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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gel Liners vs. Pencil Liners

I've learned to appreciate applying eyeliner with a brush and gel liner or pencil liner. I find that it gives a more precise application rather than using liquid liner (unless you have super steady hands). I used to be a fan of liquid eyeliner because it was fast and easy to apply...on myself! Not so fast and easy on other people! haha. Plus with most liquid liners, you had to wait for it to get dry unless you want to ruin your eye makeup.

in2it Gel Liner Pencil in Very Black vs. Stila Smudge Pot in Black

Over time, I've switched from gel and pencil liner depending on what I have. A few posts back, I mentioned that I really liked in2it's pencil liner. I liked that it was affordable (around 300+), very pigmented, doesnt smudge and budge and waterproof. It gives me the same effect as the Stila Kajal Liner without the mess. Granted its called gel liner pencil, well it still is in pencil form with the same effect of a gel and kajal liner.

But lately, I have been using another Stila product. Stila's Smudge Pot in Black, it was part of a set I received as a gift. What I like about gel liners is that I find it more cost effective, a pot lasting me more than an eyeliner pencil would. So now I save my in2it gel liner pencil for lining the waterlines which it is perfect for! =)

Top - in2it; Bottom - Stila

In2it Gel Liner Pencil

- affordable and locally available
- Water proof and smudge proof (will not transfer on to lower waterliner after applying on upper waterline)
- Creamy and very pigmented
- Has qualities of both gel and kajal liner

- Will last for about 1-2 months max with daily use

Stila Smudge Pot

- Dries easily so no need to worry about smudging your lids. Stays put and does not smudge even when rubbed
- Does not budge as easily as other gel liners
- Stays creamy even after several uses (remember to keep lid closed tightly)
- More cost effective, one small pot will last you a long long time!

- You'd have to shell out more for this (but in the long run, turns out to be more affordable to get this)
- If youre a bit of an OC keeping this sanitized can be tedious

So, who wins? In my book its Stila's smudge pot. Only because it turns out to be cheaper than getting a new in2it gel liner every 1-2 months. Both are great eyeliners though, in my opinion.

Maui Manalo


Pammy said...

In2It easily smudged on me! That's why it went byebye for me. I haven't tried Stila smudgepots though. But I'm happy with Maybelline's.

NeuroChiq said...

I've tried Stila gel liner from my boss & it's nice nga, but I still have Maybelline's (that's also good), so I stopped myself from buying =)

Happy Wednesday! Hope you're good despite the storm. hugs!

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

like pammy, happy din ako sa Maybelline gel liner =)

Maui (Suushh) said...

Pammy: aw really? thats too bad! Ive heard great reviews about Maybellines. Actually wanted to try it but I got the stila as a gift hehe

Dang, doing good naman, lucky than most got electricity back this morning. Hope youre okay too!

Khymm, must really try it! hehe Pag naubusan ako ill get that :)


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