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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy Bee

Hey everyone! sorry for the lack of posts. Im sure everyone else is busy doing last minute christmas shopping and preparing for christmas, yes? I wish I was busy with holiday related stuff haha. Ive actually been packing and preparing to move to a new house. It is crazy to go through old things. And being a pack rat that I am, ive accumulated a looot of things! From notebook doodles to letters from highschool. So hard to let go even though I have no use for them haha. I even find it so hard to throw out college handouts! what a cuckoo I am. Maybe I would slowly weed out the useless stuff in the new house..maybe..I should! haha

Whats fun though are all the christmas parties! :) 2 days ago, we had a christmas party and also welcomed Caby's Birthday!

Right-click on pictures to view in full size :D

Here we are, waiting for our food. Caby, Jaja and I
were first to arrive. We were very hungry!! haha

And a few hours later...Guess who? haha were both very particular with
our pictures. I actually dont like this one either but this picture was the
only one that showed the black and purple gradient
so please dont
mind my woozy look- I was not drunk haha

Did have another christmas party with some of my highschool friends but idnt get to take pictures since we were a little preoccupied wolfing down on the food haha. Last week, our church's fellowship group also had a christmas party for College kids who werent so well off but very deserving. It was nice to see that they enjoyed and hopefully encouraged to strive harder to finish College :)

Me and my friends Michie and Kathy (Ive known
them since the 1st grade! haha)

And as promised, a picture from wedding #2. I was busy taking pictures the whole day since we went early. Ran out of memory space and forgot to take pictures of myself haha so this is the best one ive got lol

LOL you can easily spot me


Bombchell said...

Merry christmas to you too babe.

lol yeah packing and unpacking is not fun at all, but i think packing is definitely the worst, cuz sometimes you want to give up, and throw it all out lol

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

that's a pretty pic from the wedding:)

Dee said...

Beautiful wedding pic!

GirL With GLasSes... said...

Hello Mau !!!!!!!!!!

Gosh! youve been absent in the blogosphere for quite some time.
I miss you and your posts!

By the way, you look so pretty in the parties you attended!

And thank you re: my avatar =)
you are sweet!

LOLanne said...

LOL @ the wedding pic... very charming ;) haha

i moved to my house now a couple years ago.. i know EXACTLY how youre feeling with the packing! had to pack and haul out SIX boxes of crap from my room (not including clothes, furniture, shoes etc)... im glad it's over lol. definitely a big gL with packing!

merry Christmas to you too :))


charchar said...

who's that guy? hehehe. just curious.

i can esily spot you. just spot the one with tinker-bell like hair. hehehehe

anyway, advance merry christmas and a happy new year. (:

Sush said...

Bombchell, i think i like packing more. I can just shove everything in the boxes. haha I hate it when I have to fix everything all over again blah. not looking forward to it :/

Sandra and Dee, aw thank you! i think I might have ruined it haha I got too tired smiling and made that funny face instead.

Jing, you are a sweetheart! thank you! Will try to post more. Im currently in the mood to update (obviously haha) or probably just trying to avoid doing things I really need to do LOL

Anne, HAHA =P yeah. And it sucks that I basically have to do most of the packing. So its not just my room but the rest of the house. Oh joy! :?

Charchar: Hey dear! hehe its the boyfriend. Had to blue him out cause we normally dont like how we look in pictures. Im just assuming he wont like that picture so I blurred him haha. You too dear! stay safe! and eat lots! hahaha :)


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