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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finals/Portfolio: Colored Makeup

If there's one thing that I love most about makeup, its mixing colors! I like combining colors that are rarely used. If I had the time to do my makeup everyday, id definitely go for colored, but that isnt the case so I stick with neutrals most of the time hehe.

The first look I did for our Artistic Makeup Class finals was the colored makeup. I knew I wanted an eye popping color, so I used chrome yellow and went on from there. I used orange, purple and blue. Pretty weird if you think about it, but I think it turned out pretty well. This is probably my favorite, also because I wasnt stressed YET. haha

The challenge for this look for our finals, was to make the eyes pop or stand out by using only colored eyeliner. I know my eyes look icky before I put on some eyeliner. But my model, Miel's eye were beautiful and well defined even without eyeliner!

I met Miel the very first time when she came over to help me out with my finals. I found her through Fetz when she posted her shoot a few months ago. I really liked her look and decided to ask (no harm in asking) I was thrilled when she said yes, she came in at 7:3o-8:00 when one of my models cancelled last minute! Life saver! I originally planned on doing a semi smokey on Miel, but I think this turned out better! =)

Still waiting to be graded for our finals, and I tell you its nerve wracking. I just want to get it over with, so I can stop obsessing with the pictures haha. As Ive mentioned, I was quite disapointed with how I performed for the finals. So I kinda just want to move on and forget about it haha but until I get my final grades, I will continue looking for flaws and errors LOL

What I used:
Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation in kit #3
RCMA Invisible Setting Powder
A bit of FS Chino Face powder
Coastal Scents Highlight and Contour Palette and Blush Palette
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Chrome Yellow, Amber lights, Nocturnelle
Coastal Scents Orange, Purple, Blue
Mixing Medium for eyeliner (+Blue CS e/s)
A bunch of lipstick mixed together

Thursday, March 18, 2010

its HALLOWEEN again!!

A peek at one of the looks I did for our finals/portfolio =)

My favorite Holiday is Halloween! I really go nuts about a month before and start thinking up ideas, I usually dont decide until the last few days but I really do love preparing for it and imagining what I would go as..hahah

Well, our Makeup Classes ended a week ago. I didnt think it was going to be stressful until BAM! it hit me, overwhelming stress. I dont think I did my best for my finals/portfolio. I was one of the last who finished, because I kind of crammed doing 5 of the 8 looks in one day.

We were asked to bring one male model, we thought we were just going to do regular Male grooming (which takes about 15-20 minutes) but surprise, surprise! We were shown a peg of a male model with a mask, and we had to do a look that inspired us of a mask.

I thought of doing an Oni mask. I just thought of a simple one, but the awesome boyfriend found a better inspiration:

This is what I was able to do with the limited time. I had about 2 hours to do it, thank goodness for Snazaroo! I used Snazaroo for this because I had limited time and didnt have a decent red eyeshadow to use. I had the suppliers contact number, didnt know that they changed suppliers so one day before I didnt know where to get them and didnt know what to do! Im glad Carla was able to spot them when she went around to look for things for her finals.

Some pictures from my camera and some of the pictures from the shoot:

Please right click on images to view in full size :D

It isnt perfect, I see some lines that I wish I blended more. I wish I had been more careful with the black eyeliner because it was extremely difficult to correct the mistakes. It was also my first time to use Snazaroo, and didnt know it dried quickly. I placed the yellow on before blending, but by the time I got to blending some of the parts it was already dry and it was starting to flake off. But oh well, at least I learned something new!

I will be posting the other looks I did for our finals within the month, were going to be graded soon, so wish me luck!!

I would like to thank Philip, for being awesome as always. He did a great job modelling for my finals, dont you think? He was also there on both days to help me out and make sure I didnt get too stressed out. =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Velvet's Tribute to the Oscars (Picture Heavy!!)

Velvet's Tribute to the Oscars is on its 2nd year. If you remember Diether Ocampo being turned into the Godfather last year, that was it! Part of our Makeup Class are OJT's and apprenticeships under one of the best Makeup Artists in the country, RB Chanco. We got to go to various editorial, billboard and other ad campaign shoots. One of the best ojt's ive had was the Oscars shoot. It was so much fun seeing everything all come together. I feel very honored and proud to have been somewhat a part of it.

