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Sunday, February 14, 2010

LCI Artistic Makeup 1 - OJT

Forgot to include this in my previous post. LCI's Artistic Makeup Course's curriculum includes a certain number of hours alloted for apprenticeships and OJT's. Which is great, because you get to apply all the things you learn from class and get to experience what it's like to be a working Makeup Artist.

Ive been on 2 apprenticeships the past few weeks. But last week, it was my first time to go to an OJT. I volunteered to go to the shoot, thinking it was an apprenticeship only to find out later that we were going to have to do the Makeup! It was for a Billboard ad? I think? Im not very sure.

Here I am with the model I was asked to put makeup on. No I wasn't sitting on the
couch while doing her makeup, I was just pretending for this picture haha

Prime Look

My work (the girl on the left) and my classmates work. =)

Me with my classmates. Me looking very stressed haha but it was fun!

With the fabulous Hair and Makeup Artist Thirdie Octiavio

RB Chanco working on the makeup and Thirdie Octavio on the hair

It was kind of nerve wrecking to be asked to do the makeup for a shoot. We were first asked to just do the base. And then our instructor RB, asked us to do the whole Prime look. I was very nervous about the eyebrows but im glad it turned out well and my makeup didn't need any correction! wee! It was so much fun! I cant wait to go to another OJT. There was one yesterday but I didnt go cause my face is swollen! haha and I had to go to my friends gig for support and because I did her makeup too, but more on that later. Happy Valentines! :)


Pammy said...

Good job, Sush! :P I can't wait to go to make up achool

Sush said...

Thank you Pammy :) im sure youll have tons of fun! :)

Askmewhats said...

congrats for the OJT job, the model's makeup looks good! it is definitely nerve wracking but I'm sure as you go on, it'll be easier :) Enjoy!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful!

Sush said...

Nikki, thank you! it is, super hehe I still need a lot of practice to get used to it =)

Crystal, aww thank youu! *blushes* haha

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

awesome stuff!! Hey may i ask what foundation and concealer did you use on your model?

Sush said...

Hi Becky =) I used vov (#3) and RCMA (shinto #3). Didnt use concealer anymore, rcma covers pretty well =)

Sush said...

Hi Becky =) I used vov (#3) and RCMA (shinto #3). Didnt use concealer anymore, rcma covers pretty well =)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

i want to go to a makeup school tooo!!!!it looks so much fun,saka it looks like youre having fun ghehe

Sush said...

You should, im sure you will enjoy every minute of it hehe =)

karen said...

hi, do you have LCI's email add/contact #? can't find it on the internet..


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