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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rawr 2

I havent been blogging for a while again. With all that has been happening to the Philippines, I couldnt write a decent post. While many are still devastated by Typhoon Ondoy/ Ketsana. Another typhoon is making its way in the Philippines. Its a category 5 super typhoon, but I think that it has weakened. I really hope this one doesnt cause as much damage as the last one. :/

On to the post, I go really nuts during October. Mainly because I get too excited about Halloween. A year ago I was a pirate, the year before that I was Beyonce in that Austin Power Movie. I remember always going out with a costume every Halloween. My mom used to make us amazing costumes when we were kids =)

Every year, I usually decide on what to wear a few days before Halloween. I panic the last week of September (haha) but dont really decide until a few days before Halloween. This year, I still have no clue. But Phil, wants to be a Leopard!! How awesome is he? I was thinking of going as a Leopard but changed my mind. But I did want to do the makeup on anyone whos willing haha so yay! Thanks for being willing to be my Makeup Project haha. I got the Idea from Petrilude - he has the most amazing video on how to do the makeup. I really love Petrilude, such an amazing artist! Here is his video: Petrilude Leopard Tutorial

So were planning on trying the makeup soon. But it hasnt been possible with the weather and floods. Last night I got bored and was lurking around the Blogosphere, I came across Sara's (The Makeup Snob) Post and she linked some of the Previous M.A.C. Halloween Face Charts (here is the LINK) I have three favorites, which I will attempt to copy in the next following weeks =) Last night I did Carbon Kitty. I was in a bit of a rush though, cause it was raining and I was afraid that the lights might go out and being the paranoid me, I started imagining:

"what if we needed to be rescued. Theyd find me looking like a tiger"
"then again, I dont think people are going to ignore me if i cry out for help"
"what if ,in the dark, people actually thought I was a tiger who had escaped from the zoo and start attacking me?"

Haha anyway, So yeah it was a bit rushed. I didnt do the contouring and the highlight first and went straight in and covered my eyebrows, did the eyes, painted some parts of the face and the very detailed "eye lining" on the face. I think this wouldve been better if I did the highlight and contouring similarly as Petrilude Leopard's Makeup. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Please Click on Images to View in Full Size :D

Here is the Face Chart for inspiration.
: The Makeup Snob

Covered Eyebrows using Elmers Glue, RCMA in KO 3, RCMA Invisible Setting Powder.
FACE: RCMA KO 3 and Shinto 3 (Foundation) M.A.C. Chrome Yellow, Limit, Amber Lights, Sculpt and Shape in Lightsweep and Shadester

Highlighted Using M.A.C. Lightsweep - which ended up looking odd since I did it after I applied the orange parts. Eyes: M.A.C. Chrome Yellow, Amber Lights, Limit and Carbon. Nose: haha Kajal eyeliner by wet and wild, applied carbon to set it.

Imitating a cat haha. Applied the eyeliner details on my face. This was a bit tough since I used the brush from the liquid eyeliner which was too long and flimsy but I was in a rush haha and couldnt find the SanSan eyeliner pen.

Starting to look more like a cat haha. Eyeliner pen recommended! Mouth area looks weird because of the highlight.

Playing with my hair - I look like a boy!!

Okay this reminds me of one of my cats hehe. Used a matte nude lipstick from Ever Bilena (It doesnt have a name - odd)

Edit: I forgot to add this pic hehe I like this one

Difficulty: 2 out 5.
This is fairly easy. You just need to be patient blending the yellow and orange parts. Dont forget to highlight and Contour before you do the whole face! LOL and be patient with the eyeliner details. And DO NOT RUSH! hehe

So, have any of you thought of what to go as on Halloween? I still have no clue!!

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* Jen * said...

wow! i think you did an awesome job! =)

Kay said...

omg dear.. this is crazy amazing!!!

im corny when it comes to halloween costumes.. the most i did in the past was angels and police.. not as fab as your choices..

Cabyness said...

Nice! Philip is gna look awesome with that! hahaha Did you step out your room? Were the cats scared? haha

Sush said...

@Jen: Aww thank you dear! =)

@Kay: Thanks: I usually wear cutesy costumes. But figured Halloween would be a great time to go crazy with makeup haha :)

@Caby: oh Phil is going to be a leopard ala Petrilude haha Im excited lol =) Yes! I honestly did try. I sat in front of 2 cats stared them down , they didnt pay any much attention to me though haha

Askmewhats said...

wonderful job! you look too cute!!!

*Nehs* said...

so cute! i love your 3rd photo. hehe..

Sush said...

@Nikki: Thank youuu! :)

@Nehs: Thanks haha yeah I like that too very cat like haha :)

donnarence said...

great job!! wow for the hair (the boyish one.. peter pan sytle.. how i wish i could sport a hair like that,,

Sush said...

Thank you! :) yeah I had tinkerbells hair copied (without the bun) but the bangs were cut a bit too short. I love it though, but I look like a boy on a lot of pictures haha :)

Juuya said...

Wow! Looks really good! I love the fact that you can aso do costume makeup.

On your fifth picture (not including the sketch) your hair looked like Kurt's hair (from the TV series Glee.


Sush said...

@Juuya: Thank you! I try hehe I am fascinated with OTT and crazy makeup lol. oohh I love him haha I think he has fantastic hair, so thank you! haha :)

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

ahh you did such a good job! I love it! Cant wait to see more! This month is so fun!!

Sush said...

@Sara: Thanks! And thanks for posting the face charts! They are all so nice, I wish I had the skill to copy all of them haha :)

Anonymous said...

impressive what a cute leopard look :)

Sush said...

@Louie: Thank you! :)

xeends said...

wow maui u did a great job!..=D like it!

LOLanne said...

whoaaaa that is awesome make up skills!!! :)

btw, i'm a new follower andddd i think the pixie cut on you looks gorgeous!!

other halloween costume ideas: queen bee (black/yellow outfit with a crown/wings/antenna :P), chun li (would be kinda hard to do the hair buns with your short hair buuut do-able with extensions :)

... i always panic a little closer to halloween! my sister's bday is the weekend before that sooo we always end up at a club where you need to wear costumes to get in!

teeyah. said...

Amazing! You have mad makeup skills, Maui! And tough choice, leopard :) I'm sure your friend will great with your makeup skills. Good luck and I hope you can show the photos afterwards :)

Rai said...

You have amazing skills!!

~Kymmy~ said...

Beautiful job!

Sush said...

@Xeendz: Thank you! =)

@LOLanne: thank you! thank you! eah ive thoguht about chun li but the hair is making it impossible. hehe but thanks for the suggestions

@Teeyah: Thank you! oh I will how often do you hear of a guy willing to be made up haha =)

@Rai: Thanks dear!

@kymmy: Thank you!


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