After a few weeks, we went to Velvet's Event "Tribute to the Oscars" to support our Wonderful and Super beautiful Makeup Mentor, RB Chanco. Rb did the Makeup for Casablanca, West Side Story and Pulp Fiction. Casablanca won first prize in the competition! She also won Best Makeup/ Best Transformation for Casblanca. And Zanjoe won the bagay na bagay award (In Character Award) for Pulp Fiction!

This one is my favorite! =)

"Pulp Fiction"
feat Mariel Rodriguez & Zanjoe Marudo
Photography: Dix Perez
Styling: Charmaine Palermo
Makeup Artist: RB Chanco
Hairstyling and Make-up Assistance: Third Octavo

Winning Photo!

"Casablanca" (1944)
Winner of 3 Academy Awards
with 8 Nominations

Photographer: Ria Regino
Makeup Artist: RB Chanco
Stylist: Kat Cruz

Jericho Rosales as Rick Blaine
Maricar Reyes as Lisa Lund

"West Side Story" (1961)
Winner of 10 Academy Awards
wth 11 Nominations

Photographer: Jo-Ann Bitangcol
Makeup Artist: RB Chanco
Stylist: RCXY Bautista

Nikki Gil as Maria
Billy Crawford as Tony

More pictures from the shoot for the West Side Story Entry:

Please Right-Click on images to view in full size :D

Doing makeup for Lotus

Pegs :)


Retouch! hehe I look like a kid
next to her!

You think Makeup is all glitz and glam? think again! haha
Super tired but very fulfilled and happy. With classmates =)

Lotus and a very hagard version of myself. lol

With Nikki and Billy after the Shoot

Nikki, Billy and Gorgeous Rb
(I dont know how she does it, always pretty and fresh looking!)

The Team :)

Still want more pictures? Here are a few more of the Photos in the Exhibit:

Titanic (1998)

Winner of 11 Academy Awards
wth 14 Nominations

Photographer: Pat DY
Makeup Artist: Grace Deang
Stylist: Lotho Lotho

Erich Gonzales as Rose
Enchong Dee as Jack

"Bonnie and Clyde (1967)"
Winner of 2 Academy Awards
with 10 nominations

Photgrapher: Kai Huang
Makeup Artist: Angie Cruz
Stylist: Myrrh Lao To

Shaina Magdayao as Bonnie Parker
Peter Nordell as Clyde Barrow

"Brokeback Mountain
Winner of 3 Academy Awards
with 8 Nominations

Photographer: Wesley Villarica
Makeup Artist: Mela De Luna
Stylist: Jake Galvez

Isabelle Daza as Ennis Del Mar
Bea Soriano as Jack Twist

The Photos from the exhibit/competition are on disaply from March 13- 20 at Eastwood Mall in Libis =)

M.A.C. Spring Colour Forecast Launch + Swatches

Its here!! The Spring Colour Forecast Collection! I dont know about you, but im nuts about colour. Pink and orange = love. haha. The last time I liked so many things in one collection was Style Warrior. I wasn't going to check it out, but as i was scouring all the M.A.C counters for the Girl Boy Browset, I saw Mikee of M.A.C. Glorrietta. I asked when Spring Colour was coming out and he said they're having the launch/ demo on saturday and invited me and the rest of my class. So there, how could I resist not going?

Swatchesss!! <3

Please Right-click to view in full size :) I kinda
ran out of space on my hand while swatching haha.

Light Salmon Pink
Limited Edition

Midtone Pink
Limited Edition

"Hot Hot Hot"
Mid tone Coral
Limited Edition

Top, no base; Bottom, with Primer

Is looooove <3
A gradient of Oange, Peach and Pink swirled together light coral = yum

My swatches doesnt give it justice!! It was sold out on the
same day it was launched in Glorietta and Shangrila

The Spring Colour Forecast is going to be launched in MOA on the 21st and on the 19th in Rockwell. Better be there if you're eying the Ripe Peach Blush Ombre and hope that those counters dont do reservations, or else... *hi Caby* LOL

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fashion Show: Year Zero Apocalypse Recoutoured

Align CenterHello Ladies! im alive again! haha. I just went through one of the most strssful moments of my life: Makeup Finals! Gah! i really didnt think it would be as stressful, but it suddenly hit me and I was overwhelmed with stress haha. It was a long weekend. But I cant really say that im glad that its over, because it hasnt been a week and I miss it already :/ I miss my station, my classmates our Makeup guru RB, I miss it! darn it! I must save up for Artistic Makeup 2! LOL

