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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paris and Madison

I'm probably the last person to purchase the styli style liners haha. Decided to get them after getting to try a few at Beauty Bar where they are sold for around 400 I think. But of course I ordered on ebay where it's sold for 50-100 pesos. hehe.

I ordered 9 I think, I cant remember since I still dont have all of it. But for now heres a swatch of the 2 that I already have, Paris and Madison.

Right-click on images to view in full size :D

Paris & Madison

I thought it was weird to have frosted violet lipliner
until I saw the marks at the back (eye for eyeliner and lips for lipliner, doh'! haha)

Left: Paris; Right: Madison
The lipliner (Madison) is creamier in texture as compared to Paris

Top: Madison; Bottom: Paris

Better photo of the swatches

- If you can, drop by Beauty Bar and check them out. Swatches on site are usually not accurate. I got Paris which I thought was like a pink lipliner shade and as it turns out its actually a purple eyeliner haha.
- There are different kinds as well. Flat liner pencils, flat liner etc. Also different finishes, make sure you check or ask the seller what kind of liner it is to be sure
- Make sure to get the styli style sharpener which is 150 (I think) the flat liner pencils cant be sharpened by regular sharpeners.

Will post the rest of my Styli-style haul when it finally arrives! :)

Maui Manalo


Askmewhats said...

you're not the last lady on earth to try Styli-Style, I've been planning to try them but haven't gotten the chance pa :) hahaha so I'm way late!

// krissy ♥ said...

Pretty colors :)

Maui (Suushh) said...

Nikki, hahaha =) theyre okay nman. Just got 2 more that are more usablein terms of shade hehe =)

Krissy, hi dear! yeah pretty colors not sure if i'll be able to use them as much though hehe

Pammy said...

Maui, you finally got to try Styli-Style. :P Madison looks pretty. :)


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