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Saturday, May 9, 2009

You only eat what??!

Pescetarianism is the practice of a diet that includes seafood and excludes mammals and birds. In addition to fish and/or shellfish, a pescetarian diet typically includes some or all of vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, beans, eggs, and dairy. (wikipedia)

Pescetarianism"Pesco/pollo vegetarianism", "pescetarianism" or "semi-vegetarianism" Or in other words a vegetarian who is a dumbass and thinks Fish are plants. (Urban Dictionary)

That second definition made me laugh.

Many people (vegans) do not consider pescetarians as vegetarians and refuse to be associated with people who are. But well, I really dont care haha. I did not choose to be a pescetarian so I can parade around and be called a vegetarian, a vegan or pescetarian. labels, labels, labels ahhh.

Anyway, I missed it. I said I would post something on my "anniversary". I thought I stopped eating poultry April of 2008. Turns out it was March haha. Soo, ive been at it for a year, 2 months and 8 days. Im not going to lie and say I havent cheated. I started this diet telling myself that I will eat meat on very special occassions (that doesnt include birthdays except my own haha) I can feel all the vegans raising their eyebrows about 2 inches more.

I orignally planed on going straight --vegan 2009 haha yes I was planning on it a year earlier. So I was researching; you cant just stop eating meat without knowing how youre going to replace all the nutrients you need. So I was researching on the internet when I came across the PETA videos on youtube (Meet your meet, etc.) So I watched all of it. Hmm it was horrible. I felt so bad I couldnt eat anything for a day :/ I felt so sorry for the animals that I decided "why wait a year? i'll do it now" Well mostly because I just really couldnt bring myself to eat meat after watching the videos.

Like I said, you cant just decide to be a vegetarian without knowing what to eat. So I lived mostly on wheat bread, tomatoes, oatmeal, okra, fruits, tofu and lettuce for a few days. Niice huh? haha. That explains some pictures that I have where I look malnourished LOL it was mostly because I wasnt eating the right stuff. being a vegetarian in the Philippines is a struggle. There really arent enough places that are vegan friendly. I didnt know anyone who was a vegan soo it was tough.

Eventually I decided to eat fish and seafood (sorry fishies) due to the lack of nutrients I was getting. And then followed cheese and dairy because I just couldnt live without cheese. I wasnt even aware of the term Pescetarian. I just thought I was on a modified less cruel diet.


I think this is what some people choose to do before they become Vegans. I dont know if im ready but I definately will, one day stop eating meat completely. I have friends who laugh at me and think im silly. Other people say im being pretentious and force me to eat meat. The biggest surprise was the support my Dad gave me. One of my biggest concern was how my Dad would react to it. he often tells me that I need to gain weight or im just doing things to lose weight (eg. exercise) 0.0 I didnt know wanting to be healthy was being anorexic. Anyway, after a days/weeks/months of going without meat, my dad eventually adapted my diet and did his own modified less cruel diet. He ate less meat and even encouraged Ate Ning to cook less meat. Aww :)

I will post a link to a comprehensive text on going Vegan. It discusses the struggles you deal with like people thinking how silly you are and forcing you to eat meat. I mean really, why? What I hate most is sharing it to people and they react by saying "Cut that PETA crap" and then proceed to talk about chicken and beef terriyaki. :/ how sensitive. You could at least say good for you but im not interested. That was probably one of the most annoying response i've ever gotten.

But anyway, my diet now has become more lenient. I eat meals cooked with meat but I dont eat the meat. I think its convenoient but im planning to change that up pretty soon. Its really difficult if other people, most especially the people you live with dont support your choice. Youre left to eat crappy foods at home because theres nothing else to eat.

There is such a thing as fat vegans btw, those are the people who dont eat the right stuff. Yes, they dont eat meat but they probabl eat a lot of bad carbs because they dont know what else to eat. I am slowly becoming that haha.

