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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Don't blame it on the alcohol

Just so youre warned, this post is a rant. haha

Guys are stupid. Of course im being general and that statement doesnt apply to all. But most of them are anyway.

One of the many things i've learned from my previous relationship are the bulok styles guys use. So I now find myself not tolerating all their BS. They half jokingly say something and then back down and crawl back to their holes when they realize it isnt working. At least have the (ehem) balls to say something and not blame it on alcohol the next day. Another thing, please consider who youre talking to! What pisses me off is thinking about what that person thinks of me for him to say those words to me. Granted we werent good friends or anything, ive known the person for quite a while. Not everyone is as nice as me, if i didnt let my temper get the best of me i may have done something more evil haha.

So to sum it up: Please do not come to me thinking that I want to get with you or think that im lonely and want to hookup. I am not that kind of person and you shouldve known better. If youre that desperate please, please, please dont bother people go lock yourself somwhere and scratch your own back. I am not interested.

I used to think that assuming things when guys joke around something was a little conceited so I let it pass. But Ive realized that i'm a "respectable person", and I deserve to be treated and talked to with respect.

But anyway, I know this isnt making any sense to anyone reading this.


Anonymous said...

dapat sinabi mo ikaskas na lang niya sa pader!!! hahahahahaha yep boys are stupid di bale hair flip na lang diyan, you're so hawt daw kasi haha sorry i know i'm not making any sense either super duper crunchiest crunch time na sa nclex eh!! hahaha

xeends said...

haha:D kla q nman kng ano meron s alcohol..anyways yeah some guys are stupid..and they should know how to treat us girls w/ RESPECT..coz they are kinda assuming(err..x< ) and that too pisses me off..so be extra careful maui to those guys like that..i know u are..;)

N. said...

GUYS ARE STUPID. true true true!
why don't they learn from those princes sa mga drama series and sa mga books. why don't they learn from them?! UGH! and yeah, part of your entry didn't make sense, but i understand youuuuu! i can feel youu!! you go girl! buti ka pa nga you have this patience. ako kasi, honestly, wala! girls deserve respect! kaya noong binastos ako nung isang guy way back in 1st yr hs, i stabbed him with a g-tech pen! evil much! but quits nalang kami, right!

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

naalala ko tuloy yung song ni jamie fox "blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol!" hahaha

napaka-immature naman niyan! sino ba yan nako! may mga ganyan talaga eh, mg awalang clue..or akala niya you gave him signals pero imagination niya lang yon! hahaha. i feel for you!

Sush said...

hahaha hay all i can say is yes they are stupid. they all are! haha


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