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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hamptons, Soho and the whole shebang

After missing out on the styli-style craze I decided to get a bunch, and theyre all finally here! Except for one, I think the seller ran out so she just reimbursed me. Anyhoo, here are the swatches =)

Please right click on image to view in full size :D

Wee! :)
Top to Bottom: Soho, Hamptons, Midtown Flat Pencils.
Sand, Bare and Sun Line and Seal

Flat Pencil Swatches

Line and Seal swatches
Sun was broken the liner kept on coming
out of the pencil so I couldnt get a decent watch. boo :/

Take note, its very hard to tell what the actual shades are from the photos. I got 2 which I thought were pinkish and as it turns out theyre actually violet :/ Hope these swatches help when you decide to purchase some for yourself as well!

Maui Manalo


Pammy said...

Soho and Hamptons look pretty! :P

Maui (Suushh) said...

Hey Pammy, yeah 2 of my favorites =)

~Lisa said...

Such pretty colours!



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