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Monday, September 14, 2009

Doggie Heaven

This was the last picture I took of our dog, Buck. Just a few weeks before he got sick. He passed away last night around 10:30 - 11 pm. And I wanted to be there if he goes, but I wasnt. He'd fought a good long fight. He'd been sick for I think close to 2 months. And always I would cry when I see him getting worse but then in the morning you'd see him all perky despite not being able to stand or walk. He would bark or cry whenever you leave his sight and would sometimes reach out for my hands or feet with his, as if comforting me. When it should be the other way around.

He was a very gentle, loving and friendly dog. Im relieved that he is free from pain and probably running around in Doggie heaven. But also sad because I miss him. For weeks, he had been a constant fixture in the living room area. And it makes me sad not to see him there. I hope me and my brother had made him happy during his last few days. Thats all I wanted, for him to be happy before he goes.

Anyway, thats it. Sorry for the gloomy post. Just needed to let that out.

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L.T. said...

Aww he's a very cute dog. But yes, look on the bright side, he is free from his pain.

Nina said...

Sorry to hear that. We just lost our dog too. :(

teeyah. said...

So sorry to hear about Buck :( I'm sure he's very happy in doggie heaven now :)

cabyness said...

I'll miss buck too! :( But Im very proud of you! He's in doggie heaven now :)

kulay kahel said...

i share your sentiment over that maui. i lost so many pets already and i thought i would be numb from it but still im not. pets are god's angels and they provide us with unconditional love and companionship. all that for our attention and of course some kibble. he was lucky you gave him a home and lots of love and fun memories. =)

rae630 said...

I'm sorry for your lost.

rawcogs said...

Aw, i'm so sorry! It always feels terrible when a peeps close to you pass away. Had a dog aswell, died, always thought it was better for him tho, he went through such pain.

I hope you're doing fine and so.

Nice blog btw. :) x

[ k r y k ] said...

sorry for your lost.
i also lost my dog before
and its really sad.

kase love natin sila and sila yung friend natin all the time.

we can tell everything with them without having the thoughts of being betrayed. <3

Catanya said...

You have a blog award in my blog!

kikayfetz said...

aww.. so sorry to hear that :( *hug*

Sush said...

Thanks to all of you! I am sure he is happy now. I just miss him =)

xeends said...

ahhh..cutie dog..=D i feel for you maui..i know he's happy before he goes..running around in doggie heaven..=D

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i felt so sad after reading your post..
i can't stand to imagine my dog being in pain

i know that this is so late..
but just like what you said, im sure that he is free from pain & is already in heaven & is sure that he is guiding you now.

Sush said...

Thank you Thia. Yes it was very sad. i still feel sad whenever I think about him or when im reminded of him :(


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