Anyway, I am happy with my choice. I know you might think, "well yeah youre not eating meat, how is that going to help?" Little things make a difference. Not everyone will understand or will think the same way as I do, but im happy that in my own little way im making a difference. Te lack of food sources and not knowing what and where to get food is the only thing stopping me from completely saying byebye to meat.

Some helpful tips:

"While a teenager's first instinct may be to dive directly into a strict vegan lifestyle, it's more likely that they'll have an easier time is they ease into their new way of eating slowly.
Phase out the animal products over a several weeks, eating meat just two or three times per week, then once per week, then not at all. Or perhaps starting as an ovo-lacto vegetarian, and then phasing out eggs and dairy."

"It's important that new vegetarians take care to make sure that all of their nutritional needs are being met. Most vitamin needs are more than adequately met by eating plant foods, and
the bonus of cutting out meat will be seen in the lower intake of saturated fats and cholesterol. But some nutrients will be inshorter supply, particularly calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B-12
-- Calcium is important for healthy bones, and can be found in fortified soy milk, tofu and green leafy vegetables."

If youre interested, links that may help:

How to Successfully Become a Vegetarian

Even if You Think You Can’t Do It

Even If You Think It’s Way Too Hard

Even If You Have Tried & Failed Before

Dedicated To : You – A compassionate person who tries to make

a better World.

I read that free ebook and got it from: http://www.veggie123.com/
You may download it and subscribe via email even if you havent decided or dont think its for you :)

FREE PETA Vegetarian Starter Kit: http://www.goveg.com/order.asp
Vegetarian 101 from goveg.com


Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

wow! bravo! congrats maui!

several years ago i wanted to become vegan. influenced by some friends and a certain (shocking) documentary, i tried being an ovo-lacto vegetarian (i couldnt let go of my eggs and milk).. but lasted for only a month.

i know how you feel, how much struggle it is to find the right sources to meet all our nutrition requirements despite being vegetarian. tapos dito sa pinas konti lang ang market places na may special 'meat-like' products for vegans - dadayuhin pa. then, most people around you aren't very supportive.

pero aside from those factors, i realized that it really isn't for me because i really like pork! and beef! and shrimp! i love my meat!!! tehehe.

pero good luck maui, i wish you can keep it up. im sure you got other sources for protein naman. :)

Sush said...

Thank you Jess! :)

Yeah hirap talaga, and like you said effor talaga to go to places where they have vegetarian stuff. I think theres one by tesda though or is it an organic wet market, i cant recall.

Well, at least you tried =) hehe. It really isnt for everyone. I love shrimp and squid and fish too! thats why I became a pescetarian after a month. I want to be a vegan though its going to be tough so maybe someday hehe

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

your on track naman to being vegan na eh. im sure if you give yourself more time and discipline, you will soon let go of your seafood! :D

xeends said...

yay! i was soo inspired by this post..i'm so proud of u maui..keep it up..hmmm..maybe i should try to be a pescetarian too..though it's kinda hard for me..haha coz i love to eat meat..but because of that post i was enlightened..lol i'm gonna try to stay away from eating pork, meats..and more on veggies now and dairy products..i love oatmeal though..=) nice post..=)

Sush said...

thank you Cindy! :) hehe yeah think it becomes harder after a while though. Much easier to start it pero pag tumatagal mas struggle

xeends said...

hi maui..grabe sbrang struggle tlga but i'm gettin' used to it..and u know what everytime i see cooked foods like meat, chicken and pork, i remember ur post about it and that would be my motivator not to eat those..haha :D tnx maui.. =)

anyways about ur special post 4 me on about how to apply eyeshadow correctly, uhmm.. i realized that it's all about blending and having a right brush for that..now q lang nlaman n there's 2 types of blending, actually there's 3 db.. unilateral, bilateral but i 4get the other..hehe so i should buy mac brush 17 and 24 pla..and i'm soo excited to try putting on eyeshadow after watching that enkore video that u post..=) tnx.. mwah!

Sush said...

wow ah haha im glad i inspired you in some way? haha yeah the blending makes a big big difference hehe youre welcome. havent talked to you lately, hope to catch you online


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