl alcohol (vegetable-derived glyceryl mono-stearate food grade emulsifier), goats
milk powder, dark honey, bee propolis, natural vitamin E

Why you should buy it:
- Very safe since it contains no harmful chemicals
- the ingredients are good for your skin!
- It really takes off most of my makeup (I dont suggest that you skip your whole skin routine though)
- Its locally available
- Inexpensive (I believe this costs about a hundres pesos)

What you should consider:

- If you have sensitive skin, I suggest you try the sample first. My skin isnt that sensitive but I do find that it stings a bit when I apply it on
my face so I dont kep it on too long. After I apply it I wipe it off and wash my face. It doesnt dry me out or leave red patches or anything but I find the
stinging a bit annoying.

If you'd like to check the other products they have you may do so by following this link: http://humanheartnature.com

Friday, April 23, 2010

Johnson's Body Care and Bayo Soft Look Collection

When I got a copy of this month's Preview magazine, I couldnt help but get googly eyed at the Johnson's and Bayo Spread. The clothes + the makeup + soft looking skin = pure love. I wanted all the clothes! and have been attempting to do the same makeup on myself haha.

So it came as a surprise when I got a text from Anne Franco from Nuffnang, inviting me to attend The Johnson's Bodycare - Bayo Fashion Show at Encore. I replied immediately with a yes! And true enough, as I saw the models walking on the runway I kept on telling my friend "oooh I want that" "and that" "thats soo nice!" haha I wish I could have them all!

The Soft Look Collection was presented last April 20, 2010 to Metro Manila's top fashion and beauty personalities though an exclusive multimedia fashion show event. The runway featured the 17 pieces of the collection, all inspired by a woman's spft skin, made possible with Johnson's Body Care.

Here are some pictures from the Fashion Show:
Please right-click on the images to view in full size :D

The Soft Look Collection is a collaboration between Johnsons Body Care and Bayo. It is a limited edition collection featuring ensembles that will help women showcase their soft and beautiful skin, which is your best asset this summer!

Via Abano and Grace Magcamit from Bayo =)

According to Magcamit, wearing the right cut in the right color is a great way to flaunt soft, beautiful skin this summer. Johnson's Body Care's prtnership with Bayo is definitely the hottest tandem this season.

"We chose Bayo as our partner for the Soft Look Collection because Bayo appeals to the modern and confident Filipina, with fashion styles and clothing pieces that naturally accentuate a woman's soft skin," added Abano.

Johnson's Body Care's 24 Hour lasting Moisture Body Lotion and wash keeps the skin soft and hydrated the whole day. especially now that the hotter temperature ups the ante in skin perspiration and increases skin dehrydration

The Dual moisture bond seals in the skin's natural moisture and gives it an added moisture boost!

Different variants of the Johnson's
Body Care line. Still cant decide which one I like best!

Met the fabulous bloggers that night as well!
Here I am with Dhang (Neurochiq) and Tara (Teeyah)

With Shen (Shen's addiction), Tara (Teeyah), Moi, Dhang (Neurochiq), Nikki (Askmewhats), Jamie (MizzMakeup) and Jhen (IAMSUTIL's abubots)

So nice to have finally met you guys in person!! =)

Goodies =)

The Limited edition ensembles are available at leading BAYO Stores until June 15. Special freebies and discounts await women up to June 15, 2010. By purchasing any item from the Johnson's Body Care Soft Look Collection in participating Bayo outlets, women will get a free 100ml Johnson's Body Care lotion and a 20% discount coupon for a succeeding purchase of a 200ml or 400ml lotion or wash at Watsons. Alternately, when women buy 200ml or 400ml Johnson's Body Care Lotion or Wash at Watsons, they will get 10% off any item from the Soft Look Collection!

For more info, go on facebook and become a fan of Johnson's Body Care Ph =)

FOTD: Still fascinated with Pink!

The title says it all, im still in love with pink! Quite a hangover from the spring collections. This time I did my eyes with just a subtle hint of pink. Looks more like a semi smokey with just one shade of pink for the eyes (crease color).

I again apologize for the messy hair, it looks like ive been out jogging
or something haha. It's way too hot nowadays here in the Philippines, unbearable heat!!

