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Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to BEAUTY School

Quick post! I was going to share a different video from Flippish but saw this! Though that you ladies might be interested to see what its like to study makeup here in the Philippines. The segments host enrolls at Maquillage Professionale at Bonifacio Highstreet. I know many of you are interested in taking classes, so enjoy! :)

EDIT: Im having problems embedding the video, so please follow this link to view it

Girl Next Door - Back to BEAUTY School.

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M :) said...

Omg. Beauty school. :) I plan to enroll next year in one of the schools here and/or will take a few classes for creating a skin care line. :) If you're going to school, good luck miming!

Abby Kihano said...

why do you need to go to beauty school for? you already seem like you already know what you're doing! you should be the teacher instead ! LOL

jamie said...

studied at mufe and fun naman. :)
you dont need makeup school n nuh!:D galing mo kaya.:D

Sush said...

Mara, cool! :) let me know how that goes. I was plannign to do that when i was there but ahh I procastinate a lot hahaha. Supposed to be done by December 19 but decided to take the classes next year na :) soo excited hehe

Abby, aww youre too kind! haha I think I still need to learn more but thank you! haha :)

Jamie, Ohh yeah I saw your post :) I wish I could go to mufe haha id go crazy with the makeup there haha. and thank you, but I still need to be schooled haha :)

charchar said...

beauty school! oh i want to enroll for it too. talagang gusto ko mag-aral ng ganyan kaso nga lang ish! di pwede! magagalit parents. kakainis!

Sush said...

aww! I dont think my parents wouldve said yes a few years back. The only reason they said yes was I loaned the money for it and well I think they see (or at least my mom does) that I really love it and want to pursue it. hehe Be persistent! lol they'll give in.. eventually hahah


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