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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Okay this cant be true haha. I came across a site where you can get an estimate of how much your blog is worth.

Here's mine:

Website Worth: $273,750,000.00

Daily Pageviews: 125,000,000

Daily Ads Revenue: $375,000.00

Check yours here: http://www.cubestat.com/yourblogURL

WOW HAHA. There must be a bug or something. I mean I know at least 3 people who check my blog once in a while but 125,000,000 daily page views??! thats insane! haha I wish it were true though. I want $375,000.00 everyday haha.

Anyway, I know I havent been updating my blog recently. And the post I promised Cindy a few weeks ago isnt up yet. I just cant bring myself to make a video! haha I think i'll just show you how when I get back haha.


Ive been searching for m HG foundation for quite some time now. I got a Studio Sculpt a few months ago and though I like the formula, the color is just off :/ I have to mix it with a darker fdtn to get the color somewhat matched. But its still a little too light for me. And I cant find the darn receipt so I cant have it exchanged! hayy

I wanted to get Chanel's Pro Lumiere Foundation. Which I promised to get for myself a few motnhs ago haha but but $54! So instead I think im getting a corrector palette and a foundation palette from Cinema Secrets and a couple of other stuff for about the same price as the Pro Lumiere (maybe i'll get it as a birthday gift? *hinthint* haha). I hate shopping for makeup online though. "Color picking" is hard! I dont know where to get Cinema Secrets here and I want to see the actual palettes *sighs* My friend told me: "I would get 2 to be sure" ahaha. I would too actually, but I am trying and I mean really trying hard to just get the stuff I need. This is where the daily revenue of $375,000 would come in handy.

I wanted to get a palette because well I think it would be easier to find a match rather than getting one full sized product. And I like getting a tan soo my color just changes all the time.

Okay, to show you how much ive been oggling at the palettes. here is a color comparison thingy I made yesterday haha

is Kit3 from Cinema Secrets which contains fdtns form the 300 series. It has yellow undertones which is best suited for Asians. I think this would be the safest choice only because of the undertone. But, I think the colors are a little too light/yellowish for me. And the last color is way too dark.

is Kit6 which contains fdtns from the 500 series. I think this one has pink undertones. So though the colors looks like a good range for me. I might end up looking ashy or gray (think LOVI POE haha I kid, I kid) Pink cancels out brown so I dont know how that would affect my coloring.

is Kit8 which is a combination of colors from the different series. I asked someone who bought it and she said it runs a little darker tha the pictures. She thinks this palette would suit NC 40 up. hmm Im around NC 35- 40 so thats the color range im looking for. But this one looks a little dark

Sooo to summarize. #1 might be too light, #3 might be too dark, #2 will give me a Lovi Poe finish. HAHA. You didnt think makeup could be so complicated huh? Anyway, I just have to choose one and probably just mix the colors to get a match so its either #1 or #3 I think? What do you think? haha


M :) said...

I'm not a big fan of the Pro Lumiere Chanel's foundation. I have the Radieux, natural beige. it's very heavy on the skin and it's not matte. If you want more of a photo finish, it's perfect cause it gives a little gloss. I like the original matte foundation they have and their loose powder. that's just my two cents. enjoy!

Sush said...

Maruuu! Actually its not the Pro lumiere that I want. there are 3 kinds diba? I forgot which one I think pro is in between the two others but oh well next time haha I dont even know why im lemming for a liquid foundation when its so hot back home right now haha

M :) said...

PHOTO FINISH! Get that. :) pero its "hat" in manila. i melted like a wax there. if you want get Yves Saint Laurent's and/or bobbi brown's creme/cream based foundation. is your skin dry or both dry and oily?

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

aaaaa! make up jargon!!! haha :D
what's a lovi poe finish?
i think whichever palette you choose will do, 'cause you can mix it naman :)

Sush said...

Mara: I think i'll stick to powder fdtns when I get back haha I can just imagine my mekap melting :/ My skins combination. here its more dry bac home its more oily though.

Jessica: Hahaha sorry dork talk. Lovi Poe finish haha when she started out her make up used to look ashy. Medyo gray si ate haha she was using the wrong color so medyo mukha siyang alien HAHA. Yeah :) Im getting a palette so I can just mix the colors im just being OC haha

Carla said...

Hey share naman sa blog revenues mo! that can buy us thousands of OBAGI FACES! hashahahahaha

Sush said...

Hayy I wish talaga! haha Ads anyone? haha il buy you 1000 pcs of sponge lol


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