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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Artistic Makeup #4: 4 Color theme/Semi Smokey

To make up for the classes we missed because of some electrical issues at the building where LCI is located, we had back to back classes last weekend. For Saturday, we learned how to do the 3 color theme and how to turn it into 4 color or semi smokey. I always try to ask people who are interested in makeup to be my model for class, so we both benefit from it hehe. So for Saturday, I asked Fatima from http://kikayfetz.blogspot.com if she could come.

Fetz and I went to the same college, both graduated from nursing, are both Licensed Nurses and Makeup Junkies! haha. I was so glad that she was able to come and see what its like to be in Makeup School. =) As always, before our class starts we prep our models and do the makeup we learned from the previous class.

So here's Fetz while I was mixing foundations to match her skin =)

(prime look)

Fetz has really great skin, apart from some redness and a few dry patches her skin is amazing! No need for concealer and just a small amount of foundation to neutralize the redness.

Oddly, I dont have a picture of Fetz (apart from this cropped pic)
when we turned the prime look to corrective eye makeup/4 color theme

On Sunday, we were asked to prep our models and do the Semi Smokey or 4 color theme. I used a quad from Revlon that i've been neglecting and it looked really pretty on my model, Iyz! The colors on the quad are more on the wine/plum shade.

(4 Color theme/ Semi Smokey

Iyz also has great skin and didnt need a whole lot of coverage just a small amount of foundation to even out the skin tone. I had a bit of trouble with making the eyebrows look even. I had to choose one eyebrow to follow and thank goodness I got it to look more evened out since I didnt really want to shave a whole lot of her eyebrows haha.

Smile Iyz!! hehe doesnt she look like a doll? =)

I'll try to post about the latter part of Sundays class tomorrow which is Male Makeup and Smokey Look. But officially, sunday was our last class! Boo! :/ I'm going to miss going to school and playing Makeup Artist at our stations and OJT's.

On Thursday, will be attending "Tribute to THE OSCARS" (link is from last years' event. And more pictures from last years event HERE) to support our wonderful and beautiful Makeup Guru, RB Chanco. I cant wait to see how the pictures turned out, since I also helped out a bit with one of the models makeup for one of the shoots. So if YOU'RE going, please help support and vote for RB Chanco! mwehehe.

I can't post about that particular shoot I went to yet until after the event, sooo stay tuned! =)


rosey said...

nice job on your models sis,they look pretty, pwede rin ba maging model?LOL kidding =)

Sush said...

Aww thanks Rosey!! Sayang, classes are over na. I was thinking nga sana of asking bloggers who are willing to come to class as my model but I was shy haha

Askmewhats said...

great makeover! :) great job!! congratulations!

rosey said...

i super like what you did on lyz's eyes, sobrang nabuhay 'yung eyes niya =)

Sush said...

Thank you Nikki! :)

Thanks Rosey, I like how her eyes turned out too glad I decided to grab the neglected revlon quad hehe =)

face splash makeup said...

Your models look great!!! Great job!!

face splash makeup said...

Your models look great!!! Great job!!

face splash makeup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sush said...

Thank you so much! <3

LOLanne said...

wowww i think youve pretty much perfected shaping eyebrows! their eyebrows look AMAZING :))


herroyalbleakness said...

Mau, wow... the girls look fab! as in! nothing over top... my type of makeup.

gosh, ang galing mo. sana may model ka na maraming imperfections (LOL) kasi up till now, napaka noob ko in picking out the right makeup for my me. booohooo. im hoping to copy whatever makeup you'll be using to cover pock marks and make the skin smooth-looking.

Sush said...

Anne thank you, i take a lot of tme with the eyebrows hehe our instructor is very particular with eyebrows heheh

herroyalbleakness, aww thank you!! :) I use vov and rcma on all of my models. ive also used it on some with not so perfect skin, it does look nice on camera, a little better in person. but hey ive seen pictures of you from your tca peel post, you look like you have nice skin =)

The Reluctant Stylista said...

Wow, that looks great! I'm friends with Fetz, and I keep telling her she should take makeup classes, too. She looks fantastic here. ;) She's always had nice eyes but after the makeup they're more noticeable and sparkly even (sparkly with happiness siguro sa makeover, haha).

Sush said...

Oh hello there! Yeah, I read Fetz post about your shoot hehe. I also wanted to get her as a model for my class so she can see what it's like heh. baka sparkly with giddyness and excitement haha :)


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