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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prom Makeup

A few days ago, I woke up to a ringing phone. Big Shock, since I usually dont hear my phone ringing when i'm asleep or wake up because my phone is ringing or the alarm is ringing (even if you call me 15 times - I usually wont hear it LOL) Yes, yes, I sleep like a log.

But anyway, I got a phone call from a friend who was at work, her sister was going to the prom on that day and she didnt want to have her sisters makeup done at a salon or a parlor without her so she asked if I could do it. Theres no denying how much I love makeup and how much more I love doing makeup on others (i've been getting bored with my own face recently haha) so I said yes.

Here is Riz before the whole process. Yes, process. It took me more
than an hour because I wanted to make sure I got everything right. You wouldnt
want to mess someones make up for something as monumental as Prom, you know!

I wish I knew how to put makeup on myself when we went to Prom. We were lucky enough to get a Makeup Artist to do our Makeup for Prom. But I do remember wearing a black and pink gown and the Makeup Artist had applied a blue eyeshadow on me. When I asked why he didnt use a color that was closer to my gown's color, his reply was something along the line that translates to youre not paying me enough for that! ugh. I dont know where in this world, or his world is blue anywhere near complimentary to black or pink. But anyway....

Riz didnt have her dress with her, but I asked what the color was and what it looked like. She said it was black and it was a knee legnth tube top dress. I think Prom Makeup should be fresh looking and light, so instead of going for smokey eyes, I decided to do a sort of pink smokey eyes. Which I will try on myself one of these days haha.

(Prom Makeup)

I had fun doing makeup for Riz! We talked about a lot of things related to highschool, which made me wish I was back in Highschool as well! haha =) I also try to learn new things whenever I do makeup. What I learned from this one is how important a primer is when youre doing makeup for someone who has dry skin. A primer would help the foundation stick better to drier skin types.

It was nice to see pictures of her at her prom. She and her sister also said that they did love the Makeup ( I do hope you really did LOL), which was a relief! haha Im more nervous doing makeup on people I know than on strangers. A big thank you to Aki and Riz for trusting me to do the makeup hehe =)

What I used:

VOV #3 and RCMA Shinto #2 for foundation
Prestige Power Foundation to correct the tone
RCMA Invisible Setting Powder
M.A.C Sculpt and Shape in lightsweep aand Shadester
Coastal Scents Blush Palette(Middle from bottom row)
in2it eyebrow powder

Loreal HiP Bright Shadow Duos in Adventurous (Light brown for the lid and Pink for the Crease)
M.A.C. Expensive Pink (Crease)
M.A.C. Embark (Outer corner of the eye)
M.A.C. Nylon (Inner Corner of the eye)
M.A.C Vanilla and Femme Fi for highlight

NYX Tea Rose + Nude Lipstick


DaMnViXeN said...

beautiful transformation.. you have evened out her eyes.. nice work!

Sush said...

Thank you!!! =)

CHARRY said...

Wow you did well! :)

Askmewhats said...

great makeup, good coverage yet it doesn't look too heavy! :)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

great job sis,beautiful youthful skin yung after pic saka evened na.^_^ love the brows

The NeuroChiq said...

She's a revelation, super galing mo! =)

Carine said...

I hope she had fun at prom ^-^

aestheticallysavvy said...

simply lovely, great work!! :)

acutelife said...

I sleep like a log too ;p i like the transformation, she looked fresh

AnNeTtEe said...

you did a really great job on her makeup... very simple yet classy, very appropriate for high schoolers... the foundation is awesome, she looks flawless!! i like!!

Soapaholic said...

She's one lucky girl. You did a fantastic job. :)

Sush said...

Charry, thanks so much hun

Nikki, thank you I tried hehe it was my frist time to try and put foundation on a person with dry skin.

Shobe, thank you! :)

Theneurochiq, aww thank you so much! :)

Carl, thanks darling :)

acutelife, hahaha :) thank you!

Annette, you are too kind but thank you very much! :)

Soapaholic, thank you!! :)
Carine, I hope so too! :) hehe


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