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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finals/Portfolio: Colored Makeup

If there's one thing that I love most about makeup, its mixing colors! I like combining colors that are rarely used. If I had the time to do my makeup everyday, id definitely go for colored, but that isnt the case so I stick with neutrals most of the time hehe.

The first look I did for our Artistic Makeup Class finals was the colored makeup. I knew I wanted an eye popping color, so I used chrome yellow and went on from there. I used orange, purple and blue. Pretty weird if you think about it, but I think it turned out pretty well. This is probably my favorite, also because I wasnt stressed YET. haha

The challenge for this look for our finals, was to make the eyes pop or stand out by using only colored eyeliner. I know my eyes look icky before I put on some eyeliner. But my model, Miel's eye were beautiful and well defined even without eyeliner!

I met Miel the very first time when she came over to help me out with my finals. I found her through Fetz when she posted her shoot a few months ago. I really liked her look and decided to ask (no harm in asking) I was thrilled when she said yes, she came in at 7:3o-8:00 when one of my models cancelled last minute! Life saver! I originally planned on doing a semi smokey on Miel, but I think this turned out better! =)

Still waiting to be graded for our finals, and I tell you its nerve wracking. I just want to get it over with, so I can stop obsessing with the pictures haha. As Ive mentioned, I was quite disapointed with how I performed for the finals. So I kinda just want to move on and forget about it haha but until I get my final grades, I will continue looking for flaws and errors LOL

What I used:
Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation in kit #3
RCMA Invisible Setting Powder
A bit of FS Chino Face powder
Coastal Scents Highlight and Contour Palette and Blush Palette
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Chrome Yellow, Amber lights, Nocturnelle
Coastal Scents Orange, Purple, Blue
Mixing Medium for eyeliner (+Blue CS e/s)
A bunch of lipstick mixed together


Crystal said...

i love what you did gurl!

Khymm said...

the eye colors compliments your model's skintone.. very pretty!

Askmewhats said...

You've done a wonderful job, your model is gorgeous too! and its ok to be nervous, it makes you do better :D

Sush said...

Crystal: thank you :)

Khymm: Thanks, i love hoe the yellow looked on her skin tone too =)

Nikki: thank you, she is!! I think so too, getting stressed out is a different story though haha =)

Leah said...

Gorgeous... I hope you will do my face one of these days. Pag meron ako event ha. xoxo

Sush said...

ooohh id love to! :) thanks Leah!

Pammy said...

Gorgeous, Sush. Simply gorgeous. :P

Carine said...

Colours like these look great on dark skins ! I wish I could pull them off :p

Camille(SHOBE) said...

this look is super pretty,lalo na yug eyes..it lightens up the look talaga

aestheticallysavvy said...

reminds me of a tropical sunrise/sunset :)

Sush said...

Pammy, thank you dear! :)

Carine, im sure you can! thank you

Shobe, thank you dear :)

Carl, thank miss you!


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