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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black Eye

Why isnt my concealer working?! 0.0

Under eye circles are probably one of the most common problems. When I first started doodling with makeup, I was always looking for a concealer that would cover the slightly blueish tone under my eyes. That was more than 5 years ago. They are no longer SLIGHTLY bluish.

I blame it on the case presentations, the quizzes and exams in college and the thousands of facts and diseases I had to cram into my head for the Nursing board exam. Hello freshness! haha

Concealers should be applied to the area youre trying to conceal in thin layers. If its not enough continue layering thinly until you get the right coverage. However, it doesnt work all the time. If you keep layering eventually the concealer will deposit in to the creases or lines if you have any and it will look cakey.

If you find that nothing works to cover the evidence of too much partying or you just want to pretend that you didnt stay up all night cramming for an exam then what you need are Neutralizers are Color Correctors.

Neutralizers/Color Correctors work by cancelling out a discoloration such as under eye circles, redness, brown discolorations due to hyperpigmentation and basically any kind of abnormal coloring. These are the crazy colored concealers you see - the green, yellow, purple, orange/pink, etc.

For it to work, you have to have some understanding of colors and what color blocks what. Here is a color wheel:

Opposite of Blue is Orange or Yellow Orange. You can use a neutralizer that has a tint of orange or even salmon pink to neutralize bluish undertones such as those under the eyes.

Opposite Red is Green. You can use a neutralizer that doesnt necessarily have to be green ( I see a lot of those) but has some tint of green to it to neutralize redness caused by acne or spider veins

Also a neutralizer with a hint of pink to it can help covering up brown spots.

When correcting color, remember that you DONT use a pure green, orange or pink color to Neutralize. You need to look for a product with a skin tone color but has the correct color undertone (green, red, etc) to correct problem areas. The most common corrector I see is the one from Physicians Formula and the corrector/primers from Smashbox. The ones that they have to correct redness are Green and though I havent tried them I think they would end up leaving a slightly green cast if you dont mix it or cover it with foundation. I just think its too weird to put green makup on your face.

Another tip I found: After neutralizing or color correcting lightly dust it with powder (prefereably something finely milled like a transulucent powder, mufe hd powder or something like it) and then apply foundation. This prevents the mixing of the two.

I have been trying Cinema Secretss Ultimate Foundation and Concealers/Corrector. I havent gotten the hang of mixing the foundations to get a mtach but I love the correctors. They get rid of the bluish tone under my eyes as well as any hyperpigmentation or redness I have from broken capillaries, veins or pimple marks. But I dont think I can use them as is since I will look like I have an-an HAHAHA. So I have to use foundation (cream or powder) over it to hide the areas I concealed. And it works so well, i am in love with it!

Anyway, thats it for now. Pictures next post.


Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

so THAT'S what the green, purple, etc. concealers are for! Hahaha! I've always seen them on display pero i never really asked the make up lady bout it. I thought lip gloss or liquid eyeshadow (?!).. yun pala something to counteract the discoloration. genius! thanks sa info! buti na lang hindi ako nag-try nung tester non nakakahiya kasi baka nilagay ko sa lips ko wuhahaha! LOL!!! =))

ive tried yung smashbox concealer in stick form, i think ok naman yung napili ko for me.. 4.0 yung shade yata. pero mabilis maubos dahil pati sa freckles ko hehe

effective ba yung cucumber? or myth lang ba yon?

"case presentations, the quizzes and exams, Nursing board exam." --> LOL :) at hindi pa jan nagtatapos! :D ako nga ngayon mas fresh pa sa tilapia eh

Sush said...

hahaha dati akala ko nga as is lang yun. Kala ko lalagay mo lang yung green makeup tapos ganon lang haha sabi ko weird.

I havent tried yung concealer ng smashbox. I got yung sa cinema secrets kasi i think i need an "industrial strength" concealer haha

Ive never really tried putting cucumber mostly because I hate rituals madali ako ma bore after trying it for a few times tinatamad na ako haha but I dont think cucumbers will work for my under eye circles.

Hayy at least konti nalang matatapos na ako relax ngayon pag uwi bam! ma ooverwhelm nanaman ako sa dami ng gagawin hehe

N. said...

kaya pala may mga color yun iba! i thought mga lip gloss or sa mga cheeks yun ganun e! lol. so ganun pala mag cover! ako kasi i use yun usual concealer lang. and sometimes, it doesn't work! paminsan kasi if i'm having my monthly period, dun lumilitaw yun mga pimples ko and i have to cover them up! concealers don't always work kaya paminsan hindi ko macover yun mga spots na may pimples! kaya yun, thanks sa info! imma try one of those! :D

Anonymous said...

i have the physician's formula color corrector, basta multi colored siya na in shades of green..pero feeling ko parang face powder siya haha wala lang yun pala yung silbi niya, bigay lang kasi yun kaya meron ako kahit hindi ko alam kung pano gamitin.. anyway big problem din for me ang dark circles, pero i haven't found my HG (haha halatang make-up boards lurker!) concealer yet, lahat ng ginagamit ko nagccrease :( uwi na maui para kikay session na hahaha excited na ko!

Sush said...

Thanks for the comment Nina. Try using yung mga color correctors. If only I can show you before and after pictures to show gano kagaling haha. I wouldnt dare post a picture of my bare face though lol

Fetz: lapit na! haha laughtrip siguro yun. HG yay! at least nagkakaintindihan tayo haha makeupalley? So far HG concealer yung corrector/concealer palette ng cinema secrets. Industrial strength nga! haha Undereye circles better lalo na pimple marks, GONE! pero effort sa blend di katulad ng m.a.c salpak mo lang okay na haha it doesnt get rid of bumps but then again its makeup not magic haha.

I havent tried yung sa physicians formula but the ones ive seen yung green na green. I think ive tried a purple one. it isnt really purple when you blend it kaso parang weird yung color. But you put foundation on top of it anyway sooo..kaso di ko alam yun noon haha

Justine - Juliana's Mommy said...

You're so make-up smart! =) hehe. Great info! TY =)


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