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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wide Awake

Most people prefer to use neutral shades for eye makeup. It can go with almost anything, its not as flashy and the colors are easier to use and blend. Neutral usually means without color but Neutral colors are classified as having low colorfulness or chroma on the color wheel. Some examples are beige, taupe, ivory, black and grey. But colors that have a hint of brown are also considered as neutrals when it comes to makeup

Neutral eye makeup is great for work, can be used for weddings and the likes. It can also be a quick way to make you look polished especially when you have little time to prepare for work in the morning or need to be done in 10-15 minutes. I personally use neutral colors for eye makeup when im in a hurry and dont have time to experiment with colors. . My go to colors for neutral makeup are M.A.C. Vex, Haux, Charcoal Brown, Embark and Vanilla.

Vex (lid) , Haux (Crease), Charcoal Brown (Outer Crease),
Embark (Outer crease to add depth) and Vanilla (brow bone)
I usually add nylon to the iner corners of the eyes and feeme fi to highlight the brow bone
Images are from M.A.C.

But brown e/s if not blended well, have a tendency to make you look drab and tired. A neutral eye look is pretty simple and easy to do. You just need to know where to place the colors.

A few tips when doing a neutral eye look:

  • To help make your eyes more awake, make sure to line your lashline. If youre not a fan of black or liquid eyeliner, Grab some eyeshadow with a wet/moist brush, line your lids and you can also blend it or smudge it a bit to make it look more natural instead of having a harsh line.
  • Curling your lashes is one of the best way to open your eyes. Remember to curl your lashes before applying Mascara
  • Line your waterline with a white eyeliner to help make eyes look bigger and brighter. Avoid getting the white liner on he lower lashline or make sure to line your lower lashline with brown or black. Putting a white e/s especially those that are shimmery on your lower lashline can actually make your eyebags look bigger.
  • Make sure you blend the colors well and leave the darker shades on the outer corner of the lid especially during daytime to keep the look more simple. Dark brown eyeshadow all over the lid or the crease and not blended well tends to make you look tired.

Hope that helps! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I know ive been somewhat manic-depressive when updating my blog (sometimes daily, sometimes even two posts in a day and sometimes none for more than a week haha) I will however be a bit busy for the next 2 weeks. Im sure most of us will be because of the christmas shopping and what not! =)


Carine said...

I use a beige pencil on my waterline, I found out that it has the same effect as the white liner but looks more natural ^^

GirL With GLasSes... said...

hello maui =)

regarding not putting white eyeshadow on the waterline, what kind of eyeshadow? shimmery or mattes?

thank you =)

Camille said...

hello. :)

the saleslady from in2it told me that I better put white shimmer (or blush?) under my eyes, right above my apple cheeks to make my eyebags look a bit smaller and tired. is it true? I've tried it and I kinda liked it though.. hehe

thanks maui!

Sush said...

Carine, oohh yeah that sounds brilliant! Must try one of these days :) thank you!

Jing, on the lower lashline. Some people do it though and it actually does look good. I dont think it helps to make you look more awake though especially in the morning hehe Wont work for me though since i have naturally puffy eyebags lol

Camille, I think she might be refering to the cheekbones? highlighting the cheekbones is a good way to enhance the facial structure :)

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

i actually curl my lashes before and after mascara. i find that curling my lashes after mascara really makes a HUGE difference and makes my peepers more open.

what are your thoughts on this?

Sush said...

Hi, I actually curl my lashes too before and after hehe :) . I find that the mascra kinda weighs my lashes down after I put mascara on so I recurl them. But the instructor in our makeup class said you shouldnt after one girl said her curler chopped all her lashes off after she curled them after mascara application hahaha. Id suggest to just be careful curling it and use a nice curler :)


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