I think adding color to your usual eye look is a great way to brighten things up. Use a bright colored eyeshadow on your crease or as an eyeliner. That way, Neutrals wont seem as boring (I know I get tired of using neutral colors all the time hehe)

What I used:
RCMA +VOV Foundation
RCMA Invisible Setting Powder
MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach
MAC Sculpt and Shape in Lightsweep and Shadester
Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Powder
MAC Brow set in Girl Boy
MAC eyeshadows in nylon (lids), Perky (crease) , charcoal brown (hollows), embark (outer crease) and femme fi (highlight)
In2it gel eyeliner
Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Wrote this post about 2 days ago, had to say true to what I promised that id post more after being MIA for so long hehe. Have a great day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Face Art: M.A.C. Liberty of London

Passed by M.A.C. Glorietta the other day and look at what I saw....

Soo nice, I love passing by M.A.C. when they launch collections. Love the collection inspired makeup! :)

How to: Eyebrows

In my opinion, the hardest part in doing makeup is the eyebrows. Ive encountered different kinds of eyebrows: over plucked, shaved in half, bushy, brows with patchy no hair areas (my very own hah), etc. We read it all the time, that when we do our brows, we should follow the natural shape. That works sometimes when your own brows has a nice shape. But you sometimes have to go in and change the shape of the brows either by plucking/shaving or filling them in.

The main points of the eyebrows are: the starting point, the arch and the end point. This one you see in all those magazine and books where you measure by aligning a straight object (eg. a brush) along the side of your nose to the corners of your eye (end point), side of your nose along your eye (arch), side of the bridge of your nose towards your forehead (Starting point). Im sure its quite hard to imagine so here's an image from my portfolio of pretty Miel. You can use these lines as guideline when shaping your brows or when your drawing them on.

1: Starting point, 2: Arch and 3: End Point

As for filling in your brows, there are a lot of products in the market now. There are brow powders, pencils and even creams. Ive tried pencils and powders and I currently use a powder. I like that it gives you more control and isn't too overpowering unlike some of the pencils ive tried. The only decent brow pencil ive liked so far is M.A.C's brow pencil in lingering because you can slowly build the color and it doesnt look too fake.

I like to start filling in my brows in the middle and work my way to the end point where it should be the darkest. My own brows dont have an arch from the several times ive had people shave my eyebrows when they do my makeup (ugh. never ever again). I make sure that the arch on both sides are the same before I move on to the starting point. The starting point should be squar-ish in shape and a tad bit lighter then the middle part and end part of the eyebrow. I sometimes struggle with this because my eyebrows really need to be drawn on. So what I do is I draw the entire eyebrow shape and go back to the starting point and lighten it a bit with a qtip. Another good way to lighten it is by using M.A.C's brow set.

M.A.C. Browset in Girlboy, Beguile and Mink

Swatches (Girl boy, Beguile and Mink) w/ flash

Swatches (Girl boy, Beguile and Mink) w/o flash

My eyebrows: quickly filled it in with an eyebrow powder

Left: Beguile; Right: Girl Boy
I dont normally apply it over my entire eyebrow but I
did in the picture
to give you a better idea of what it would look like

My favorite is Girl boy which looks orange brown on the swatch but when applied looks like light brown. Beguile looks more like Golden brown but darker. I first purchased Mink because it was dark and thought I needed to swipe it all over my brows haha.

I really love the browsets from M.A.C. As nicely shaped eyebrows help frame the face, sometimes lighter eyebrows helps to make the face looks softer. And the browsets do that. If youre afriad of bleaching your eyebrows or want to see what you look like with lighter eyebrows, trying the browset is a good start!

A few more tips ive picked up that might be useful:
- An angular face (eg. square shaped) should have more of a rounded shaped eyebrows, while a person with a round face should make her eyebrows a bit more angular or a bit more arched.
- If youre a brunette your eyebrow color should be at lease 1-2 shades lighter. If you have
red or blonde hair, your eyebrows should be at least 1-2 shades darker

Hope this helps!The best way to get it right is to practice, practice, practice. I am no expert at this, its still a hit and miss for me sometimes and I even still struggle with my own, given that my eyebrow hair are so scarce hahaha.

Would love to hear from anyone who does her brows differently! hehe Ive yet to
try the cream one from MUFE as it is out of stock at the moment but ill let you guys know as soon as I get my hands on it. Oh and btw, if youre in the Philippines the Girl boy browset has been out of stock since March, hopefully they'll have it by next month. =)


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