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Friday, April 3, 2009


Soo I finally got myself a pair of running shoes and ran out of excuses. The last time I worked out was hmm id say around September. And because I was being teased that I looked like a lollipop (HAHA) I decided to stop running for a while (big mistake!) And well, its been 6 months.

And though I run for reasons that equates vanity, I also needed to find something else to do than to just sit all day and surf the net. And I also plan on going to beaches ive never been to when I get home soo though I dont feel the summer vibe over here, I def need to look smashing! hahaha

I wish I could say that the 2 times that ive been to the park was good. The first time I went there to run I spent two hours walking, brisk walking or whatever cause I couldnt run for more than a minute without huffing and puffing haha. Oh well thats what you get for not working out for so long!

Today was better. I ran much longer but I took a nap after going around twice haha. My goal is to get to run around the whole place without stopping before I leave. Yeah, right! haha

So im hoping the next time I go back will be much much better. Its only sad that I can go there about once or twice a week. Once on a weekend and when im not "working". I really love the place though, its nice to just sit there and think or sleep or just watch the dogs or the ducks or watch people play soccer.

I really do wish we had something like this back home. I usually run on a machine because I am afraid of dogs and well its not pleasant to run while inhaling car fumes :/

Anyway, here are some pictures of the place.

Not so comforting to see when youre trying to decide if you should hike

Ducks everywhere!

Kswiss ultra natural. I love my shoes :)

More pictures over here: FACEBOOK1, FACEBOOK2



Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

i envy youuu! i miss running! dati lagi kami sa U.P. pero now hindi na. and sa gym, hindi na din huhu. i need some cardio!!!

cutecute yung shoes ;)

xeends said...
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xeends said...

yaykz love ur pink rubber shoes maui..=) sna mktakbo rn aq..hehe

Sush said...

Jessica: Ohh onga no UP! but its too far from where I live! And I think of better things to do with my money than enrolling at a gym haha but I definately will when I get back home :) Layo mo kasi eh sayang running or gym buddies haha

Cindy: thank you! hehe takbo! go! hehe


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