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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Im baccck! + Back to (Makeup) School

GAHH! Finally have internet connection at our new house. More than a month without internet is seriously nuts. I dont know how people survive without internet haha. Im finally backkk! wee!

Anyhoo, as some of you may know, I enrolled myself in an Artistic Makeup Course at LaSalle College International (LCI) last December. I had attended one class last year and then decided to continue the course with the next batch. Classes finally started last week! There are more of us in this batch than the last, but its quite an interesting mix of characters =) Last Saturday, after our class we all headed to Glorietta to have lunch and proceeded to M.A.C. and swarmed the counter haha. It was a frenzy; I think we might have panicked the MUA’s there for a bit haha. We also went to the Beauty Section of SM and Landmark to get the things we’ll need for Saturday. I honestly can’t wait for Saturday! We’ll be learning and doing the prime look and going to a Master class?/M.A.C. Workshop after. Wee!

Everyone busy getting things needed for our next class

My classmates! Haha =)


So far, I’m very happy with LCI’s Artistic Makeup Course. Chose to go to LCI because it was the most affordable, they give an internationally accredited certificate after the course, and because of RB Chanco. RB Chanco is the instructor for this class, she worked for M.A.C as a Senior Makeup Artist for 6 years and have been freelancing as a makeup artist for about 12 years years. She recently went to New York to complete an advanced makeup course on HD makeup and airbrush.

Another thing that I like about LCI’s course is that they have certain hours allotted for apprenticeships and OJT’s. Last Tuesday, 6 of us had shifts to apprentice under RB. It was a shoot, and Caby and I got the 2nd shift. When we arrived the makeup was already done, so we just observed, gawked and drooled over RB’s train case hahaha. We overstayed though haha. I think they had 3 layouts, we wanted to watch RB in action. So thank you to Pinky, Lai and RB for allowing us to stay for a bit longer hehe. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love RB! Haha She’s an excellent artist and teacher!

As we were leaving and saying our goodbyes and thanking people, RB asked if we wanted a picture. Haha, I totally lost my composure and scurried through my bag for my camera hahaha. I still laugh every time I think about it. Caby and I were giggling like school girls (the whole time) over the hot model LOL

While observing, I also saw firsthand how RB does the 2 colored theme. I personally go crazy with colors and can’t just pick 2 haha so I was amazed at how beautiful it turned out. Didn’t get to take a picture though, because all 4 of us were all up on the models face already haha. I also remembered that I needed to put a mark on my brushes when I saw RB’s brushes. So me and Caby passed by Landmark to get a few more stuff we were lacking and to get nail polishes to mark our brushes. Always indecisive, I got 2 haha. I used Caronia Goddess (Frosted green shade) on some of my brushes but changed my mind and used Caronia (No name – purple, pink, lavender shade) on the Dashe Brushes I’m going to use for the class. I wanted to put a mark on my brushes so I can easily identify which ones are mine, since I chose a working area beside 2 classmates who are also using the same brush set and to easily spot my brushes if someone steals it. I seriously hope no one has the case of itchy hands, but you never know so it’s best to be sure.

I’m so excited that I have my train case all ready and packed for Saturday and its only Tuesday! Hahaha. I wiped the material inside the train case and tried to bring only the things I will need so I can make it all fit and keep all my makeup inside the case and lock it. Haha I’m being such a freak, but id die if I lose anything.

All marked and ready!

You’ll need a bobby pin, a plastic container’s lid and a Nail polish. Pour some nail polish on the plastic lid, use the bobby pin to make sure the polish is evenly spread out and dip the tip of your brush.

I was done with 30 brushes in less than 10 minutes! I don’t know what I was thinking, when I tried painting on the brush haha it was a hassle and I just made a mess.

Some of my personal brushes with Caronia’s Goddess as marking. Still trying to decide if im going to keep the frosted green color or just use the lavender/pink polish for all my brushes. EDIT: I changed them all to the pink/lavander shade haha

Packing my train case hehehe.

I keep saying it, but I honestly can’t wait for Saturday! I’ll keep everyone updated on how the classes go. Oh and they’re now offering Artistic Makeup 2 at LCI – Manila. The course will focus on airbrush, high definition and Master’s Technique Modular under RB Chanco. The classes will start on February 2, 2010 (Tuesdays 9:00 am – 4:00pm) and February 4, 2010 (Thursdays 1:00 – 7:00 pm). The class will run for 8 days. Those who are interested may call LCI at 840-1476 or840-1543 ask for Coleen Mariano

I’d like to give a shout out to Carl and Carla LOL Two fellow bloggers who are with me in this class haha. =)


Carine said...

I totally understand you about the internet...I didn't have it for two weeks and it was soooo hard ! no music streaming, no funny YT videos, no blogs, no facebook :/ anyways good luck for your course !

~tHiAmErE~ said...

looks fun

will be waiting for your updates!

i wanted to go to make-up school but am too busy for that

so i just satisfy myself by reading other people's experience

Caby said...

Your brush branding is so neat. I feel so barbaric with how i did mine hahaha

Sush said...

Thanks Carine! and yes, it was mind numbing not to have internet haha.

Thia: aww, that was what I used to do before enrolling. Find some time to do it, its super fun im sure you'll enjoy :)

Caby: it just looks neat haha. It was seriousl so messy when I tried painting on the handles, i think i got a little too excited and didnt think haha. one more day! woot! saturday here we come :)

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i know how you feel i went on vacation for 3 weeks with no internet i was going crazy with boredem lol. aww make up classes look like soooo much funn.

GirL With GLasSes... said...

hello mau =)

i can feel your excitement ha! haha!

do good ha and dont forget to share the knowledge to us =)

good luck.

makeupjunkie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
makeupjunkie said...

wow. i want to enroll in makeup school as well! but i have too many things to do, with lawschool and all..

i hope you're having lotsa fun!

LOLanne said...

i was gonna say to go with the purple nail polish instead of the green... bahahah!

i honestly would have stuck to painting the brushes though.. i would have never thought to use a bobby pin?! lol

welcome back!!!


Askmewhats said...

girl! i can totally sense your excitement! I felt the same too when school started just shows how much we love makeup artistry! :) Enjoy!!!!

Sush said...

Cristina: I know right, I thought it would be pretty easy haha. Yeah it is fun! :)

Jing: heheh will do! :) thank you

Makeupjunkie: your taking up law? yikes I can imagine hehe. Im sure youll have the time someday :)

anne: haha yeah I couldnt decide and asked my brother to choose, of course he chose the green polish haha. I was giving up on it when I tried painting lol thanks sweetie! :)

Nikki: haha super excited! thank you!! :)

aestheticallysavvy said...

Rich Herrera. OMG!!!

See you tomorrow gorgeous! :-*

Sush said...

waaa! ayun! haha I only knew his first name. my gosh haha super hot! lol

See you tomorrow! Wee =*


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