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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mini Haul

Rarely get to go to Makati anymore so figured I'd drop by to see what they have in Landmark since I was in the area. Caby raves about it to me almost every week lol. Okay, pretty impressive. I usually go to Watsons. But darn it, they really dont have most of the things I need. Anyway, heres what I got

Please Click the images to view in full size :D

Happy Camper!

Splurge or Save? SAVE!!

This looks similar to the lashes I love but got from ebay. This one doesnt come with glue though. P49.75 (about a dollar)

Little Sifter Jar! With cute little puff ( I dont really like the puff though) But I like that jar. It looks sturdier than the last one I got. Though the cap can be kind of annoying to screw and unscrew. But at P49.75 (about a dollar) im not complaining lol

San San Eyeshadow Pencil (03). P46.75 (about a dollar). I was looking for an alternative to my UDPP for base. Sorry camera washes out almost everything

Swatch: Its actually a very light peachy color

And it broke while I was swatching. Guess have to be careful when I re-sharpen it.

Swatched: M.A.C. Limit and Chrome Yellow. It did sort of change the colors a bit. It is peach afterall. The orange turned almost brown orangey the yellow was okay though

Short handled Concealer Brush: P39.75 (too lazy to compute but less than a dollar lol) I actually asked to open everything to check before deciding on getting any of the brushes. Im a little picky with the brushes I get hehe. This one was dense and soft and cheap too! Used to long handled brushes though so we shall see. But overall, I like the quality :)

Fan Brush: P39.75. Okay this one I love. Its as dense as the fan brush I have and soft. It also comes in a sleeve and a brush sleeve

Eyeliner Brush: P99.95 (about $2). Also comes in a sleeve and a little tube like plastic to help protect the itsy bitsy brush. I wanted to get one for finer detailed lining and what not. Its okay. I find the plastic tube annoying though cause You obviously need to put it back if you want it to last longer. But I get scared removing it, I always think that im going to accidentally grab the bunch of brush hair when I pull haha

Tried using it haha. The straght line on the left I used my regular flat liner brush. I dont know though if my gel liner is starting to get dry but using this brush with the gel liner was not easy. I probably wouldnt use this as a regular brush for eyeliner cause it would take me longer.

I forgot to take a picture of the spatulas and the 2 jars I got that also came with a spatula. 2 spatulas go for P5.95 (please dont make me compute--its dirt cheap! lol) and the two jars that comes with a spatula is P27.95 (about a qaurter or so haha)

I am the most unorganized person haha my room is a big mess. But I wont ever dip my fingers or brushes into a pot of concealer, jar of moisturizer, or willingly share my lipstick. LOL
I try to keep my makeup sanitized so they will last longer and be uhm germ free hahaha. I was almost running out of mini spatulas. So Landmark is heaven sent. I plan to go back and stock up on little jars and spatulas. OC!! haha :)

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Ida said...

i loooove looking for cheap, but good finds at landmark and the cosmetics section of sm makati! i want the fan brush and wanna get sifter jars too :)

cabyness said...

I bought 4 brushes again yesterday! Sigh. I told you i hate it they accept debit card! lol and yes thank you for linking me in this post. I hate passing by there everyday.. *not* Haha

donnarence said...

promising ang eyeliner ng sansan!! white ba siya dear?? thanks

Marce said...

Great haul! I love checking out brushes in the craft store, you can usually find fantastic brushes for a pretty good price. =)

Sush said...

@Ida: I am going back! hehe :) I love the little jars and containers. I think there are three more brushes from the same brand as the fan brush, I really like it good quality :)

@cabyness: I knew you would hahahaha :p

@Donna: Its light peach but yeah I guess it works hehe saw your review on the artdeco primer. FIgured id try looking/using something cheaper first. But good review and good find! :)

@Marce: Yeahh! too bad there arent a lot here in the Philippines. The paint brushes here are mehhh. I got a couple of Loew Cornell I visited the US though. Love those! :)

Yumeko said...

woo u got some great buys!!

*~kAy~* said...

great deals! <3
love the lashes especially!

Mimilainna said...

ooo im diggin those lashes

Khymm said...

i have a similar fan brush like yours.. bought it for less than 50 bucks! hehe.. its soft din..

is the 226 similar to 224 or 222? try mo sa barenaturals.multiply.com they have blending brushes..

xeends said...

wow i love the lashes..=D great buys suushh..=D

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Great little haul! Love the lashes! Nice blog :) xx

Sush said...

@Yumeko: Thanks :) This is why I love blogspot. I find the most amazing beauty shoppers and muas on here :)

@Kay: thanks yeah they are, excited to try them its a slightly different from the one I got from ebay

@Jaimie: Immediately grabbed this when I saw it hehe

@khymm: oh yes i meant 224 or 217 haha Its so hard to keep track of the numbers when you dont actually own them lol i only have a 219. boo:/ will check it out thanks for the suggestion! :)

@Cindy: Thanks dear! :)

@Lorien: Thank you! :)

Laura Taylor said...

That fan make up brush is fantastic, I need one of those in my life! Thanks for my comment lovely x

Hana aka acutelife said...

yes, spatula T-T I need to get them...im so ashamed that I often neglect the hygienic aspect of the skincare :(


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