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Friday, June 24, 2011

Traincase: Update

I cannot believe that my last post was from December! It's already half of 2011 and its only now that I am typing a blog post. Currently, there is a typhoon in the Philippines and 2 of my shoots scheduled today were canceled.

Anyway, just posting an update regarding my traincase on things I learned just recently. HAHA. It is 100% waterproof, I couldnt be more happier to find that it was. I was so worried that my kit would be swimming inside while I trudged along wet roads. ugh.

If you want to read about the post I made when I had purchased my traincase, follow this link: http://suushh.blogspot.com/2010/11/finally.html

Lights were working perfectly even though it was completely drenched. Also, no need to worry about the exterior getting ruined because its made of (some sort of) metal. So happy with my purchase, though I have to warn anyone who has this traincase to make sure that all the makeup is placed level before closing it. I have broke the mirror on mine :/

Im not updated on how much this is now, last I heard they were selling it in quiapo for 9,000! Unbelievable! Suesh also has it now, in white though and for P11,000. I wouldnt be surprised if it costs the same now in Quiapo so you can save yourself the trouble and just buy it from Suesh. To check it out, follow this LINK

Photo from Suesh.com

Maui Manalo


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