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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brush Insanity

I know I just posted a review on Kirkland's brush set a few weeks back. And here I am again, about to review another brush set. And mind you, not just any brush set but a 30 piece set! Yes, Yes, I am insane LOL The Kirkland set is for personal use as well as the ** other brushes I have haha.

So why did I get another one? I got this for Makeup Classes and future Clients hehe. I dont think im lacking in brushes haha but its one thing to have brushes to use on yourself and to have to use it on other people as well. For hygiene freaks, that would be nightmare. I suppose you could wash them after using on yourself and before using on other people but thats a bit of a hassle.

I originally wanted the 28 piece brush set from Suesh (costs P4,500) I though it was insane to spend 4,500 cause I knew I was going to need to buy a few more things for makeup school. So I tried to convince myself I didnt need another set. But when we enrolled, we saw this set - they were selling it too. 30 piece brush set by Dashe Cosmetics for P3,400. So thats less than P1,100 and has 2 more brushes! haha Figured, it would be good to invest on a set anyway if I really wanted to pursue this. Soo walah! haha.

Product images:

Brush Roll. Totally deceiving in photos. I felt so
overwhelmed when I saw it in person haha


Ive labeled the brushes, Please click on images to view in full size! :D

Why you should buy it?
  • Almost all of the brushes are really soft and dense
  • I like that there are a lot of e/s applicator spares. Saves time when you need to do makeup on more than one person
  • Has extra concealer/ lip brushes too
  • The blending brush is awesome
  • I like the small round tipped flat srufaced fluffy brush (what a mouthful lol) I only have one thats similar to it so its good that this set has one. I like to use this to highlight or for applying powder under the eyes
  • I really like the Brush powder (the one with white and black tipped hair) it's like a kabuki on a stick!
  • Its a good set to buy if you plan on taking makeup classes
  • Its of good quality
  • No shedding at all!
  • The mini detail eyeliner brush! I wasnt expecting that this set would have it. I do like this more than the one I purchased at landmark. Its just the right size and makes it easier to draw lines or shapes with precision.
  • Its a lot cheaper than the 28 piece brush set from Suesh (though I cant compare the two)

What you should consider
  • I prefer synthetic brushes, this one is made of animal hair :/
  • You have to wash these thoroughly when you get it, almost all of the brushes bled.
  • Be careful how you store them, the bigger brushes tend to bush out when placed back in the brush roll/case after drying haha
  • Make sure brushes are completely dry before you place the plastic brush holders (to maintain the brushes' shape) cause it will stiiinkkkk!
  • The Round tipped flat surfaced fluffy blush brush is a bit scratchy.
  • I wish it had one more blending brush
  • I dont like the angled brush for the eyebrows, I dont think its stiff enough or maybe im just so used to the one from the Kirkland set.

Ive already used these brushes and I do like them, no complaints at all really. I dont understand the Nose contouring? brush though haha it's odd shaped but im sure i'll find some use for it. But other than that, all the brushes from this set are great. I did mention that the round tipped flat surfaced fluffy blush brush (whew!) is a tad bit scratchy, it isnt as scratchy as the brushes you get at Watsons haha but compared to the rest of the brushes from this set, it isnt as soft.

Very happy with my purchase and very excited to use this for school. See? Im almost done with my list of things to buy for school. Oh well haha at least ill be more prepared for it by January :D

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glimmeringmetal said...

wow great set! where'd you get it? how much was it?


Sush said...

Hi Cathy! :) its from Dashe Cosmetics. its hyperlinked but heres the link anyway, http://dashecosmetics.multiply.com/photos/album/7/Dashe_Professional_Make_Up_Brushes-_NOW_AVAILABLE_

Got it for PHP3,400 plus shipping (roughly around 75 dollars) :D

Carine said...

I understand why you love brushes, because even the best eyeshadow is useless if you don't have the good tool to apply it :p

Sush said...

Thats true :) I even feel like a blind person doing makeup when im not using my own brushes heheh. The tools are important too :)

Golden said...

That's a LOT! :)

Sush said...

hehe yes it is! :)

Askmewhats said...

I won't judge you sis! I am a brush lover myself and a set of brushes is NEVER enough :) I do have separate brushes for myself and clients too :) Enjoy!!!

Crystal said...

thank you for reviewing this! i'm been curious about this set for a long time already actually :) btw, where are you taking your makeup classes?

Miao said...

hi maui! i was going though deviantart when i saw this, and i was reminded of you and mara:


it's some girl's peacock inspired eye makeup. :)

Sush said...

Youre welcome Crystal :) at LCI hehe

Mia, ooh wow that looks really pretty. Hmm I shall attemp to copy soon haha :) thank you

Sush said...

Nikki, haha see I know you girls would understand. My other friends would think im nuts haha :) I think im going to stop with this for now. Unless I go for an upgrade haha but not anytime soon :)

M :) said...

You got to love brushes. I'm bringing you that Icing Palette when I come home, miming! :) you will love. love. love. love.

Sush said...

Maring! When you coming back? :)

acutelife said...

wow, that's alot of brushes :D I dont think i will ever use all of them if I buy the set, but I guess if you're doing makeup for others then it's essential to have this lot :D

Sush said...

haha yeah it is a lot. I mean I saw it on the site, but when I saw it in person omg. hahah I thought I was insane for wanting it LOL

M :) said...

@ Maui - June 'till september again! :)

Khymm said...

that's a lot of brushes! so pretty!

Sush said...

Yayyy! see you soon Mara :)

Khymm, yeah those were the first things I said when I saw them haha :)


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