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Friday, March 5, 2010

Artistic Makeup Class: Smokey Eyes

On Sunday, we had our very last class! Boohoo! I'm so gona miss going to LCI and our OJT's and playing Makeup Artist haha. I do hope that I get a chance to pursue this as a career * crosses fingers*

Anyhoos, our last lesson was the ever so famous smokey eyes. The first time ive heard about smokey eyes was when I was in highschool. I dont think it has ever died down since its a very simple makeup trick that can turn you into complete fabulosity! I usually do a smokey look whenever Im going out and dont have a lot of time.

Case in point:

Last July, one of my girls celebrated her birthday and I was tasked to do the
Makeup. I did a subtle smokey look on them and myself

After doing Phil's Leopard and my brothers Terminator makeup, I didnt
have much time to do anything with myself for Halloween so I did a subtle smokey look =)

So anyway, though the smokey look is not entirely new to me, the reason I went to Makeup School is to learn more and learn about different techniques. So I come to class with a clean slate, meaning I completely forget about what I already know and pay attention to what we are taught and combine what I like from what I learn in class and how I usually do things =)

My model, Iyz from my previous post had to leave cause she had work in a few hours. So it was a good thing one of our friends was also there so I asked if I could use her as a model. But, surprise! surprise! Our instructor RB, had something in mind...

RB asked us the Models and the MUA's to draw numbers and we were paired up with models that our other classmates brought with them. This was so we get a feel of what its like to do Makeup on a complete stranger and asked the models to be brutally frank with us and tell us if we have heavy hands or what not. So for the smokey eyes lesson, I got Sam =)

Sam told me I was very gentle! Mission Accomplished! haha yey! =)

RB demonstrated how to do the smokey eyes by doing it on me haha too bad I forgot to take pcictures of it, darn it! So i had to do it on Sam by looking at my own eyes and trying to remember how RB did it on me haha

(smokey eyes)

As most of you know, smokey eyes is just simple. Apply the darkest shade (black eyeshadow) on the lid and make sure that you blend it upwards. Another way to do it is to choose 3 shades.

- Apply the lightest (of the 3 dark shades you chose) on the crease and blend upwards.
- Apply the 2nd lightest (of the 3 shades) and blend on the hollows or just below the crease.
- Apply the darkest shade which is black, on the lid and blend.
- Apply highlighter on the brow bone, blend to get rid of harsh lines.
- Dont forget to put eyeliner, making sure that the line on your waterline is smudged/smoked
- Curl your lashes apply mascara or apply falsies for more drama! :))

and voila, instant hotness! =)

Today is the first day of our Finals/ Portfolio shoot, im probably doing makeup now as you are reading this haha. Wish me luck! I hope all goes well!


Leah said...

Maui, can I be your model? hahaha! Hope you can do a video tutorial of the smokey eyes. xoxo

CHARRY said...

You're all very pretty! :) Leah is right, I'd like to be your model too, I could use some tips :)

*Nehs* said...

i like the 1st photo, you all look gorgeous. great makeup u did.

Carine said...

Good luck ! I'm sure it will go really well :p

acutelife said...

thats a different way of doing smokey than what I usually do :D will try it!

Sush said...

Leah, sure! :) haha hmm i will seriously think about that, im shy haha

Charry, thank you! too bad my classes are over, I couldve used a couple of models for class hehe

Nehs, thank you sweetie :)

Carine, thank you. finally over. didnt go as smoothly as planned but oh well haha

acutelife, different from how i usually do it too hehe :) but works as well


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