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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gesso + Expensive Pink

Last Saturday we were able to sink our teeth in on some discounted/used makeup. I was just actually going to look, but found 2 eye shadows that Ive always wanted to get: Gesso and Expensive Pink.

Photos borrowed from: M.A.C

After sanitzing and allowing to dry, decided to play with them. And what better way but use both colors in one look hehe. Gesso on the inner corner and lid, expensive pink on mid lid and crease, embark and a bit of carbon on the crease, MSF in refined for highlight. Used a brown eyeliner from fashion 21 (I really hate the aplicator btw) and random Mascara (I cant remember haha). Dont mind my unruly brows, was too lazy to do the whole she-bang haha

That's all folks! :P


makeupjunkie said...

ive always wanted to get gesso.

you did an awesome eye look! :P

Y said...

nice! And your brows look fine!

Sush said...

Makeupjunkie: thats why I couldnt let go of it when I saw it haha It was barely used hehe thank you! :)

y: thank you for always thinking so haha, im starting to get annoyed by my eyebrows lol


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