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Monday, April 20, 2009


A couple of months ago, I would dread the time when I needed to clean and wash my brushes. I had about 10-15. Todayyyy....

Gack. I know the number of my brushes is nothing compared to most people. Buuutttt! I "manually" deep clean and condition them (baby shampoo and conditioner), then you have to wipe them and reshape them. Blech. But theres never an excuse to NOT clean your brushes even if you only use them for yourself. Can you imagine the product build up and the germs gestating in them? haha. But my hands are so dry from washing them, I should really get a brush cleaner 0.0

I just spent most of my morning cleaning them after a "raket" yesterday.

Yes! Raket haha. I did a trial makeup for someone who wants me to do her makeup for a wedding. But we were at a party haha so I ended up doing another persons makeup and threaded someones eyebrows. I was pretty nervous about it because I didnt want to look like the fool who had so much makeup with her but ended up making the "client" look like a clown haha. I think the way I do my makeup is pretty outrageous LOL. Well okay not outrageous but it might be a little too much for older people. I guess it was a good thing that for about a year, I only had neutral colored makeup so I got used to neutral smokey eye whatev looks.

Anyhoo. It turned out pretty good. I dont think the other person wouldve asked me to do her makeup too if it wasnt lol. I got good feedback, so yay for me :) This is my first "real" makeup gig haha. About 5 years ago I kinda did the makeup for a fashion show at school but the biznats who was organizing it was too high strung and too busy basking in her awesomeness to give me credit for it. I do makeup for friends when theyre willing haha, I did one of my professors makeup and blah blah. So this is the first paid gig. haha I think she liked the makeup so im guessing im doing her makeup for the wedding next weekend.

Ahh it was a good thing I had the Studio Sculpt that didnt match my color. It was perfect for them. See, this is why its hard to do makeup on other people when you dont have a decent kit. I kinda have more than a typical person but its just not enough to cover differnt skin tones. And I dont plan on buying more for ocassional rakets until I actually start going to school.

Before the holidays, 2 small cosmetic train cases were enough to hold my makeup. Todayy... I would need about 5. LOL. My mom promised to get me a bigger train case, so yay! I was supposed to order one last night. But Sephora had to confuse me by coming out with a limited edition teal train case. I originally wanted the black one but but teal ahh confusion haha

Sephora Brand Metro Train Case - Teal

Sephora Brand Midnight Train Case

I cant wait to get it though, Im excited to organize all my makeup in one case HAHA dork. And lugging around with different cases is such a hassle. My "toys" are already occupying one corner of the room haha so im just giddy thinking about how everything or at least most of my stuff will be in just one case.

Anyhoo heres a picture of me from yesterday. I like this picture :) Although it kinda looks like im punching her or something haha I was contouring. Too bad I didnt get to take decent before and after pics. I was under time pressure lol since they kinda needed to leave for another party.



Carla said...

NAKS!!! KARIR!!! Hehehe

Sush said...

Hahaha :)Might as well lol

xeends said...

love the teal metro train case.. :) soo cute..hehe hope u can do my make up (again) one day.. :) remember our grand case?..ur d one who put my eye shadow.. =p and it went out really well.. :)

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

"I know the number of my brushes is nothing compared to most people" --> whaaat? are you kidding? konti pa pala yan? tehehehe. :) i didn't realize so many brushes are needed. and a brush cleanser?! OC si maui! certified make up junkie!

are you planning to study make up? or have you? what's it called.. cosmetology?

i like the sephora midnight case! :)

Sush said...

Cindy: i got the teal one an waiting anxiously for it to arrive haha but i like both the teal and the black one. ana nga its as cute as the photo. Yeah I remember, di pa ako sanay nun kasi iba yung eyelids mo sain haha I dont remember how that turned out I just remember I used bright pink hehe

Jessica: Nothing compared to other people like me? haha Yeah I will. But i'll study and take the NCLEX first before anything else. Mahirap na, I know pag na side track ako I wont go back to nursing haha


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