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Friday, July 31, 2009

Have not updated in almost a month. Last post was a draft from about 2 months ago. Feeling blah. Not looking forward to next week. Well sort of hehe but blah. I need a change. I just realized I need a healthy amount of stress to keep me going. I rant and whine when im stressed out and pressured but honestly, now that I think of it, I actually enjoy it and thrive better.


A few updates: I now well usually update my twitter. You may follow me if you want to haha Mmanalo

A few more (late) updates:

Pink and yellow eotd with amazing lancome high def mascara and base

(pictures a bit washed out--blackberry's flash is blinding haha)

Michies 23'rd Birthday

Learned a new trick: Jack of all trades, master of none!

I now open line/unlock blackberrys, create personalized themes and attempt to repair them too haha. So if you have any blackberry concerned needs please contact me. LOL


xeends said...

wow i love it..=D soo cute..pink!..haha lalo 2loy aq ne2xcite s barbie session nten..lol u look soo cute on the second pic..=D nice shot..so u know how to unlock blackberrys..haha too bad i don't have one..lol u even created personal themes wow! nice one maui..=D

Sush said...

Haha havent practiced much for the last month so our sesh should be interesting haha. Hindi cute, mukhang itlog haha inis ako nyan eh got up early to get ready to watch HP we had reserved seats tapos lakas ng ulan I got stranded. haha

Anonymous said...

omg excited na rin ako! barbie session na ba ang tawag? hehehe excited na rin ako makita in person yung coastal scents palettes mo! hahaha parang myth lang siya for me eh, sa internet ko lang nababasa hahaha

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Woah, finally you're back hun!! :D haha, it's been such a long time.

& I think I'm the same way, I need at least a little bit of stress & ppressure to feel productive

Sush said...

@kikayfetz: uu barbie sesh susko 6 monthsin the making ang plan na yan hehe sana matuloy next week at sana may maituro ako na may kwenta haha. hayy ma iinlove ka but i barely use it hehe

@Dana thank you! thank you! :) yeah, huh? im kind of bumming right now and I swear without stress im just a big pile of blob :(

jC said...

your eyeshadow's pretty cool.. and so is your blackberry.. luv it gurl..! ; )

Sush said...

Thank you jc! :) I have too much timeo n my hands haha

xeends said...

haha..:D i'm really excited on our sesh maui..:D yay! looking forward to that..=P c yah soon!!..=D haha inis kp nun ah but still u look cute..=D


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