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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There are tons of brushes and brush sets out there. And my friends usually ask me "What do I need?". I started out with a few and until I got, hmm, "a few more" (lol) I thought I did just fine. When you get used to using brushes you kinda think how you managed without them.

There are tons of sets that you can get online, I personally think that most brushes that come in it are useless. But if you're like me, id just buy the whole darn thing and figure what I can and cant use. But thats just me.

I helped a friend pick out brushes on her recent online shopping spree. And instead of advising her to get a whole set, I told her to get 2.

Why? Because the brushes you need really depends on which you want to emphasize the most. For most people its usually the eyes.

Click on the links to get an idea of what kind of brush im talking about :)

  • For eyeshadows you need the 2 most basic brushes. A Shader brush which you use to apply and to pack on color onto the lid; and a Blending brush which is very necessary to blend out harsh lines.
  • Another good eye makeup brush to have is an Angled eye shadow brush which I used for a very long time instead of a pencil brush or a blending brush. An angled brush or a pencil brush helps you create that <>
  • If you like wearing eyeliner, its good to get a Flat eyeliner brush. And choose one that best suits your need. I usually like making thin lines so I got a paintbrush at a craft store. The usual flat eyeliner brushes that come in a set are a bit thicker but they make decent lines I just really like subtle thin lines. There are a variety of eyeliner brush but again it all depends on your preference. I personally have two one for gel eyeliner and one for powder/eye shadow
  • Id go on saying that you might want 2 of each but again, thats just me :)
  • On to face brushes. The most basic one that most people probably have is a Blush brush. If you dont have one, i'd suggest getting an Angled blush brush because it can be used for blushes and for contouring.
  • Foundation brushes: First consider what type of foundation you use. If youre a fan of liquid foundation, you can get a Foundation brush thats similar to that ( <--link) . I do find that this brush sometimes leaves streaks so I just use it to apply the foundation on my face and blend it out with a wet sponge.
  • Another brush you can use for liquid foundations is a Stippling brush. Though its quite costly. You need a dense and un-flimsy one if you want to use it for liquid foundation so the cheaper versions will not do for foundation application (unless ou find a good one). A stippling brush, when used correctly can create a finish that is quite close to airbrushed makeup.
  • If you like pressed powder foundation or mineral foundation you'll want a Powder brush or a Kabuki brush. The difference between a powder brush and a kabuki is the finish. A powder brush gives you a soft finish with light coverage which is good when youre setting your makeup. I also use a powder brush to buff out any excess. A kabuki brush gives a more evened out, better blended and better coverage.
  • Concealer Brushes: I personally dont use one. Ive tried but it kinda streaks. It really depends on what works for you. It might work for other people. I use my fingers to warm the concealer and pat it lightly around the eyes. But I do makeup mostly on my self. A concealer brush is necessary when youre doing other peoples makeup for hygienic reasons.
  • Lip brush: I dont like lipstick so maybe thats why I find no use for this. And I mostly do makeup on myself and prefer not to share (especially) lipstick with other people. You'll need this one if you do a lot of other peoples makeup; can you imagine spreading or getting a cold sore?! (ew!)
  • Most sets come with a sponge tip applicator. Those things are useless, I find that they eat too much of the product and do not pack on the color too well. If i had to choose between using a sponge tip applicator or my fingers. i'd use my fingers! haha
  • Fan brush: I use this to apply highlighter, apply a light sweep of blush or brush away eye shadow fall out, but its not necessary.
The links on this post are mostly of M.A.C. There are good quality brushes out there that are cheaper and unless you have money to burn I wouldnt suggest getting the expensive ones. I have yet to find cheaper alternatives for the brushes in the Philippines. But here in the US you can find good brushes at a craft store (yes! the paint brushes!) Like Loew Cornell or American Painter theyre even cheaper (around 2$ - 4 $) than the ones you can find at a drugstore and sometimes work even better! Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target are nice too.

The set that ive been using for quite some time now is the Kirkland set from Costco! Although I think they come out with one once a year (during the holidays) and the set varies every year. It comes in a roll and have about 7 or 8 ( I cant remember) for around 20 bucks. Theyre of good quality. No fall outs for me during first wash and theyre pretty durable (I have one from 2007).

So if you have the patience, I suggest you buy pieces instead of a whole set. Buy the ones that you need and just buy the rest later on.


xeends said...

i was amused by the brushes..tnx for posting it..hehe makes me forget the fight i had with my mom last night..*sigh*

Sush said...

aww cinds number 1 supporter ka talaga! haha thank you! :) chat tayo pag nakita kita online ah

xeends said...

haha..:D number 1 supporter tlaga q.. sushi! sushi!..:) love ur blog kc..hehe dmi q n222nan..hehe cge chat tau pag online tau preho..miss chatting with u maui..:( and i wanna confide something to u..hay..u know..drama lol..i neeed mauiiiii!..yay!

Anonymous said...

another entry that i love! hehe i actually have those brushes for eyeshadow application pero syempre hindi mac hehe and hindi ko pa na-maximize ang kanilang full potential coz i can't apply eye makeup like you can. teach me teach me teach me please!! hahaha - fetz

M :) said...

BRUSHES RULE! :) Hahahahaha. Thanks for linking me! You are my ultimate supporter. I love you Marita!

Sush said...

Cindy: havent seen you online :/

Fetz: ako rin I actually have just one and found dupes for the others hehe. We shall play makeup when I get back haha

Maring: youre welcome! :) i love your profile pic haha so youuu so kikay haha


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