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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Makeup Night

Ive been MIA for quite a while - I have been lurking around the blogosphere but havent posted anything. Truth be told, im still getting used to the hair HAHA. I mean I do love it, its just that everytime I try and do an EOTD/FOTD and take pictures, it looks odd to me. It looks like a teenage boy with makeup on! hahah Ive also been on a sort of no-buying-month-week-whatever haha so no new stuff to rave or rant about.

Some Pictures from Characters Night at Caby's House last sunday. We played with Caby's makeup stash and put makeup on each other haha couldnt find a theme until it all came together lol. You can check out Cabys blog for some of the other pictures. Here are a few.

Please click the images to view in full size :D

The Villains

Sheena ( I did her eyes and tried to copy the photo on the magazine. The makeup was beautiful!! I shall attempt to copy it again soon! haha)

RANT: I was about to post new pictures when I attempted to do a FOTD only to find out that my memory card has been corrupted with a virus! My brother wanted to copy some files a while ago and ughhh!!!!! now I have to format the memory card with all the pictures, songs and videos. Sighhh! darn it!

So yeah, this post has been cut short. ugh, im still annoyed. :/

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Anonymous said...

so envious here waaa you loook so slender .I love it ..lovin your hair as well neat and sexy

*Nehs* said...

wow! you cut your hair. but it suits you! you still look pretty!

can't wait for your organization post! :DDD

Anonymous said...

btw I used VOV e/s for that EOTD thanks hun for the comment ! tc

Sush said...

@Louie: Thank you! heheh =) and youre welcome

@Nehs: yeah, I was bored with my hair and it was starting to get really icky hehe, thank you! Im working on that organizations thing haha I hope to finish before the month ends? lol

Love, Sweetcheeks said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely! xoxoxox

xo, Megann said...

You cut your hair! It suits you fantastically, dear :)


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