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Saturday, July 3, 2010


I dont know about any of you, but I really hate having my photos taken. Especially those ID photos for important documents such as passports,visas and school requirements. Looking back at all the photos I've gotten over the years make me cringe. The worst photo has got to be my US Visa which was taken about 10 years ago. I wouldnt dare post it, but the officers at the ariport usually ask me if it's really me on the photo haha

So now that im renewing my visa I figured I should make an effort to try and get a more decent one. Imagine, if they actually give me another 10 year visa, id be stuck with another horrible photo for another decade! *cringe*

But alas, everytime I need a decent photo for something as monumental as this, my hair just cracks from the pressure and decides to be iffy. Anyway just posting my mugshot, cropped because my hair just makes it look awful!

Right-click on image to view in full size :D

Thank goodness for makeup! My skin looks so much better
than it actually is haha
. If it were up to me, id have
them just zoom it in like this to hide my ewwie akward length hair

I really love RCMA's finish. Gives a somewhat soft-focus and matte finish. Few blemishes here and there but hey, I still think the skin looks pretty fantastic (especially from the before photo whch of course I will not post =p )

What I used:
VOV #3 RCMA Shinto 2 and 3 - Foundation
RCMA Invisible Setting Powder
MAC Studio Fix NC42
MAC Lingering and Girl Boy Browset
Stila Smudgepot and In2it Gel Liner
MAC Vanilla, Femme-Fi, Haux and Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow
Lancome High Def Mascara
CS Blush
Random Lipgloss


-mztoots- said...

thats the best gov id pic ive seen ever! lol i always take horrible ones and im embarrassed to show them to security guards when they need to verify my age =/ bleehh your skin really does look amazing in that pic =))

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

This is a beautiful photo. I don't even see blemishes


aestheticallysavvy said...

lovely :)

Pammy said...

Pretty eyes and brows. The lip color is pretty too. :P

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

you look great sis! love the eye makeup..

kikayfetz said...

Is this the same foundation you used on me when I volunteered to be your mowdel in one of your make up classes? I love the finish too! Hahaha goodbye white cast! :D Now I want the cream foundation along with the setting powder!

Maui (Suushh) said...

Aww miztootz thank you, i totally get what you mean. I think this is the first decent one ive gotten im always so hesitant to dole out my id i always get a double take hahah

Kim, aw thank you!! :) Had to work really hard on covering up the blemishes haha my skin has been acting up lately

Carl, thanks love!

Khymm, thanks sis! :) very fast and easy to do as well hehe

Fetz, oh yes oh yes! haha =) I actually dont like mixing the rcma and vov too much cause it kind of changes the finish. RCMA is really really matte. Hoping to upgrade my kit soon! haha

Carine said...

You look pretty ! I can tell ou that my photos for important documents are way worse than that :p

Maui (Suushh) said...

Aww thanks Carine :) I doubt that!

Askmewhats said...

ganda nga ng finish! Your eye makeup is gorgeous din sis! super ganda!

Maui (Suushh) said...

Aww yay! Thank you Nikki! :)


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