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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brow Stylist

Aside from august being my birth month, ive been blessed with wonderful work opportunities as a makeup artist so I havent had time to update my blog as much as I would like to. And so, after a long hiatus from blogging, im back with a product review =)

I've been in constant search for a good eyebrow pencil. Ive finally found one that i've lked about a year ago, M.A.C. Lingering! Found it to be the perfect shade I wanted, the right consistency? (I dont like overly waxy ones) and it doesnt make your eyebrows look like they were fom the 1920's - nobody likes obviously drawn in eyebrows. The thing about the MAC lingering pencil though is, it only lasts me about a month (or less) and thats for persoal use only. It also is quite expensive if I keep on buying 1-2 every month. So I was bent on looking for a cheaper alternative. I've heard of L'oreal's Brow Stylist a few motnhs back, but unfortunately when I had gone to check it they didnt have any stock. But a few days ago Caby and I were going around Landmark, and I decided to go look at the L'oreal Counter and surprise, surprise..

L'oreal Brow Stylist in 501 light brown
(both ends hads caps btw, I just uhm misplaced the other cap haha)

The brow Stylist has 2 shades, the lighter one is taupe and the other one is a medium brown. I swatched both, and out of impulse bought the lighter taupe brow pencil. I woulsnt exactly say its inexpensive, but its a lot more affordable than the M.A.C Lingering pencil. It costs Php 695 ( I think, a few pesos short of 700)

What I like about te brow stylist was #1 it wasnt overly waxy, meaning it doesnt overpower my naturally thin eyebrow hair. #2 the shade looked natural, thoug you wouldnt think it would based on the actual color of the pencil. #3 It being an actual pencil, rather than the mechanical? type of pencil, it would last longer and #4 it allows you to build the color. Unlike the other pencils, it doesn' t shade like a Sharpie! haha

I've been using it on myself a lot lately, especially hen im in a hurry. I do like using brow powders, but it takes me quite a while to even out my nasty baldspots. With the brow stylist, i simply fill in the spots and it just looks like I naturally have nice even brows hehe.

Here is the swatch!

Top: swatched heavier ; Bottom: swatched lighter
As you can see, the light brown has a hint of gray which is perect for eyebrows

I'll post a mughsot of myself using it on my next post =)

Maui Manalo


Pammy said...

I dunno why I saw this post just now but that product seems interesting. Not too waxy sounds nice. :P

Maui (Suushh) said...

Maybe because I fogot to put a title on this post? hahah thanks Pammy! :) it is, me likey. My brows dont look as clean and as polished as when I use my brow powder but it saves me a lot of time and looks really really natural =)

Rakhshanda said...

hey love your blog...really nice


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