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Friday, February 5, 2010

US & Canadian Readers Giveaway! - "High Potency Anime Complex Face Lift Complex" from Perricone MD

Part of my New years Resolution List is to take better care of my skin. And i'm so happy that I've been given the opportunity to share a wonderful skin care product to one of my US or Canadian readers. This is a timely giveaway since my blog has hit 300 followers just recently! Thank you to every single one of you! More giveaways/contests coming up for my non US & Canadian readers, I promise! :)

NV Perricone Md Cosmeceuticals is spearheaded by its CEO Dr. Nicholas Perricone MD. They are the leading manufacturer and retailer of skin care products targeting the most common skin care concerns of Women. He is well known for his holistic approach to aging, has authored 3 New York Tiimes #1 Bestsellers and have been featured in several TV Shows including Oprah!

A skin care product that delivers a lifted, tightened, defined, contoured and radiant appearance! It is ideal for people who are experiencing dry skin, devitalized skin tone, deeper line and wrinkles and loss of firmness. And while im a few years away from worrying about wrinkles, I believe that prevention is better than cure! haha. I think that taking the measures to ensure that our skin is at its best condition is a good investment for the future. And who doesn't want vibrant and glowing skin?

To join the Perricone Giveaway:

- Please leave me a comment and share why you want or need the High Potency Anime Complex Face Lift.
-Please include your name, email adress and country of residence at the end of your comment
- One winner will be chosen via Random.org
- This giveaway is open to US and Canadian Readers
- This giveaway will end on February 14 (Manila time)


Mara said...

las vegas, nv, usa

I never tried Perricone MD but have heard reviews. Having to put alot of make up has made my skin dehydrated and dry. :(

Mara said...

PS I'm going to repost! i'll borrow your pic! <3

Sush said...

Yay! Thanks Mara! :)

Tatjana said...

I want the The Anime Complex because my face gets so dry it turns into dry patches on my checks.

Uunite States


hether78 said...

I desperately want and need the High Potency Anime Complex Face Lift because I've entered my 30's and have really noticed more lines and less tightness in my face. I entered SOOOOOO many giveaways for this and didn't win a single one! Please please! Perricone products have had amazing reviews and I would love to try this. Thanks for the chance!

Heather Garland/live in Canada!

Pop Champagne said...

I want the high potency complex face lift because I feel like an old hag! lol I'm serious too.

julie_lan (at) hotmail (dot) com

hope you'll have a great weekend!

jemscout425 said...

i'm 51 nuff said

cdziuba said...

I have never used this, and my peri-menopausal skin could use it/.

What a nice giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.


SparkleMidori said...

I would love to give this a try because I have been hearing some good things about it.



Sandra555 said...

I have heard so much about the Perricone line of products and would love to try this.


meepocow said...

Leanne Tran

=) I'd love this Perricone High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift! I already use the Perricone Skin-Clear Hydrator which has done wonders for my acne-prone skin. I think this would be a great addition to my skin care routine, and probably something my mum will steal to use! xx

~Lisa said...

I want this because I want to give it to my mommy who is of middle age now.


Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sara said...

Hey doll!!!

Sara Smith
Ssmith12@OhioHealth.com OR SaraALSmith@yahoo.com(get a lot of junk mail here tho!)
Radnor, Ohio- USA

I would absoultely LOVE to try this brand! I have heard fabulous reviews but due to having zero spending money at the moment, I can't afford to buy any. I have NEVER owned any highend skincare items and this would be a great opportunity to do so. I have Native American in me, with VERY VERY thin skin under my eyes, causing me to easily wrinkle and dark circles. I'm only 22 and already seeing fine lines. My mother, as beautiful as she is, has many wrinkles- its just unfortunatly our genes! I have been worried about it for years already and would love to use this product to help prevent early aging.THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY and best wishes to everyone!!! ♥

sharpieunited said...

hey ! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog=]

(or comment on blog)

Well I have never tried Perricone MD, because its way to expensive, but I do have extremely dry skin and am conscious about my skin aging. I think this will be a great experience to try it out=] thanks a bunch

Anne-Marie T said...

At 54 years old, my face needs a lift!

email (amt at telus dot net)


blogger said...

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Serena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
missmicchan said...

Great giveaway!

I would like to win and use the High Potency Anime Complex because I live in cold Canada and my skin is dry ...also as I approach my 30's my skin isn't as radiant/vibrant as it used to be :(

Name: mitsuko
email: mitsuko.takahashi@gmail.com
Country: Ontario, Canada

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I want the High Potency Anime Complex Face Lift because I have some wrinkle lines on my face that are obvious when I put my makeup on; it settles there! Also more on neck :(

And I think prevention is key too!-

***My name: Stephanie

***E-mail adress: robolegojupiter@yahoo.com

***Country of residence: West Covina, CA, USA

FOKXXY said...

I need and want this because I am not aging as gracefully as I had hoped. I could really use a "lift" !!

Thank you for the chance.

My name: Summer

E-mail adress: ssummmer(at)gmail(dot)com

Country of residence: Ontario, canada!!

Ramoneth Flores said...

Hey there :)

First of all thank you for such a great giveaway, uber awesome ;)

I really would like to win because I have been trying different products that got me so broke. I have rosacea and the redness and itchiness bother me so much. I have heard good reviews about Perricone MD's High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift. I was told it can get rid of redness quickly. And honestly, I don't think I can afford this product for $95 .. ouch.

Name: Ramoneth Flores
Email: Ramoneth.Flores@live.com
Country: Montreal QC, Canada


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