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Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy New Skin!

Part of my new years resolution is to take better care of my skin. And though nothing we can do will ever turn us into Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson, we all know that having good skin as canvas is much better than having to conceal flaws and blemishes. Part of taking good care of your skin includes drinking enough water, exercising, avoiding sun exposure without protection, not smoking and following a beauty regimen that best suits your skin’s needs. And though I drink water more than most people do and exercise (ehem! Haha) I tend to neglect my skin in other aspects. Take sunbathing, I’m naturally tan but I love burning my skin. Quite literally sometimes and I sometimes skip the spf, which is a big no-no.

A few months ago, I noticed that part of my back had some sort of Hyper pigmentation. I thought it was just because my skin didn’t adjust too well when I stayed in the US for a few months. It’s almost a year, and its still there, which is troubling because it’s almost back baring season again haha. Which is why I was ecstatic when I won The Beauty Bin’s contest about a month ago. I won third prize and I got a free TCA peel of the back from 6F Aesthetic andAnti-Ageing Center.

Due to moving (to a new house) I didn’t get to go right away. I was glad that Jovie, the receptionist at 6F was very accommodating and didn’t get annoyed that I had to reschedule my visit to the Clinic. After a few weeks, I finally got an appointment and headed over to Medical Plaza in Makati. I got there at 6 and noticed that all the other clinics and office spaces were already closing. Then I learned that 6F usually closes at around 10 or 11 pm, and the clinic is by appointment only. So you can imagine all the clients that come in each day!

Mineral Eyeshadows swatched. They Remind me

of M.A.C. Goldmine, Violet Trance and Amber Lights

Had the Chance to check some of the makeup they carry when Dra. Sixta Foronda greeted me. She was very nice and fun to talk to. We chatted for a bit before the procedure hehe. She also answered all my questions about other skin concerns. She took time to make sure that I understood everything, the procedure and what it was for.

in different percentages. I think these are 5%, 10% 15% and 20%

The whole process took about 30 minutes. I had to wait while the fan was blowing on my back hehe to lessen the itch and sting. Basically the meds are applied on to the skin thats going to be peeled, starting from the lowest percentage and gradually increasing. Some people may not need to go up to 20% The procedure ends once you feel that your skin is tingling. It wast painful or anything. The itch went away after a few minutes and lasted for about 2-4 days only. Dra. Sixta gave me some meds to use, one of which was Betamethasone Cream that helps with the itching. Typically, your skin will start peeling in 10 days, the peel will last for 2 to 3 weeks. Mine started peeling on the 7th day and its still peeling. The first week my skin was just a tad bit shiny, now it looks like I have sun burn hehe. Although Dra. Sixta told me that it might take another session or 2 to completely get rid of they hyper pigmentation, there is a marked difference in my skin!

She also gave me these to take home! Im a happy lucky girl :D

Kojic acid soap, Sunblock Cream, Betamethasone Cream, Clindamycin and Arbutin Lotion

She asked me if I wanted lighter skin, but I said that I love my tanned complexion. She gave me 2 bars of Kojic Acid Soap to try and to help with the hyper pigmentation on my back. She said that it really does work and lightens the skin of her clients in just a few months. I decided to use it all over just so my skin tone is even, been using it for a little less than a month and even my boyfriend (who always thinks that im nuts for noticing when my skin gets a tad bit lighter lol) commented that my skin was getting lighter.

Overall, im very happy with Dra. Sixta Foronda. I need to schedule an appointment once my back stops peeling, and so we can talk more about what I can do with my other skin problems hehe. Clear, beautiful skin here I come!! :D

You may check out 6F Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Center's website to see the list of services they offer over HERE. 6F Aesthetic ans Anti-Ageing Center is located at Unit 1411 Medical Plaza Makati Amorsolo Cor. Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City Philippines. You may call to schedule an appointment using these number: (632)752-2087, (632) 887-5941 or (0906) 324-5315 please ask for Jovie :)


LOLanne said...

oooh ive been thinking of doing a peel on my face for a long time now... i have scars from chicken pox on my right cheek that i want to get evened out... i hate how it looks crater-ish bahhh

i wish peels were as affordable in here though :(


Sush said...

ohh I want to try it as well but the no makeup thing will be a problem for me haha. Yeah I can imagine how much it would cost over there :/

Eunice Reyes said...

I can definitely swear by Kojic soap. It really works. Even better than papaya soap! :) I always tell my friends to try it for themselves because it has done wonders for me.

Wala pa akong experience sa TCA peel. I only go for facial treatments . Nice post. Parang nakakaengganyo i-try!

Sush said...

Hi Eunice! Thanks for visiting and commenting hehe. Ive even tried the kojic acid the one with the geisha face on the box? forgot what its called, that works well too but the one I have now is working a bit faster hee

This is my first ever! Ive always wanted to try but I always tend to think that derma expenses are way out of my budget haha. But im not getting any younger haha, clear skin sana muna bago wrinkles ang problema haha

acutelife said...

I love getting facial and face peeling, but over here it's a luxury I cant afford weekly lolz...well, at least I still can do it myself (the facial part only, not the peeling):P

Sush said...

hehe yeah. Ive never tried the face peeling though, maybe next time I visit the clinic? haha I wish!

Anna said...

Is it safe to use the Kojic Acid soaps available in the Drugstores? And is the one you bought from your dermatologist works better?

Anway, Nice post! :)

PS. Naexcite tuloy akong bumili ng kojic soap HAHAHA! May side effects ba yon? Tsaka kelangan ba wag magpaaraw? :P may mga ganon kasi eh.

Sush said...

Hi Anna,I think it is naman. Ive used kojisan? im not sure if thats what its called haha basta yung may geisha. When it first came out i tried it and it helped dry pimples stopped using it for a couple of years tapos tried it again parang hindi na kasing effective. Im not sure if its the soaps formula or my skin haha.

The one that I got from 6f I find it more effective in terms of skin lightening kasi when I went to the derma, I just got back from the beach and super sunog. Now im back to my regular color hehehe

herroyalbleakness said...


Thanks for this post! Hope your skin's looking fab as always!

Sush said...

No...Thank YOUU! :) thank you soo much! it is, its so much better than it was a few months ago, it was very timely that i won your contest! :) thanks again!


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