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Friday, January 22, 2010

Im blue

Just sharing an EOTD I did last thursday, trying to make up for the lack of posts and testing out my new camera! woopie-doo! As my friend Kathy puts it, no longer need to apologize for the crappy quality of pictures you post on your blog haha. Thanks to my super wonderful mom for the awesome Christmas Gift! :)

Pardon my unruly eyebrows, im trying to grow them out hehe

What I used:

MAC limit, deep truth, prussian, carbon, vanilla and femme fi
Loreal HiP Gel liner in Black
Lancome Hi Def Mascara

Nikon Coolpix S220
And my Christmas gift! :) Still trying to learn how I can
take better pictures, any help would be great haha :)


Love, Sweetcheeks said...

The camera quality looks great! and "Unruly Eyebrows"?? They still look great to me :)

laneige couture said...

ganda! love that wing! perfect

Carine said...

Nice blue makeup ! Blue is such a tricky colour to use, you did very well !

Sush said...

Sweetcheeks: Thank you! :) A camera with better resolution shows the flaws more I can see the little hairs growing out hahaha

Laneige, thanks so much dear! :)

Carine: Thank you! Thank you! :)

LOLanne said...

your eyebrows look fine to me! they actually look like they were just done recently :P you should see mine all grown out lol... yours isnt "unruly" at all!


Sush said...

anne: yeah i did groom it a bit but I kinda overdidt it haha so its just starting to grow back


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