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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A post for Cindy because I will not make and upload videos of myself looking like a fool attempting to demonstrate how I do my makeup HAHA. I can imagine and...FAIL haha Anyway, this is a video on how to blend shadows by Enkore. I like his videos, they are all informative and he has a lot of DIY stuff and he makes everything simple.

For more of his videos, click here: EnKoreMakeup

Finally got the Traincase! Yay! I was virtually stalking my package but gave up today and surprise surprise. I'll post a picture of it next time. I dont know if Im sad or relieved that it wasnt as bright as the on screen image on Sephora. I kept all the boxes just in case I want to return it but finally decided to throw those out becuase its hella cute! and not all of my stuff fit soo I see an upgrade in the future.

Anyway heres the review I left on Sephora:

Was a bit hesitant to purchase this since at that time, there were no reviews. I thought it looked cute but I was afraid that it wouldnt be in person ( I didnt like the pink one too much) Anyway, on screen it looked like a bright almsot sky blue color. But its actually kind of a dark aqua almost a little darker than torqoise color. Very cute! didnt want to have the usual black or silver.

Took off one star, because I expected it to be a bit bigger. The trays are kind of hard to access and you cant put more than hmm 4? compacts on the top tray they have to be laid flat or it wont close. Maybe an extra and bigger tray would be better. The bottom compartment was bigger than I thought but I also had to lay most of my products flat because it wouldnt close."

I do think its the perfect size if youre just startign to buy stuff. And well I dont think I'll need to bring ALL my makeup with me all the time haha. But I bought it cause I like seeing it organized, and it is now. But its going to be a hassle when I actually need to use the stuff in it cause I swear I tried to pack everything I own in it haha.

Anyway, pictures next time! zzzz



xeends said...

yay! special post 4 me.. :) tnx xoo much maui.. :)special mention p q s blog post mo..haha anyways it was truly appreciated..(really!)eventhough u didn't make a video of urself but still u manage to upload a video like ds one..wow! now i know the art of blending..yaykz! and hopefully i can do that by myself..*sigh*.. glad u already got ur traincase.. :)yey!

looking forward to the pictures..=p


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