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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brow Powder + Swatches

Just swatches of a good eyebrow product. Fanny Serrano's eyebrow powder! I do like this although some people find it powdery. I dont have problems with it though, except for the 2 shades on the left being too dark (its darker in person) but I have seen some with lighter shades, so perhaps the new ones have lighter shades than the one I have.

First 2 are shades on the righ side of compact, last 2 are the shades
on the left side of the compact. Shades look a bit lighter in photos than in acutal

Most of the time I use the first 2 shades swatched (the shades on the right side of the compact) I find the other 2 are too dark and barely use them. I wish they would come out with single pot shades or just the 2. But it comes handy when you do makeup since you never know which one you'll need. I really like it because the shades have a hint of gray to it, pure brown shades on eyebrows look really fake. And its very pigmented. Ive had this for almost 6 months now although im running a bit low on the 2 ligher shades.

Would I repurchase this? I would, but i'll probably go and try a different eyebrow powder after running out. In any case, its affordable so I can just go and get it when I get dissapointed with whatever product I will try after this ( around 400 PhP).

Another great product from a local cosmetic brand! Now I wish they would reformulate their powders and make them unscented haha. Anyhoo, have a great weekend everyone! :)

Maui Manalo


Khymm said...

FS look nice esp for clients! Im using in2it but it has only 2 shades..

NeuroChiq said...

Too happy to have local but quality brand like FS. =D I use their brow pencil, and it's love! Super arffordable and it works. =)


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