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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Golden Dusk

Someone obviously has free time to blog =) Trying to make up for the lack of posts. Seeing that i've only blogged 3 times this month irks me haha. With still a few days left before september, I am bent on getting that number up to at least 5 haha.

Anyway, just posting a look i did the other day. Should have taken a picture of it earlier though, after a long of day of going here and there, the colors have faded a bit and the eyeliner not as dark as it was earlier. Here it is anyway..

The eyelining on the inner corner starting to fade haha.
Ewwie lashes maybe I should wear falsies everyday, yes? haha

A weird angle but I love how the color
gradient looks
. But my lashes are looking rather sparse, boo!

*What I used for the eyes:
-M.A.C Woodwinked (lid)
-M.A.C. Free to be, Hot hot hot, Expensive Pink and Coppering (crease up to brow bone)
-M.A.C. Nocturnelle and Shadowy Lady (Outer Crease)
-M.A.C. Carbon (outer v)

* I know I tend to go nuts with all the eyeshadows I use. But you basically just need a few key things to do this look: Woodwinked, Hot hot hot or free to be (for the crease) Nocturnelle and Carbon =)

Havent had much time to make an effort with my makeup lately. So with a new month coming up, I promise to myself that I will wake up earlier to do my makeup haha and then hopefully i'd get some free time to post and share them with all of you :)

Maui Manalo


Pammy said...

Really pretty! And I like your brows and how you lined your eyes.

Crystal said...

pretty fotd!

Maui (Suushh) said...

Thank you Pammy and Crystal! :)

-mztoots- said...

this is pretty! the gradient does look quite nice! your goldilocks ad on the side makes me miss philippines sooo much! kris looks suber skinny there! lol what lies!!! hahaha

Maui (Suushh) said...

Thanks mztoots! aww haha yeah obviously photoshopped the arms kinda look weird too haha


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