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Monday, February 22, 2010

Live Aids: Circusmaryosep

Hey everyone! Busy busy week, so I havent been able to update this. Went on a couple of shoots and barely got sleep, it was crazy! To top it off, we were sent to UP Diliman to do the makeup for Live Aids 2010: Circusmaryosep. I was there for the first show until the very last one. Such an honor to have been given a chance to be part of it! One of the best 3 days of my life LOL

I didnt get to take a lot of pictures cause it was a little crazy, didnt have much time cause as soon as I started cleaning my area, another performer would come and ask if I can help with his/her makeup. But it was very rewarding to see them all up on stage when I finally got to watch. Im definately going back for Live Aids 2011!

Only for Live Aids have I ever knelt on concrete floors while doing makeup! haha My back felt like giving out and I felt like I was coming down with a flu, but I forced myself to be there and it was all so worth it! I was there doing makeup for Fridays 3pm and 7pm, Saturdays 3pm and 7pm and Sundays 3pm and 7pm shows! No regret, I already miss it!

I'll be posting about the other shoots some other time, since I cant post them at the moment hehe. But here are a few pictures from Live Aids: Circusmaryosep and the Perfomers I did makeup on.

Right Click on images to view in full size :D

Friday 3pm and 7pm Group

Saturday 3pm Group

Sunday 3pm and 7pm group with RB
(minus Van who was here for the 3pm and
Claudene who was there for the 3 and 7pm show )

The girls, minus Monique. (I kinda look sick here-I was! haha)

My first time to do Stage Makeup, very different since it
calls for heavier foundation and a little exaggeration

Jess and her many characters =)


with Deo as Abnoynoy

with Jess as Mommy D
(laughing at herself, she wanted really white foundation
and super exaggerated wrinkles

Jess and I after the show

"Krispa Ranillo" during the show

Things I learned:
- Stage Makeup is very different from the usual makeup
- Time is Gold! haha youre lucky if you have 30 minutes to do a performers makeup. You need to be fast and efficient
- It pays to be nice, you gain new friends! =)
- You need to be able to work in any condition (bawal ang choosy haha)
- Make the most out of the experience and HAVE FUN!


Soapaholic said...

Congrats! Based on the pics, you did an outstanding job!:)

Sush said...

Thank you so much! :)

Carine said...

wow, you did well! I'm particularly amazed at how your did the foundation, the after pics look flawless.

LOLanne said...

Congrats!! the pics look awesome... the first and second performers look sooo different (in a good way) with the make up you put on! i love how natural they look... anddd the eyebrows on performer #2 look GORGEOUS! (she should pay you for that lol)


Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy said...

Looks fun. Great job.
lol @ the mommy photos

Sush said...

Carine: thank you! I used RCMA and VOV for the foundation, didnt even need to use concealer hehe

Anne, Thanks dear! hahaha =) lemming on mufes eyebrow corrector, hard to fix eyebrows when they dont want it to be shaved, I think cream would look better instead of pwder =)

Jacky& Willy: It was! and the show was awesome and super funn! thank you! haha yeah Mommy D was a hoot

acutelife said...

Wow it must be so tiring,but u did very well! :)
Is it a charity program?

Sush said...

Thank you =) Its a variety/musical/comedy show held yearly ( this ones the 26th!) by an organization called SAMASKOM from the University of the Philippines :)

trish said...

Hi ate maui! This is trish, one of the performers... Thank you very much for helping us with our make up during the show. In behalf of Live Aids 2010 company, we thank you and your class. <3 We really appreciate it.

Sush said...

Aw thank you Trish! It was such an honor to be there and be a part (however small part) of it! :) you guys did an awesome job! will definitely return for next year to watch!! :)

sildenafil said...

Isnt it scary that 1 in 4 people have aids....That is realy something to think about....1 in 4. What do u all think about that


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