Anyhoos, a few weeks? days? ago I cant even remember, we were sent to SMX to do makeup for a fashion show. It was for UST's CFAD Annual Fashion Show. We were asked to do smokeye eyes and nude lips (always a favorite!) Just wanted to share a few pics. Did makeup on a model and a designer but only got a few pics cause I left my camera. boo :/

Right click on images to view in full size :D

Friday, March 5, 2010

Artistic Makeup Class: Smokey Eyes

On Sunday, we had our very last class! Boohoo! I'm so gona miss going to LCI and our OJT's and playing Makeup Artist haha. I do hope that I get a chance to pursue this as a career * crosses fingers*

Anyhoos, our last lesson was the ever so famous smokey eyes. The first time ive heard about smokey eyes was when I was in highschool. I dont think it has ever died down since its a very simple makeup trick that can turn you into complete fabulosity! I usually do a smokey look whenever Im going out and dont have a lot of time.

Case in point:

Last July, one of my girls celebrated her birthday and I was tasked to do the
Makeup. I did a subtle smokey look on them and myself

After doing Phil's Leopard and my brothers Terminator makeup, I didnt
have much time to do anything with myself for Halloween so I did a subtle smokey look =)

So anyway, though the smokey look is not entirely new to me, the reason I went to Makeup School is to learn more and learn about different techniques. So I come to class with a clean slate, meaning I completely forget about what I already know and pay attention to what we are taught and combine what I like from what I learn in class and how I usually do things =)

My model, Iyz from my previous post had to leave cause she had work in a few hours. So it was a good thing one of our friends was also there so I asked if I could use her as a model. But, surprise! surprise! Our instructor RB, had something in mind...

RB asked us the Models and the MUA's to draw numbers and we were paired up with models that our other classmates brought with them. This was so we get a feel of what its like to do Makeup on a complete stranger and asked the models to be brutally frank with us and tell us if we have heavy hands or what not. So for the smokey eyes lesson, I got Sam =)

Sam told me I was very gentle! Mission Accomplished! haha yey! =)

RB demonstrated how to do the smokey eyes by doing it on me haha too bad I forgot to take pcictures of it, darn it! So i had to do it on Sam by looking at my own eyes and trying to remember how RB did it on me haha

(smokey eyes)

As most of you know, smokey eyes is just simple. Apply the darkest shade (black eyeshadow) on the lid and make sure that you blend it upwards. Another way to do it is to choose 3 shades.

- Apply the lightest (of the 3 dark shades you chose) on the crease and blend upwards.
- Apply the 2nd lightest (of the 3 shades) and blend on the hollows or just below the crease.
- Apply the darkest shade which is black, on the lid and blend.
- Apply highlighter on the brow bone, blend to get rid of harsh lines.
- Dont forget to put eyeliner, making sure that the line on your waterline is smudged/smoked
- Curl your lashes apply mascara or apply falsies for more drama! :))

and voila, instant hotness! =)

Today is the first day of our Finals/ Portfolio shoot, im probably doing makeup now as you are reading this haha. Wish me luck! I hope all goes well!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prom Makeup

A few days ago, I woke up to a ringing phone. Big Shock, since I usually dont hear my phone ringing when i'm asleep or wake up because my phone is ringing or the alarm is ringing (even if you call me 15 times - I usually wont hear it LOL) Yes, yes, I sleep like a log.

But anyway, I got a phone call from a friend who was at work, her sister was going to the prom on that day and she didnt want to have her sisters makeup done at a salon or a parlor without her so she asked if I could do it. Theres no denying how much I love makeup and how much more I love doing makeup on others (i've been getting bored with my own face recently haha) so I said yes.

Here is Riz before the whole process. Yes, process. It took me more
than an hour because I wanted to make sure I got everything right. You wouldnt
want to mess someones make up for something as monumental as Prom, you know!

I wish I knew how to put makeup on myself when we went to Prom. We were lucky enough to get a Makeup Artist to do our Makeup for Prom. But I do remember wearing a black and pink gown and the Makeup Artist had applied a blue eyeshadow on me. When I asked why he didnt use a color that was closer to my gown's color, his reply was something along the line that translates to youre not paying me enough for that! ugh. I dont know where in this world, or his world is blue anywhere near complimentary to black or pink. But anyway....

Riz didnt have her dress with her, but I asked what the color was and what it looked like. She said it was black and it was a knee legnth tube top dress. I think Prom Makeup should be fresh looking and light, so instead of going for smokey eyes, I decided to do a sort of pink smokey eyes. Which I will try on myself one of these days haha.

