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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Artistic Makeup 2nd Class + M.A.C. Workshop

Perfect brows, everyone's frustration haha. Last Saturday, we were supposed to do the prime/ no makeup look for class. However, we all got stuck with doing the eyebrows and the class ended at that since we also had to attend the M.A.C. workshop at 2 pm.

My model and Carl's model :)

The Makeup Artists at M.A.C. Glorrietta

During the workshop we were taught how to transform day makeup to night and
to smokey. We also got a rundown on some of the most essential items that M.A.C. carries

Hey Classmates! haha :)


We all know that the eyebrows frame the face. As with choosing the right lipstick shade, the eyebrows can make or break a look. A good shaping of the eyebrow can change the way you look. I personally had eyebrows that barely had an arch, so I now shape them using a brow pencil or eyeshadow (I use m.ac. charcol brown) and draw in the arch.

Doing eyebrows on another person is a different story. I was lucky to have had a model who had good eyebrows (and good skin to boot!!), so it was supposed to be easy but I had to re do it 2-3 times before our instructor, RB Chanco, thought it was good enough.

No makeup yet

With foundation. Didnt need to use concealer
since she didnt have any blemishes :)

With the eyebrows after soo many tries hehe

Aside from the frustrating eyebrow lesson, we also learned how to custom mix foundation when you only have the 3 most important shades in your kit (light, medium and dark) I was lucky to have had my Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Palette in kit #3 which covers from light to dark.

Our first evaluation will be on Saturday and we need to come in at 8 and be done with prepping, foundation, concealer powder setting and eyebrow application by 8:30. Will need all the luck for that haha! Then we will continue on with the prime look :) As always, excited for Saturday hehe. Now, ill go practice shaping eyebrows again haha i'll leave you all with a video of Petrilude from youtube on how to shape eyebrows.


Shen said...

great work you did there. :) i'm sure your work next sat will be great! :) maike is adorable! sweetest, i tell yah! :) i miss going to MAC! :)

Sush said...

Thank you Shen! I really hope so hehe :) yeah they were all so super nice :)

Carine said...

Good luck, you can do it :p

Sush said...

Aww hehe thanks sweetie! :)

Jen said...

looked like fun!!

Abby Kihano said...

oh gosh! you go to workshops too!? i need to go to one of those to help me improve with my make up.

it's crazy how they make up makes people look so different.

LOLanne said...

oooh i loove how your model's eyebrows turned out... im partial to thick natural looking eyebrows with a nice shape... over plucked eyebrows = yuck :P


Sush said...

Jen: it is! :)

Abby: Yeah, supposed to go last December but postponed it until the next batch :) you should, its really fun and you learn so many things and different techniques

Anne: Thank you! Me too hehe I think its mostly because im jealous of people with thick brows mine are so sparse haha


Thank you for stopping by my blog sweetie. Something about dark smoked out eyes makes me feel super sexy but I think with the nude lips it tunes it down. :) I'm fairly new to makeup looks so everything is a learning process. Are you studying to become a pro?

Sush said...

Makeupmama: yeah love smokey eyes with nude lips as well :) Im attending the short course and hoping I get into the business, but we'll see..not everything we want is meant for us *crosses fingers* haha :)


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