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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ghostface Killah

Ever gone out with friends and thought "wow, im hot!" with your cute little dress, you check yourself out in the mirror one last time and think your makeup is impeccable. Come the next day when you get a copy of the pictures that were taken from the previous night. And you shriek! I looked like an Espasol.

Awesome Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/chinad0ll/397848300/

One more Espasol look.


Ive never had that happen to me, either because I tend to go slightly dark with my foundation or barely used foundation at all. When I see pictures of random people with "white faces" I think, oh theres one again, another girl who's obsessed with being white. I thought that it was simply because they chose a shade lighter than their actual skin tone (which is usually the case anyway) but did you know, that a common and widely used ingredient in most Foundations actually causes you too look like a clown in pictures? NOT COOL, not cool at all.


What it is:
It is a naturally occuring mineral and one of the top 50 most produced chemical in the world. It has a variety of uses and can be found in a variety of products from food, paint and cosmetics.
Its usually found in cosmetics with sunscreen, in most foundations and Mineral Makeup. Its used as a white pigment, an opacifier and sunscreen.

Foundations with a high amount of titanium dioxide gives you the espasol look. The flash from the camera bounces off it and tadah!, one million clown pictures from your most recent night out.
This is the reason why mineral makeup or foundations with a high amount of titanium dioxide are avoided in shoots. So if you know you're going to be taking a lot of pictures next time you're going out, you might want to skip your foundation with SPF.

Most makeup dont actually state how much Titanium Dioxide is in their product. So just avoid foundations with SPF (save it for regular days - since it wont actually change the color of your face IN PERSON only in pictures). Most drugstore brands contain a higher amount of T. Dioxide (eg. Maybelline, Revlon, Loreal) and mineral makeup.

More about Titanium Dioxide:
Another issue with it is that, some researchers say that it can cause lung fibrosis and is a carcinogenic (what else isnt these days?) But, I think right now its listed as a safe chemical. But to be on the safe side, try avoiding stuff that contains T. Dioxide, quit putting on makeup, only eat organic grass and live under a rock. haha


Anonymous said...

guilty!! hahaha kaya pala... i can't not use foundation/tinted moisturizer/powders when i go out kasi my pores are huge and unsightly.. darker shade lang pala ang solution! thanks maui!! hahaha

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

so many filipinas are obsessed with making tehmselves look 'white' -- glutathione, whitening creams, and yes, espasol make up! some of them walang clue that they look ridiculous.

i always opt for a shade darker than my natural complexion :)

this reminds me i gotta get rid of my old make up! 4 months old na sila hindi pa napapalitan, hindi pa kasi ubos hehehe

Sush said...

Fetz: ive never noticed hehe I dont know if a darker shade will work completely kung madami parin t. dioxide the flash will still bounce off it :( im playing around with a new foundation and i think im the only one having the espasol problem with it haha I spoke too soon saying that it hasnt happened to me, ayan 2 days later haha

Sush said...

Jess: I know, minsan ridiculous talaga. Thats what I was saying mos of the time its not even t. dioxide that should be blamed some people really choose a lighter shade. haha ohh i should post that, makeup shelf life hehe

N. said...

wow! i think i'll really learn a lot from your blog. nag dadalaga na kasi ako and i'm trying to perk myself with makeups na rin!

well, sometimes nga nangyayari sakin yan though hindi naman grabe. kasi i have to cover those stupid pores on my face so ayun. darker shade pala ang kailangan!

Sush said...

Hey Nina, thanks for leaving a comment =) Wow checked your blog and saw youre only 16. I wish I was still 16! haha

Ive tried foundations like bare minerals and powder foundations (which im assuming contains a lot of t. dioxide) and have never had problems with it in pictures. Still not sure if its because its a perfect match to my tanned skin or slightly darker.

Anyway, I do hope you find something in my blog thats useful! :)


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