(Prom Makeup)

I had fun doing makeup for Riz! We talked about a lot of things related to highschool, which made me wish I was back in Highschool as well! haha =) I also try to learn new things whenever I do makeup. What I learned from this one is how important a primer is when youre doing makeup for someone who has dry skin. A primer would help the foundation stick better to drier skin types.

It was nice to see pictures of her at her prom. She and her sister also said that they did love the Makeup ( I do hope you really did LOL), which was a relief! haha Im more nervous doing makeup on people I know than on strangers. A big thank you to Aki and Riz for trusting me to do the makeup hehe =)

What I used:

VOV #3 and RCMA Shinto #2 for foundation
Prestige Power Foundation to correct the tone
RCMA Invisible Setting Powder
M.A.C Sculpt and Shape in lightsweep aand Shadester
Coastal Scents Blush Palette(Middle from bottom row)
in2it eyebrow powder

Loreal HiP Bright Shadow Duos in Adventurous (Light brown for the lid and Pink for the Crease)
M.A.C. Expensive Pink (Crease)
M.A.C. Embark (Outer corner of the eye)
M.A.C. Nylon (Inner Corner of the eye)
M.A.C Vanilla and Femme Fi for highlight

NYX Tea Rose + Nude Lipstick

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Artistic Makeup Class: Male Makeup

Last Sunday, we were asked to bring a Male model for class. I brought along my friend from highschool, Espi! Not so many guys are willing to come in and be a model for a Makeup Class in fear of being turned into some overderly done girly versions of themselves. HAHA. So I was glad that my friend was game and agreed to come with me to class.

(Male Makeup)

Male Makeup is pretty quick and simple. Apply a lesser amount of foundation as you would when your model is female and use a shade that is at least one shade darker, this ensures that the makeup is subtle and avoids the overly made look. You may contour lightly and apply a wash of blush on the cheeks especially if the model has a fair complexion to give him more color. Apply colorless lip balm on the lips and groom the eyebrows, and youre done! =)

My friend said that I have light hands so yay for me! He actually thought it looks very natural and left LCi with makeup on! haha i told him to tell his friends that he came from a shoot just incase they do notice that he has makeup on haha

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Artistic Makeup #4: 4 Color theme/Semi Smokey

To make up for the classes we missed because of some electrical issues at the building where LCI is located, we had back to back classes last weekend. For Saturday, we learned how to do the 3 color theme and how to turn it into 4 color or semi smokey. I always try to ask people who are interested in makeup to be my model for class, so we both benefit from it hehe. So for Saturday, I asked Fatima from http://kikayfetz.blogspot.com if she could come.

Fetz and I went to the same college, both graduated from nursing, are both Licensed Nurses and Makeup Junkies! haha. I was so glad that she was able to come and see what its like to be in Makeup School. =) As always, before our class starts we prep our models and do the makeup we learned from the previous class.

So here's Fetz while I was mixing foundations to match her skin =)

(prime look)

Fetz has really great skin, apart from some redness and a few dry patches her skin is amazing! No need for concealer and just a small amount of foundation to neutralize the redness.

Oddly, I dont have a picture of Fetz (apart from this cropped pic)
when we turned the prime look to corrective eye makeup/4 color theme

On Sunday, we were asked to prep our models and do the Semi Smokey or 4 color theme. I used a quad from Revlon that i've been neglecting and it looked really pretty on my model, Iyz! The colors on the quad are more on the wine/plum shade.

(4 Color theme/ Semi Smokey

Iyz also has great skin and didnt need a whole lot of coverage just a small amount of foundation to even out the skin tone. I had a bit of trouble with making the eyebrows look even. I had to choose one eyebrow to follow and thank goodness I got it to look more evened out since I didnt really want to shave a whole lot of her eyebrows haha.

Smile Iyz!! hehe doesnt she look like a doll? =)

I'll try to post about the latter part of Sundays class tomorrow which is Male Makeup and Smokey Look. But officially, sunday was our last class! Boo! :/ I'm going to miss going to school and playing Makeup Artist at our stations and OJT's.

On Thursday, will be attending "Tribute to THE OSCARS" (link is from last years' event. And more pictures from last years event HERE) to support our wonderful and beautiful Makeup Guru, RB Chanco. I cant wait to see how the pictures turned out, since I also helped out a bit with one of the models makeup for one of the shoots. So if YOU'RE going, please help support and vote for RB Chanco! mwehehe.

I can't post about that particular shoot I went to yet until after the event, sooo stay tuned! =)


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