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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm on a roll and posting again, I obviously have some time on my hands, haha! Anyway, just sharing some photos from a collaborative shoot with the amaaaazing Lyka Orhel (I swear, she is beyond amazing! I love her to bits!) and the very beautiful, Phoebe Rutaquio.

Please right-click on images to view in full size :)

photography: Lyka Orhel
Styling by: Patty Baligod and Lyka Orhel
Hair and Makeup: Maui Manalo
Model: Phoebe Rutaquio

Here are some of the essential products that I used :)

Product images from MAC and Makeup Forever website

For more photos, follow this link to Lyka's blog post :)

Maui Manalo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mario Badescu - Drying Lotion

I am sure many of you have heard of Mario Badescu's Drying lotion, a favorite and a "life-saving" product for so many. It helps to keep breakouts at bay and zaps those bumps before turning into a full blown pimple.

My skin has tendencies to be problematic at times so I decided to purchase this after reading so many raves about it.

Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, Aqua, calamine, Camphor,
colloidal sulfur, salicylic acid, glycerin, talc, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide

You're supposed to wait for the pink substance to settle in the bottom of the bottle, get a q-tip and dip. Apply the pink substance on your blemishes and leave it on. I did this nightly, because well I dont want to look like a dalmatian.

For a week, I did this. Applied on little bumps here and there...And what did I get out of it? I broke out!! I kid you not, it made my skin much worse. It was not like other creams where it made the area where I applied it extremely dry, but I noticed I ended up with more bumps on areas where I applied the drying lotion.

Mind you, this isnt exactly cheap. It costs 1,095 pesos and you get about half a bottle worth of the pink substance. I couldve gone with panoxyl instead! haha. A friend told me, to give it more time so I did and uhhhh it isn't working at all!! What a waste!

So there you go...Just because you read on someones blog that something worked for them, it does not mean that it will work for you!

Maui Manalo

MAC Cosmetics for less

M.A.C Bloggers' Obsession Collection....

Fashion Flower Collection....

Pro longwear foundation....

Lady Danger, kinda sexy and Angel lipstick....

Itching for M.A.C items or product shades that we don't have locally? Get your fix at MAC Cosmetics for less! I realize its a bit late to post this since preorder and downpayment deadline is tomorrow. But im pretty sure any junkie will do just about anything to get everything sorted out on time.

Preorder and downpayment deadline: June 30, 2011
Items will arrive on July 20, 2011

For more info, check their Facebook Page :) :)

Maui Manalo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FOR SALE: Traincase

Train case for sale! Exactly like mine but super discounted. This is second hand, but in good condition. You may check my posts on this traincase if youre curious hehe. Hurry and contact Jo NOW! :)

Price: 5,500
You may contact Jo Chan if you're interested at 09178283898

Maui Manalo

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memory Plus TVC

Still trying to get back into the rhythm of blogging. Feels weird now, after the long hiatus. So while I reorganize my blogging habits, let me just share a video of a TVC we shot a few months back :) :)

30sec TV Commercial Spot for Memory Plus Syrup.

Client: Greenleaf Herbals Inc.
EP/DP/Director: Lambert Pangilinan
Ad Agency: Razor Com
CCO/ECD: Tom Yboa
Copywriter: Tom Yboa
Accounts: Epie Yboa
Art Director: Tin Carceler-Pangilinan
Casting/PM: Jonski Jones
Make-up: Maui Manalo, Zoe Mambuay
Props: Don Pangilinan
Jingle Composer/Arranger: Ebe Dancel
Audio Production: Cutting Edge
Production & Post: Zoom17

Aren't the kids so cute? They all had so much energy too! haha :)

Maui Manalo

Friday, June 24, 2011

Traincase: Update

I cannot believe that my last post was from December! It's already half of 2011 and its only now that I am typing a blog post. Currently, there is a typhoon in the Philippines and 2 of my shoots scheduled today were canceled.

Anyway, just posting an update regarding my traincase on things I learned just recently. HAHA. It is 100% waterproof, I couldnt be more happier to find that it was. I was so worried that my kit would be swimming inside while I trudged along wet roads. ugh.

If you want to read about the post I made when I had purchased my traincase, follow this link: http://suushh.blogspot.com/2010/11/finally.html

Lights were working perfectly even though it was completely drenched. Also, no need to worry about the exterior getting ruined because its made of (some sort of) metal. So happy with my purchase, though I have to warn anyone who has this traincase to make sure that all the makeup is placed level before closing it. I have broke the mirror on mine :/

Im not updated on how much this is now, last I heard they were selling it in quiapo for 9,000! Unbelievable! Suesh also has it now, in white though and for P11,000. I wouldnt be surprised if it costs the same now in Quiapo so you can save yourself the trouble and just buy it from Suesh. To check it out, follow this LINK

Photo from Suesh.com

Maui Manalo


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