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Friday, September 11, 2009


My box finally arrived yesterday. And so did the Fingerprint Card I requested from the California Board of Nursing. The lord of US Postal Service must be pleased with me lol. Ive been waiting for the box becauuuseee it had my traincase! It was way too big to fit in my luggage when I went home and I had too much stuff so I left it behind. But we are now reunited haha

I know I promised id take pictures of it a few months back and I finally did. Havent reorganized it though so I just have a few stuff in it.

I really love the color! It also comes with a strap and 2 keys and a few moveable dividers

Bunch of stuff

I love that keyholder which I got from Forever 21 for a dollar I think

This ones a definate SPLURGE. But the color makes it worth it haha =) Here is the review I made for this traincase: LINK

Got this from Sephora. Well I didnt, my mom did! My mom spoils me :) Thanks mom! haha She also sent me an eyeshadow. I wanted to have her bring my empty containers to M.A.C. but I guess she forgot to brimg em and got it for me instead. And a mascara and an Eyebrow Pencil (Lingering). Ill post a review on that soon.

I love purple e/s which is odd because I probably dont own any purple clothing, well anything purple except for e/s lol oh and my pencil case haha

L: No primer; Right: With Primer


I think I have 5 bath soaps right now. haha I usually switch them around and use whichever I feel like using. I ordered a a few items from BareNaturals a few weeks back. Didnt get to review them right away cause I was on blog leave? haha. And I really do like to try things out for at least a week or 2 before doing a review.

I ordered a bar of No break out to Makeup Soap, Cocktail Soap and Pure Emu oil. I think the bars of soap are all infused with emu oil. I didnt get to take a picture when I got them though.


It has placenta a well known moisturizer and anti-wrinkle, Chamomile extract which revitalizes and strengthens the skin.
Infused with tomatoextract, it has large amount of Vitamin C which acts as antioxidant and helps prevent wrinkles and acne.
It is infused mildly with papain and calamansi for gentle skin lightening.

It has the sweet, lingering smell of sun ripened peach

Photo and text from BareNaturals:

What I Love about it:
- Honestly, this bar reminds me of gummi bears haha.
- I love the nodes. makes them even more cute!
-Seriously though, I noticed a little less than a week after using it my skin was softer and smoother. I noticed because I forgot to put on lotion and was surprised that my skin wasnt dry and it was so smooth
- It has helped with some parts that have chicken skin (I have some on my upper arms) though I dont think it claims to treat that. I guess its because overall your skin is smoother.
-Big bars! :)

What to consider:
-Its not very sudsy but I like that it doesnt "melt" easily .
- The scent is okay, its very sweet smelling?

But overall I like this soap, ive been using this for almost a month now I think. =)


An anti-break-out soap, it has tea tree oil and real tea tree leaves with anti-bacterial action; best for pimples and other skin diseases
Mildly infused with calamansi and papain for gentle skin lightening
With sweet envigorating scent of pink grapefruit

Photo and text form BareNaturals:

Okay this one I havent used long enough to see if it does help with breakouts. But I really really love the scent! I use this not just on my face sometimes because it just smells so lovely! Plus it has this course texture (tea leaves? i guess) So i feel like it also exfoliates your skin at the same time. Havent used this as much on my face though since im trying out tretinoin so ive been mostly using just cetaphil for my face.

100% Emu Oil

Emu Oil contains natural anti-inflammatory, healing properties with a wide range of omega oils that are known to facilitate good health. It contains a complete source of essential fatty acids. Incredibly, this amazing oil contains omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids and is a powerful skin moisturizer and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties among many other health benefits.

Product Photos and Text from BareNaurals. To read the entire product info please follow this: LINK

Ive seen many bloggers using this. I was at frist weirded out because uhm its from a giant ostrich like bird. Why would I slab its oil on my face?! LOL but after reading a few articles about it, I thought what the heck, ill give it a try. It claims to be good for a lot of skin conditions and what not. I havent tried this long enough too to see its full effect. But ive used it as a face moiturizer and a makeup base.

What I love:
- You only need a little
- If you put just the right amount, your face wont get oily.
-It helps with flaking, dryness and itchiness ( which i have been experiencing from tretinoin)
-No, it doesnt stink! haha
-Its a good makeup base
-Doesnt clog your pores or make you break out ( though I have to try it once I get off tret just to see)
- Ive also used this for waxing. To remove the annoying wax thats left behind and to soothe the skin after

What you should consider:
- I havent tried emu oil from any other brand so Im not sure what it should smell like? lol this one has a slight scent of olive oil though. Nothing disgusting or apalling :) but if youve been tortured to put olive oil on your rice at every meal I suppose you wouldnt like it haha.
- hmm I really have no other cons for this product.

Overall, Im happy with my purchase! I do tend to obsess with products I like but I do want to try the other soaps too. But the Cocktail soap I will definately buy that again. And the No break out to make up! I like that the they have a variety of items too. Mineral Makeup, skin care products, Makeup Brushes and theyre very reasonable priced! Ms. Lami is nice too! She responds to emails and gave freebies hehe :) Will definately re-order.

If you want to check out other Products and price lists from Bare Naturals. Check their Multiply website. Here is the link: BARE NATURALS.

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Rai said...

That traincase is super cute!

Sush said...

Thanks Rai! It is :) Now if only Sephora made it a tad bit more bigger..heheh

♥ mia said...

great vanity box! i sooo want one!

oooh u made me curious about these soaps, they look yummy :P

Sush said...

Thanks Mia :) they do huh? hehe I love the soaps, you should try them!

Becks said...

love the purple shadow!!

Sush said...

@Becks: it is pretty :) I cant wait to get violet trance? im not sure if thats the rght name haha the one from the new collection

N. said...


Sush said...

Order!! :) hehe Cant wait to try the other ones too but theres still so much left of what I already have hehe

Pammy said...

The traincase is so pretty, I love the color. :P

Sush said...

Thanks Pammy, yeah that was the probably the most important factor when I was deciding haha

cabyness said...

Ohhhh love the color! But we're still going train case shopping okay? :)

Sush said...

Thanks cabs! hehe yeah I want a bigger one :D

- - aika - - said...

love your makeup kit :D

Sush said...

Thanks dear! :)

kulay kahel said...

hi dear. that box is huge! i ve never seen a kikay caboodle that humongous before. it looks like youre going to prettify a whole battalion. hehe but its neat! the bathsoaps look interesting! i like your kikay stuff reviews!!

Sush said...

@kulay kahel: hahaha :) thank you!!!

UnoCosa said...


Sush said...

@UnoCosa: Thanks hehe

Nikita said...

Nothing new to say but just needed to let you now how sweet that train case is. never saw one in that colour before! Nice find! It's definitely worth it.

Sush said...

Thank you! :) yeah it was a no brainer this or the black one. They used to have one that was gun metal though, that wouldve been nice too! :)


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