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Monday, July 5, 2010

Day and Night

I've been itching to do purple eye makeup, but haven't had the chance to do it on any recent clients so I decided to do it on myself haha. After going through a pink phase, I think im going through a purple phase. Purple reminds me of Urban Decay which reminds me of Glam Rock, I dont know why haha probably because of how they market the brand. Such a shame I was intimidated by the very colorful and shimmery Urban Decay eye shadows when I had the chance to hoard on them.

Purple eyeshadow is such a pretty shade to use to emphasize brown eyes. I personally like more vibrant shades of purple or light pastel shades of lavander. I find that overpowering my outer v with darker shades of purple tend to make my eyes look muddy and tired. So when I want a purple look thats more suited for a night out, I sweep the darker purple shade all over the lids and turn it into a purple smokey eye look.

Here is a lighter purple EOTD I did. If youre not intimidated by colors this one is pretty easy to do =)

- Apply a light shade of purple/lavander on the lids and top it off with a shimmery neautal e/s ( I used MAC Femme-Fi)
- Apply mid tone purple e/s on the crease and blend upwards. Apply on outer sorner and blend towards the lid.
- Apply white eyeliner on water line. And line lower lashline with the shade you used on your crase.
- Put on eyeliner, curl lashes and apply mascara and youre good to go!

Now heres how I would turn my purple eotd up a notch for a night out. =)

- Having done my eyes with lighter shade of purple, I apply a darker shade of purple all over my lids and lightly blend towards the crease.
- Apply black eyeliner on the water line and make your eyeliner more defined (which I have failed to do in this photo hehe)

Pretty simple, yes? Purple is one of the easier colored shades to do and pull off. Took about 10 minutes to do both looks. It's monday again and its time to go back to the grind. Have a great week! =)


Anonymous said...

pretty!! i love purple shadow -its really flattering on brown eyes one of my fav looks to do !! xx

Maui (Suushh) said...

Aw thanks MW, same here! :)

Pammy said...

Very pretty, maui. I'm digging purple shadows too. :P

Maui (Suushh) said...

Thanks Pammy =) Oo nga saw your post about the purple shadows very timely. maybe its not just me whos itching for purple right now haha :)

Abby Kihano said...

while i was reading this i thought... purple? it sounds a little tacky. but when i saw the pictures that you posted, i was awed! ^_^

em said...

gorgeous purples! xx

Golden said...

I think I should try purple someday. I'm stuck with earth shades.

Lots of love,

Mara said...

i have, like, the hottest friend. <3


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