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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Venus and Mars Lulur Bar

As I've mentioned, I'm kind of nuts about Soap bars. Currently I have 6 which I use interchangeably. I do have favorites though, so those are about to run out.

About a month ago, I came across Venus and Mars' Multiply Store. Ive heard good things about their products so decided to look around and find something to try. I saw the Lulur bar and it intrigued me, since I'm a sucker for products that promise clear skin. I also thought that the mix of ingredients used for this bar was very interesting.

Product image taken from Venus and Mar's Multiply Store

Main ingredients used for this soap:
Emu oil, Tea tree essential oil, tumeric, Tea tree leaves, Shea Butter, Arbutin, Calamansi, Papain, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil

If the curious mix of ingredients isn't enough to entice you to get one bar for yourself, here are some of the benefits of the Java Tumeric Spice*:
  • Reduces Skin Pigmentation
  • Makes the skin supple
  • Inhibits cell damage
  • Reduces hair growth
  • Helps heal Acne
  • Excellent skin beautifier
(*You may read more about Venus and Mars' Lulur Bar over: HERE)

So you see, not only does it promise great skin, it can even reduce hair growth? Yeah, yeah, I'm a sucker for advertising haha. So, I imagined that I'd get great results and got the big bar which sells for P195 (120g). I also got Caby excited about it, and she got one for herself too! haha
This is some powerful soap! I don't suggest you leave this on your face for more than 3 minutes when ou first use it. Caby got to try it first and she told me it stung. The pain, she said, can be compared to getting a chemical peel. So I didn't try to act brave and let it sit on my face for more than 2 minutes. But it still stung a bit. Ahh, the price you pay for vanity :P

After using it for about a week, I noticed some slight peeling on my neck. I was actually very impressed and dubbed it as my Organic Chemical Peel ( I know that doesn't make sense haha). I actually wanted to blog about it already, but I told myself I'd have to wait 3 more weeks so I can conduct a proper review. boo! haha

As expected with soaps that cause you to peel, you wont see the effects immediately. So while I was slightly peeling (nothing crazy or anything so don't worry), I was waiting for when my good skin would come out.

2nd week...

3rd week...

I had to stop. I know I should have waited at least one more week. But one morning, I woke up and my cheek felt itchy. I rubbed it a little and youch! it was painful! So i ran to the mirror and checked. My skin was slightly burnt - it was similar to the effects of when I had used pimple drying medications a few years ago. And while taking a shower, I noticed I had similar burnt areas on my clavicle too. Yeek. Not good.

I also decided to stop using it, because my normally combination skin was now Dry. Not even my facial moisturizer could save my face. So I banished the Lulur from my Soap Kingdom haha. Its too bad since I cut up the bar into about 8 pieces and I'd only been able to use 2 small bars. Lesson learned, when trying something new, get the sample size!

Why you should buy it:
- Its organic
- The mix of ingredients used for this bar are all good for the skin.
- I suppose it did help dry up some of my pimples (including the rest of my face)

What you should consider:
- Probably not a good idea to try this if you have sensitive skin (or have low pain tolerance lol)
- Do not leave this on your skin for too long. Might be best to use it for just a few days a week.

As with any of my reviews, whatever is stated here is based on my personal experience and opinion. And as with any product, some might notwork for me while it could very well work for you. If you check the Venus and Mars Multiply Store, you'll see tons of raves for this product. So you see, it does work! ( just not on me haha) I'll probably still try a few more items from Venus and Mars.

Main reason I threw out this bar, was I found it too drying. If there's anything I hate, its dry skin! I did, however, find a great facial wash that helped soothe and improve my skin. I will post about it next time :) But so far, I'm loving it!


Nina said...

I bought this one too but I used it up too fast before I saw any results. I'm still using the African Black Soap though.

Sush said...

Ohh, hows that working for you so far? i know I heard Caby saying she wants to try that as well haha :)

Sugar Strip Ease Fan said...

Hmm my cousin gave me this one but I am thinking of letting my sister use it instead. My skin is not that sensitive and I do have some products that I currently use.


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