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Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Difference

Another brush post.

I just have to say, blending brushes make a BIG difference. I used to use about 4 to 5 brushes just for eye shadows. And with a blending brush, i can apply them with any kind of brush blend blend blend and tadah. Another one of those things where I wonder how I ever lived without em. LOL. I dont even reach for my MAC 219 which is sad. If I knew how this brush wouldve made my life easier, I wouldve gotten a 217 or a 224 instead.

Sonia Kashuk Blending Brush $7.99

The 224 is more like the Sonia Kashuk brush which im using. If you can find one, theres a smaller one which you can get for 5.99. It has a regular white handle though but it gets the job done. Would be better to use on people who have smaller eyes too.

The 217 can also be used for concealing. After applying your concealer, fluff it out with a 217 brush to minimize the product from settling into lines or from looking cakey.

Anyhoo, thats it! :) Get a blending brush, you wont regret it.
Oh and I got the teal train case too, I hope its as cute as the picture or better or back to the store it goes haha.

Sephora is having a %15 off everything for Beauty Insiders until the 21st! Dont miss it!
Have a safe and happy 4/20 everyone! LOL


Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

passion mo talaga make up noh? expert! now i know who to consult before buying new make up!! :D

xeends said...

wow..i'm sooo amused again by the brushes..but i dunno how to correctly use it..like how to blend it..*sigh* but i know who to ask and obviously it's you maui..yay!.. :) my make up consultant.. =) ei glad you posted links bout mac and some cosmetic stuffs..that's a big help! tnx..mwah!

Sush said...

Jessica: Its a fun and expensive hobby haha

Cindy: youre welcome cinds hehe you'll get it. I used to put on makeup at home and wash it off after when I get bored haha

Anonymous said...

argh i don't have the blending brush pala although i have 3 eyeshadow brushes.. hahaha as in parepareho sila ng shape haha. makapag blending brush scouting nga kaso ang mahal dito :( - fetz

Sush said...

Actually di ko alam san makakabili ng matinong brush sa pinas, except sa multiply haha. Blending brush panalo, it really makes a difference. Halos wlang ka effort effort. salpak mo lang blend tapos haha

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

expensive huhuhu :'(


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